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  1. I wouldnt read too much into this. 1) obviously its very early in the season. 2) Brind'Amour is a very smart coach and he has a tendancy to get a lot out of kids. My guess is that he put JK there to start, to see what he could give them & now he's moved him down the lineup to shelter him. There's not doubt it was still a risky move & JK may never progress, but he's going to be given the opportunity to improve and move up & without the frenzy that would have surrounded him in Montreal.
  2. Yes. If Brooks can actually manage a 3rd line role, our forward depth changes dramatically. Our 4 line was a mess but if you can now turn that into Lehkonen-Evans-Armia? Thats an absolutely terrific 4th line. Niku has the tools to replace Wideman for sure. Im not sure the coaches put him ahead of Savard at any point. I think Savard would be ok in that role (he's still learning the system so i was planning on giving him at least 10-15 games) but Chiarot will never work as his regular partner. Still hoping Romanov gets back on track. Romanov-Savard Chiarot-Niku is probably the best we can realistically hope for at this point.
  3. The thing is though: ok, MB cant properly evaluate our needs on D but he's not the only guy who can speak up. DD should be asking for a PMD. Richardson should be explaining what we need to make our transition game NHL caliber. Heck, even Timmins as AGM should be a bug in MB's ear. I suppose its possible they all are & he's just ignoring it but it sure seems more like either none of them see what we all can or, more likely, they just dont want to rock the boat. Well, they're going to go overboard if this continues...
  4. Agree. At some point the offense will come. I think we win this one. But not sure how. Either a squeaker or, if we get a goal early, maybe we can make it a statement game. Would love to see Suzuki/CC get a few points each.
  5. Yeah, as bad of a season as Weber had (by his standards) he was doing a lot of important things and he took a lot of tough minutes off of less skilled guys. He was good in the regular season but exceptional in the post season. He was arguably our best dman in the post season. In the regular season he was easily top 3 but i dont think many would have said he was better than Petry or Weber in the regular season. So its not a slight against his regular season play - either would be welcome - but just saying that if he came back playing the way he did in the playoffs, we would be in much better shape. Either will help.
  6. For sure. The barfalo lose was a pure loss but the other two, a bounce here or there, we could be 2-1 instead of 3-0. That said, the roster still concerns me, especially the defense. At wing we're strong (despite the scoring drought) at centre, once Suzuki and Dvorak and Evans get going i think we'll be ok. I have a sneaking suspicion that spot 4 will go to brooks once he's had enough time to learn the system. Pacquette, Perreault and Poehling are all going to miss out on that spot imho. But the defense... yikes. The return of edmundson will help. I think Savard is looking a bit better & as is often the case with his type of dman I think he will look a lot better after 10-15 games of this system. but we gotta stop pairing him with Chiarot. That is a tirefire. The fact that Romanov hasnt looked great isnt very promising. Hopefully that will correct itself soon.
  7. Kid is looking more and more like a steal.
  8. When he came over a lot of the Arizona fans seemed to think he would match up well next to Galagher. Im certainly ok with trying it although to be honest that line last looked good to me & I think Dvorak's points will come. The play of the Suzuki-Caufield is a bit worrisome, but I also think their points will come too, they just seem off. Evans has had patches where he's looked pretty good & someone pointed out that he has a better PPG at this age/stage of his career (16 pts in his first 63 nhl games. Danault had 10 in his first 53.) The 4th line is still a huge mess. I would really like to see what Brooks can do there. But lets face it, Dvorak likely will get going. Toffoli should get going, Suzuki and Caufield will be ok... but that defense? Even Petry looks bad. Savard, Chiarot, Romanov.. all brutal. Kulak and Wideman have been ok for stretches but both are not top 4 guys (although none of our others are either).. I sure hope Playoff Edmundson comes back & gives us at least 1 pairing that is ok.... because right now, our defense looks, arguably, the worst its looked in a decade or more. Bergevin has consistently shown he has no idea how to build a defense corps.
  9. From what i understand we met with him (Hamilton) but didnt even tender an offer. Im not sure if anyone else was available via UFA but that doesnt mean you couldn't trade someone. Im sure there were options out there but I get the sense MB just thought what we had would work.
  10. On the money. Individually Edmundson, Chiarot, Savard etc are all NHL quality players. None would have trouble finding work & I think that actually most teams would have 1 of them in their top 4. The problem is that we have 3 of them in our top 4. Weber went down & MB said "I need to get someone big, and strong and good defensively" but for all of his recent shortcomings lately one thing Weber was - when not clearly injured - was positionally elite. If you're slow you'd better be in the right position 90% of the time, which weber was (until last year during which, we found out later, he was playing on severe injuries) Savard, Chiarot and Edmundson are all slow. Edmundson is probably the best, positionally but still no where near as good as weber used to be. So why get Savard? Well he's big. He's french...he's a RHD - so i guess that is good but then you need to dump one of Chiarot or Edmundson. I still wonder if you paired Chairot with forward, could you get a young PMD? Or a centre? We still need both of those. We've been saying for a while we need those. We saw the last 2 nights we need both of those... & yet the team doesnt seem to see it.
