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  1. they (the leafs) look so skiddish!
  2. I also would put Poehling & either Juulsen or Fleury in for Ouellet. I think Belzille is still hurt?
  3. I cant see either of them being worse than Mete on his off side or Ouellet.
  4. Agree with pretty much everything here Ted. The idea of winning being a bad thing is probably true, but honestly what can you do. Like you said: you give those guys a shot & they are going to take it. IMHO as long as we dont lose the next round, Im ok with the run. Even losing in the "second" round (our 3rd) would be ok because of the experience some of these kids (and vets - these are Domi's first playoffs and even Petry only has 21 career playoff games!). Obviously getting a generational talent like Laf would be preferable but getting 9th OVA vs. JK, Suzuki etc valuable playoff experience... not quite as terrible. I also agree about the lines. Still some work to do but easily the best lines we've seen from Julien all year.
  5. I suspect Poehling will get the nod. I mean one thing seems clear: they want to give the kids a chance. Although i wouldnt be surprised to see Weal back in if Julien has any say. Poehling - Domi - Weise would be tough to play against (although id still like domi moved up the lineup at some point).
  6. One of the things I didnt like about this whole "play in" loser gets a chance at 1st overall is that after the results so far, odds are that one one these teams will draft Laff: - Rangers (only team out so far) - Panthers (down 2 -1) - Penguins (down 2-1) - Predators (down 2-1) - Oilers (down 2-1) - Jets (down 2-1) Leafs or Blue JacketsCanucks or Wild Traditionally (ie 75+%) a team down 2-1 in a best of 5 loses, so you have to think that at least a few of those teams will lose. There's several stanley cup contenders there that because of rust or a shorter series, may be out - and really should have no business with 1st overall.
  7. Evans doubtful for game 4 according to Julien. Says he has not made a decision on who will draw in but I would assume its between Poehling and Weal. One thing to note: PIttsburgh's loss last night means they are are now 2 - 10 in their last 12 playoff games. The worst 12 game stretch in franchise history. Makes you wonder if, despite being a great regular season team they are no longer "built for the playoffs." This is important because its one thing if we can win a few rounds but if we're going to win this one & then flame out in a 4 game sweep in round 1... id kind of rather not win this one.
  8. I dont have a link to anything concrete but i do believe so. has the stats for the play-in (and round robin) games listed under the "playoff stats" category, so presumably it will continue to be added to as the playoffs move forward. Also, there was some discussion that records could be broken this year since players could potentially play 5 more games on their quest. I dont think Gretzky's 47 points is really in jeopardy though. lol.
  9. Its like Weber, Price and Petry realize their window to win a cup is closing...
  10. Im still in shock that Julien switched up his lines! Tatar-Suzuki-Gallagher is something many of us have been asking for for a while! Now we just need to get Domi some more ice time because he aint gonna get much done on the 4th line.
  11. He was proven as an NHL player. That is indisputable. He had nearly 100 points in just over 160 NHL games when we traded for him. Thats a proven NHL player. Sergachev had played 4 games. Again, i never said i liked the trade or that it was the right trade for us. What I am saying is that if it was lopsided at all at the time, it was in our favour. Tampa incurred the much higher risk. In the end it worked out for them but there were not guarantees.
  12. It was a fair trade at the time. We were getting a proven, young player for a prospect with 4 NHL games to his name. Drouin, was what, 22? - and had over 150 games in the NHL, including a +50 point season and a nearly PPG playoff run the year earlier through several rounds. He was a proven entity - Sergachev was (highly touted) risk. Tampa Bay made this trade to mitigate their loses in the expansion draft and this way they could open up Drouin's spot (Sergachev was exempt). Im not saying it was the right move but you cant re-write history either. TB took a huge gamble, giving up a proven player for a prospect. Teams do that all the time but usually the player they are giving up are at, or past, their prime. It turns out that Sergachev has played very well for them.. and drouin has - at best - stalled to where he was when we traded for him... but the deal was not lopsided when made.. it was just a dumb one based on our needs.
  13. I can see Evans or Poehling drawing in (and honestly why not? neither can be worse than weise and weal and both could use some experience).... ... as for folin... id rather keep ouellet and mete with one of them on their off side tbh.
