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  1. Yup. he isnt an elite centre by any stretch but he's been their best pivot & with Stone/Patches on the wing he's a solid complement to the line. I think the idea that we had it easy and could only win because Tavares and Schiefele and Stevenson were out is very largely overplayed. Sure, the other teams had injuries. But so did we. Drouin was gone the whole playoffs. Weber, Petry and Gallagher were playing on a very very serious injuries etc. Injuries are part of the deal & in the end we beat 3 good teams, thats all that really matters. I think only the fans feel this way. I think the team knows its a long season and there are a lot of guys on this roster who need to get used to the style, the system etc. I dont think they will panic for 10+ games. There were stretches last night we looked good and others we looked horrible. I think we'll win tonight but i think we're going to give up some goals. 5-3 habs
  2. Top 2 lines look good. Evans line looks like it needs some time to gel. Id rather we had Lehks there than Armia THB. 4th line is a bit better than I expected. Petry pairing looks good. Savard/Chiarot looks lost (but Id like to give savard 10 -15 games to settle into this system). Romanov pair looked fine but... what, 2 minutes only or so?
  3. Refs. That was an ugly penalty call. The good news is that if that is the new threshold for crosschecking in front of the net, Gallagher should be drawing a looooooot of penalties this year!
  4. THAT is a penalty? Are D-Men only supposed to speak sternly towards them in front of the net now??
  5. Drouinnnnnnn with huge assist to Anderson.
  6. I mean Gallagher has two 30 goal seasons & two more if you prorate them. He's a goal scorer. Armia is a placeholder for Hoffman right now.
  7. I hope im wrong but that sounds like a complete cluster____ That methodology worked for short stints in the playoffs but as well as Petry you had Weber playing stretches of his best hockey in over a year and Edmundson playing his best hockey ever as a hab. Now you have Petry healthy, yes, but those other 2 are replaced by what, Savard and ? I really hope they figure something out before this becomes ugly.
  8. Id definitely be interested if the price was right. I think he's been a bit misused in Chicago. I remember his first year there he looked like he was about to break out in a major way. Im not sure where you'd fit him into the lineup though. He's obviously behind Suzuki and probably behind Dvorak too (although they play quite different games). I think you'd slot him in front of Evans but Jake will be taking a lot of the tougher defensive matchups so i dunno. Its a little hard to know where you'd play him, unless you made some sort of sheltered, exploitation 4th line like Byron-Strome-Hoffmann with the latter two getting tons of PP time...
  9. Today's lines: Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield Drouin-Dvorak-Anderson Armia-Evans-Gallagher Perreault-Paquette-Lehkonen Kulak-Petry Chiarot-Savard Romanov-Wideman Interesting that Kulak jumps back up next to Petry (where he hasnt been all preseason) and Romanov drops back to Wideman's side. Will be interesting to see if they stick with this. Top 9 looks good. Top pair should be ok. 4th line is a bit of a mess but as long as they can eat minutes and not bleed chances, I think they should be ok. 2nd pair worries me a lot.
  10. I didnt watch much of the preseason but from what i saw / heard Poehling wasnt horrific but just didnt do much to push the needle. A shame since there was clearly a spot for him. Right now, today, it sounds like Brooks may be better then him for this moment but that doesnt bode well for us long-term. Yes. LTIR works a little differently than what most people think though - it doesnt remove the $ from the cap - but it does allow a team to go over the cap. So for example, if you had a player who made $10m for the year and he was injured for 1/2 of it, you couldn't just sign a guy who made $5m for the season. When the $10m guy came back, you would have to get rid of salary. In Weber's case it sounds like its not even a possibility he'll be back this season so theoretically we should be able to use his full cap hit.
  11. Also agree. They may already be in that mode - having assessed during the preseason what they have & what they need. I dont think MB will be forced into a move, but i think he's keeping an eye on certain players right now. I wouldnt be surprised if he already had some "take it or leave it" deals in place, just waiting for the opposition to circle back.
  12. This. Just like our defense. Unfortunately, MB seems to think just adding random bodies - quantity over quality -works just as well. We dont need "more defensemen" or "more centres." We need the right ones.
  13. Marner possibly out too i hear. Seems fair since we're missing Price, Weber, Edmundson, Hoffman etc...
  14. Agree. The other O/S concern is term. I think the reason the hurricanes were upset wasnt the AAV of the Aho deal. Its that they had to match a 5 year offer. He's 3 years closer to UFA than if they had signed the 8 year deal that I am certain they would have wanted to. I still think the JK deal came from a place of revenge. Sure, they may like him. They may have been considering him in the draft, they may have tried to trade for him etc etc. but to do it in the way they did it was a risk and as you said, they essentially weaponized their cap & tried to create a situation that was essentially a lose-lose for MB. It was clever (dirty but i dont blame them) but one that would work under very very few circumstances.
