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  1. We're in an interesting position with Edmundson, Chiarot and Savard being very similar players (same salaries even). They are all quality NHLers but we need someone other than Petry to move the puck. One of those guys, packaged with one of our excess wingers would possibly do that. Dont know if MB would consider it but there's defintiely some assets there. I would bet you could get Dunn from Seattle for a combination, they kraken may even throw in a prospect or pick.
  2. Further Ettedgui's comments, he believes the opening night lineup will look like this: Tyler Toffoli - Nick Suzuki - Cole Caufield Mike Hoffman - Christian Dvorak - Josh Anderson Artturi Lehkonen - Jake Evans - Brendan Gallagher Mathieu Perreault - Ryan Poehling - Joel Armia With Drouin not playing (Traded or out indefinitely) Ettedgui believes they want Lehkonen playing on the 4th line, they would sign AG27 to play LW, 3rd line and move Perreault to the 4th line. Not sure i buy it but i at least can see his reasoning. I cant see Perreault and Pacquette both being signed & then not on the roster.
  3. Galchenyuk would surprise me because i dont think he left on the best terms. That said, I dont think he has issues with any of the players (I think he and Gallagher are still close) which is more important than issues with the GM. Subban, for example, might be quite useful for us (if salary is retained) but there's no way they bring him back with him and Gally being clearly not fans of each other. I also believe we have way too many forwards and not enough (quality) defensmen. While i think some combination of this defense corps may be ok in the playoffs (especially with "playoff price") Im not sure they are good enough (especially based on how i think they will be deployed) to get us to the playoffs. Ive been wondering about this for some time. Im just not sure if he has any value in a trade (or whether Ettedgui is saying he wont be playing at all). If its anxiety or performance related stress I could see MB sticking with him but if its substance abuse or something I wouldnt be surprised at all if MB is shopping him, just no idea what you could get for him seeing as Seattle just passed him up for free.
  4. As good as our top 4 were in the playoffs, the regular season is a different beast and Im not convinced they will be as effective. Also, Weber was playing some of his best hockey of the year for that stretch and Im not convinced Chiarot/Savard can be that effective.
  5. Im really hoping Brook makes the jump. I know he's had his stumbles but not long ago we were looking at him as one of our top D prospects. He's only 22 and made some good strides last year under Bouchard. My hope is that he was working on certain aspects of his game last season & therefore didnt have the overall stats we would have liked to have seen but will be more ready to transition to an NHL game.
  6. 99th highest paid player in the NHL!
  7. This is our best hope imho. Romanov - Savard Chairot - Kulak/Wideman is much better than Chiarot-Savard Romanov -Wideman/Kulak imho.
  8. If he was just a bit better defensively, maybe but he's just a tire fire in his own end. He's got incredible offensive skills but he's just so much of a defensive liability...
  9. Unfortunately MB said the roster was "pretty much set" at the last press conference. I still think we could pry Vince Dunn out of Seattle if we wanted... and for not too much. But I feel like MB isnt even looking.
  10. Still wish he had gotten the Libs leadership post back when it was between him, Trudeau and a couple of others. Feel like he would have made a great PM.
  11. Oh totally. I just thought it was interesting that the question was essentially "should you have taken someone else" but MB interpreted it as "you drafted JK too high, could you have gotten him lower than #3" Its like they were picking JK no matter what.
  12. Interestingly, in Bergevin's presser on saturday someone asked him if he thought he should have drafted JK at 3rd. Instead of answering it like most us would (that we could have taken Tkachuk or Hughes, or Boqvist or Farabee etc etc) he went off on how maybe he could have drafted down the draft to take JK 5th or 7th but there would be no guarantee that he'd still be available. In other words, he wasnt (and still isnt) looking at and considering anyone else, they wanted JK and would have traded the 3rd pick for a later 1st if they thuoght they could have gotten him there...
  13. I think so too. I think the wingers will be more or less interchangeable (and we might end up losing a guy like Paquette to waivers which sucks for him because i know he was a habs fan). I think our centres will look like this: Suzuki - Dvorak - Poehling - Evans with both Evans and Poehling having the opportunity to jump up a line if they succeed. On defense I think our 2nd pair will be Chiarot - Savard but i think it should be Romanov - Savard and Chiarot - Wideman/Kulak.
  14. For sure. You look at the lightning: Back to back cups - they barely have any of their first rounders playing. Foote only played a handful of games & other than that, only two first rounders... of course those 2 were 1st overall, elite players in Hedman and Stamkos. It doenst hurt that they got game breaking talents in the 2nd round (Kucherov) and the 3rd round (Point)
  15. Pretty much. Although I think Poehling may be the dark horse for potentially being one of the most important players. If he can come in & give the team what JK did last year, we should be ok.