  14. Ya. He said its a "game time decision" likely to not give more info than necessary to the Pens but I assume he already knows who is playing. That said, the D staying the same is a problem for me. Id like Weal and/or Weise out but can live with better line combos up front. On the D i think its crucial to get Mete back to his proper position which would be easiest by replacing Ouellet with Juulsen or Fleury.
  15. It would definitely be nice to get Drouin and Tatar going!!
  16. For sure. WInner of this game wins the series most likely. Its all going to come down to Julien imho. If he lets Sullivan beat him (as he did for most of last game) we will likely lose unless Carey figures out how to score goals as well as stop them. If we get the matches we want and exploit the weaknesses in their lineup, we could still win this thing.
  17. Id happily mix up the lines tbh. Danault & Lehks have shown in the past they can combine as a deadline defense-first duo. Id love to see: Tatar - Suzuki - Gallagher Drouin - Kotkaniemi - Domi Lekhonen - Danault - Armia as our top 9. Honestly you could probably give each of these lines 15 minutes each & only use the 4th sparingly. Dress guys like Byron, Weissm Evans to sub in and to play in the PK etc.
  18. Yeah, there's no way to confirm this but it definitely seems to be the way most people believe it went. Rather than risking him signing another KHL deal, MB let Romanov burn the year off his ELC & therefore be another year closer to the big money. A necessary evil unfortunately. I also believe that we have some positional strength. If we break down by posiiton: Centre: Strong, but need some players to continue to develop. Not quite there yet but I wouldnt make a trade LW: Strong, especially when guys like Domi move back to LW. Drouin has his faults but on the right line can be a decent contributor. RW: So-So, Ideally need a top 6 RW. Gallagher is great, Armia is solid. Some guys (Byron, Lehks) can play either wing. Adding in another top 6 RW would make this a good group. Caufield is likely at least a year away. RHD: Solid..for now. Our 2 best defensmen are there, 3 of our top young dmen are there. However, our top 2 are old and there's not much in the cupboards after the current crop. LHD: Bad - but not as bad as it seems. In Chiarot, Mete, Kulak we have solid second and third pairing dmen. We lack a true #1. Our LHD look bad because of this but if you drop a top pairing LHD into the mix, we suddenly are not weak at all there. We also have some very promising LHD prospects who are likely a couple of years away, so in a bit that will not be a problem (although RHD might be by then!) Goal: Nuff' said. Honestly, watching the first couple of games, I dont think we're terribly badly built (we need players to continue to develop) but I do very much question our system. It seems like a lot of guys look lost out there and arent quite sure what they are supposed to be doing. Maybe its lack of game-shape but this team has skills, they have talent. They seem to lack a plan. I think at this point, barring a trade for a LHD, our most pressing need may be a new coach. You're assuming that Julien wouldnt bury Sergachev on the 3rd pair or on the black aces.
  19. Current season will end in approximately 2- 24 months.
  20. I still think Juulsen may be more NHL ready (even with the extended time off) but I would be ok with either if it means putting Mete back to his proper position. He looks out of place on RD. Hesitant - and just wait till he makes a misplay because of being on his off side. Weber made one when he was playing LD last night that he definitely wouldnt have on RD. Ouellet honestly shouldnt be dressed unless you have multiple injuries on D. He's a #7-8dman at best. You know I actually dont mind Weal in the right circumstance. What i dislike is Julien's reliance on him. We acquired him & he scored at like a 60ppg pace so now thats all Claude seems to think about. That little stretch of games at the end of the season, what 2 years ago? He's a fine #11-14 forward but when Julien uses him on his PP constantly that concerns me. Much like wanting to trade DD to save Therrien from himself, Id like to sit Weal if only to force Julien to make better decisions. I read an article recently that Danault was like top 5 (maybe 10) in the NHL for 5-on-5 points among centres. He ranked much lower in overall points because he got nearly no PP time. Now im not suggesting Danault should be on the PP but id definitely put him there before Weal.
  21. Well it was right in the next point below what you bolded...
  22. I like all these suggestions although I doubt CJ will try any. Maybe Domi moves up but i doubt that his favourite (Weal) comes out for any of Evans, Poehling or Hudon.
  23. If we actually want to win (and I *assume* they do) then: - Domi in the top 9, top 6 preferably, at LW. - Weal out (presumably Evans in) - Ouellet out - Mete back to LD (assuming ouellet is replaced by either Juulsen or Fleury then this will happen)
  24. 1 goal down.. .seems a wee bit early to pull price, no?