  15. It's moot because Guhle was sent down but do you think that if we had kept him it would have been the best thing for his development? He may well have been (actually he certainly was) one of our 6 best D at camp but im not sure if that necessarily means its best for him to keep him with the big club. I think sending him back was the right move for him - and therefore for the club, long term. This year is going to be a mess no matter who we play i think. We have to hope we somehow keep things out of our own zone because im not looking forward to seeing some of our slower D out at the same time. The only saving grace is that Weber wasnt particularly good for most of the regular season, so maybe Savard can fill that spot for the short term...
  16. Not the canes i think. They are going to be in some cap trouble soon. Necas, Javis, Drury, and Kotkaneimi will all need contracts... and they have some skill in the pipeline too. I would be surprised to see them tendering any more offer sheets. That said, it will be interesting to see if a different team goes the route they did with JK. Vast overpay for 1 year. The problem is, if you did a vast overpay for a guy who would legitimately getting $6-8m, you're going to be losing a lot of quality draft picks. Like if you offer $12m for 1 year for a guy who is probably worth $8m - you lose 4 first rounders. And even then if the team knows the guy is worth it, they match. I think the only way you make a successful OS is if you vastly overpay for someone that his team is losing some faith in. The only2 in history that have worked have been that. JK and Dustin Penner. In both cases the opposing team offered way more than that guy was worth at that moment.
  17. His wife seemed to suggest there were a couple of "tense days" just before the ED when the kraken were apparently mulling over calling the habs' bluff, so it sure sounded like while they were "prepared" to move, they ideally did not want to. That said, one thing I've been pondering is this: Carey Price is super high profile. Maybe top 5-10 guys in the league in terms of name recognition. Lets say he's got another 30+ days of rehab before he can start training... the league has been looking to shed more light on mental health issues... im not saying there isnt something there but you couldnt really ask for a better poster boy for brining attention to this initiative. I know, its probably total "tin foil helmet conspiracy stuff" and i am not suggesting this is the case at all, but the timing and the situation does make you wonder...
  18. An interesting side note. With this contract, in our top 9, only Caufield and Drouin have less than 2 years left on their contracts.
  19. I know what you're saying but 6 x 6 probably means he makes way more in the 2 years that follow, or worse, goes UFA. Its a lot to give a young guy who's never even been PPG yet but I think if we waited till january or next summer the cost would be a lot higher. I think he's going to have a monster season.
  20. interesting pick up. he's not going to make or break the season obviously but does make for a bit of competition for that 4th centre spot, I think he'll get a shot, not sure if he'll stick but no one else has really laid claim to the spot behind suzuki, dvorak and evans. make no mistake, the leafs liked him and wanted to keep him but they have pretty strong centre depth and it was a toss up on which guy after matthews, tavares and kerfoot they shoult let go. I think they felt like brooks was the least likely to get claimed.
  21. Its an 8 year deal though. You dont get 22 year old 1st line centres to sign for 8 years unless you pump that AAV. I am sure they could have signed him to a bridge deal for less, or even 5 or 6 years but we're paying for those last few years & considering he'll be in his early 30s then I think it will be very very good value over the term but we shall see. Yeah feels about right to me too. Interesting that Nicks' cap hit is 7.875 and Weber's is 7.857 it makes you wonder if its a nod to Shea.
  22. He's definitely grown on me. There are certain things I think he does well and others I really dont like. Like others have said, i wont lose sleep over losing him but Im also not sure his replacement will be any better (could be worse) than him. Its really tough to know. We've had a lot of bad luck in the first round too. Many of the times we've picked in the top 15 have ended up being fairly weak drafts... I have a hard time forming an opinion on Timmins since im not entirely sure how much control he has over who we draft. People say this kind of stuff a lot but how can we criticize him for the bad things he's done & then say his good moves are all lucky or a fluke? Im not the biggest MB fan by any stretch but he's made good trades, good contracts and good overall moves. He's made plenty of bad ones too but if im going to be critical of his bad ones I have to give him credit for his good. If you believe Dale Weise - and he's a pretty straight shooter - Bouchard is not the guy we'd actually want in that situation. It sounds like despite his great media sound bytes, Bouchard is actually very tough on players - he plays heavy favourites and Weise called him "tortorella light." Now, im sure Weise has some resentment & the truth is probably somewhere in between the two but as a few of these types of reports have come out lately I dont think losing him was the worst thing that could have happened.
  23. Ultimately, does it matter? If he's got some sort of anxiety, mental issues or a drug addiction, all require help and im glad he's getting it.
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