  11. Brendan Kelly is absolute tool. Its like he's some noob fan who thinks the sky is falling. its TWO FREAKING GAMES. I agree that things have looked bad but we've all seen bad stretches. Im not willing to write off the team just yet and a guy who gets paid for a living to write about them most definitely should not yet. The part about Romanov is laughable. The Habs PR department awarded him Best defensman at the WJC? They awarded him an important role in winning the Gagarin cup? The only people who proclaimed him the second coming were the fans - and the media - It would be interesting to look back & see if Kelly was one of those in question.
  12. Hoffman will help (the pp especially) but we've got a lot of problems to fix before he will make that much of a difference. Early in the Toronto game we looked good & then we've been terrible the next 5 or so periods.
  13. I think i heard the last time we were in the top 10 in the league was when Sheldon Souray was on our blueline... thats a looooong time.
  14. For sure & the philosphy makes sense but at that price they arent getting any favours. If he had been an UFA this summer im not sure he makes that money so getting it when his team owns his rights is a major overpayment. Right now he's probably worth $6.5-7 so i could see locking him up for say $8m for 8 years but...
  15. Yikes is right. I like McAvoy a lot but is he an elite 1st pairing dman? Im not so sure. At 23 there's still time to expand on his game but he's currently a 35-40 point dman. He's a solid 1st pair guy - thats top 60 in the league - probably top 30... but Im not sure id rank him in the top 10 in the entire league. That seems like an awful lot of $$. This makes him the 3rd highest paid defensman in the league if im not mistaken. Karlsson & doughty at 11.5 and 11 respectively & then Hamilton, Josi, Makar and Subban at 9m each...
  16. I mean he's our 3rd string goalie. I agree he wasnt great but this is a guy who was brought in to be a stop gap while price was out. If you believe MB didnt know about the players assistance aspect, then he should have only been on the roster for a couple of weeks and may not have even had any games. Now that they know Price is out a minimum 30 days, they have to play him at least a few. its not ideal but the team should know that on nights he's in net, they need to give their tender more goal support. 1 goal is almost never enough but when you have an AHLer in net, its most certainly not enough.
  17. back when they developed the logo they didnt think people knew the difference between bison and buffalos. the original one had two sabres on it too...
  18. Are we surprised? Only way we win this imho is if we put a lot of pucks in their nets.
  19. To this point, i think he's potentially Neimi bad (remembering that Neimi was quite good for stretches before he came here) but one thing I always wonder when a team takes a flyer on a goalie is: do they know something we dont? Presumably Burke and co. feel like he's got some potential. Maybe they were watching him before and think there's potential there. My guess is that even if thats the case & they are able to turn his career around with some skill-correcting, it probably will take some time & we're likely to see some less-than-stellar goaltending tonight.
  20. The thing is that even though he's young and has averaged 20g and 45-50points a season he's also really bad defensively. Like those people who are still saying "should have drafted Tkachuk" instead of JK, he wouldnt have played even 1/2 the number of games he has with us because his defensive game would never have stood for Julien or DD. He's been sheltered defensively in Ottawa but he's still really bad in that aspect of the game. I have no doubt he could become a complete player if he wanted, but he's certainly not one now and thats a crazy amount of money for him at this stage...
  21. Tkachuk signs a 7 year deal for an average of $8.2m per. Interesting that they didnt do the full 8 year term. $8.2m is a little more than Suzuki... i dont think many GMs would trade Suzuki for Tkachuk straight up. I think this shows (as many have said) that Nick left some money on the table so that his deal would fit within MB's internal salary cap structure.
  22. Im still a little worried about the idea of Evans as our 3rd line centre. I think he can be a competent checking centre but you're ask him to centre Gallagher (and soon Hoffman too). I have no doubt a line like Lehks - Evans - Armia would be phenomenal as your 4th. And I think Hoffman ______ Gallagher would be an excellent 3rd scoring line... but as of right now I am not convinced we have the right centre for that line. If only Poehling had made some noise. I know Brooks will get a shot tonight (although on the 3rd line). He's had some offensive success over the years so maybe he can take on a bigger role with us. Solve the 3rd line centre and 2nd pairing D issues and i think we'll do ok this year.
  23. Yup. he isnt an elite centre by any stretch but he's been their best pivot & with Stone/Patches on the wing he's a solid complement to the line. I think the idea that we had it easy and could only win because Tavares and Schiefele and Stevenson were out is very largely overplayed. Sure, the other teams had injuries. But so did we. Drouin was gone the whole playoffs. Weber, Petry and Gallagher were playing on a very very serious injuries etc. Injuries are part of the deal & in the end we beat 3 good teams, thats all that really matters. I think only the fans feel this way. I think the team knows its a long season and there are a lot of guys on this roster who need to get used to the style, the system etc. I dont think they will panic for 10+ games. There were stretches last night we looked good and others we looked horrible. I think we'll win tonight but i think we're going to give up some goals. 5-3 habs
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