  16. Yup. We always compare our team (that's any team's fans) against the league. You have to compare 1 team to another team, not all 31 others. The Tampa bay lightning just won back to back cups with only a few of their own 1st rounders in the lineup. Stamkos and Hedman - both drafted over 12 years ago and both 1st overalls - and Foote - who only played 9 playoff games. I wonder if people were calling for Cooper's head for not playing him more?
  17. The thing is, we harp about this a lot but when you compare us, 1 on 1 against most teams in the league, we're pretty average. When you compare us to all 31 other teams, sure we look bad, but one vs one most teams have hits and misses. And while we may have traded guys like Galchenyk or Sergachev, we also got back quality players in return. Step back a couple of years, we still have Caufield, JK (essentially) became Dvorak, Poehling is still with us, Sergachev became Drouin, Juulsen got poached but injuries really derailed his career, Scherbak was a bust... McCarron was a bust.. Galchenyuk led to Domi who led to Anderson so we're still ahead on that one... i mean it isnt spectacular but it isnt horrible either.
  18. I can't see them breaking up Suzuki/CC - who seemed to have instant chemistry. Usually you're better off playing your main offensive winger with a centre who is a "natural passer" in that direction. With Suzuki being a right handed shot, ideally his main winger would be a LW but a) CC can and did play LW, and b ) Suzuki seems to have no problem passing accurately with his backhand. So I think those 2 stay together. The third guy on that line is a question mark. I think Toffoli is the person they will try there to start. Anderson was good the last little bit in the post season but he was there because Toffoli was hurt. Toffoli also plays both wings equally well so you can switch your two wingers as needed. I think they go back to Toffoli - Suzuki - CC I also am not convinced they wont try drouin at centre. We know that Suzuki, Dvorak and Evans will be 3 of our 4 centres but i think at camp they decide whether #4 is Poehling, Pacquette or possibly Drouin. (Hoffman and Byron - who is hurt obviously - can also play there but id be shocked if they tried either this year). Honestly with a forward group that includes Suzuki, CC, Toffoli, Anderson, Dvorak, Gallagher, Hoffman, Drouin, Poehling, Lehkonen, Armia, Evans, Perrault, Pacquette and possibly Ylonen, im really not too worried about how our forward lines stack up this year. Thats a really solid group. Im far more concerned about our defense. Petry - Edmunson should be a totally capable first pair, especially if Joel continues to play like he did in the playoffs. The next 4 arent horrible - Savard, Romanov, Chirot, Wideman - but i am concerned their deployment will be bad.
  19. Interestingly the Canes fans seem to think they have a gem. The overall feeling is: - next year he will score around 50 points as a winger. - the following year (when Trochek most likely leaves as an UFA) he will go up to 70-75 points as their #2 centre. I mean... it could happen but his stats lines are: 79gp - 11g 23a - 34pts 36gp - 6g 2a 8pts 56gp 5g 15a 20pts He's a career .36ppg and they think next year he'll be .61 and the following he'll be up to .91 ppg ? This seems kind of wishful...
  20. The other thing of note on Suzuki/JK that a lot of people seem to miss is that when Nick broke into the league he spent a decent amount of time as our 4th line RW. Not even centre. But he kept working, kept fighting and made the most of his chances. He was not "given more chances than JK" he just made the most of the ones he had. This is not a knock on JK. Players develop at different times and I certainly wasnt ready to give up on him prior to the 3x overpayment. But i hate when i hear people suggesting Nick had the ice tilted in his favour while poor ol' JK had to skate uphill. It just isnt the case. For sure. And the thing is, I like JK. I thought he was going to be a core piece for us for a while. I dont blame him for signing the contract either (although I do think it might come back to haunt him) but Im also ok with moving on. I like the players but i love the team. It is what it is. Sports is a business. Agree with a lot of this. Although in Arizona I think JK may have actually flourished. In many ways it would have been like playing in the minors: lots of ice time, probably not a huge amount of criticism if he gets things wrong, and much much less pressure. As for Carolina, I still have no idea why they went after him at $6m. I honestly think they wanted him, they probably offered what they thought was a fair deal and when Montreal turned it down they thought "screw them" and offered a ridiculous contract that they were sure (since we turned down their "fair trade" we would match. I do think they wanted JK. I dont think they wanted him at $6.1m
  21. Exactly. Its 100% speculation because we know almost none of the facts. imho Dvorak will thrive on this roster. I dont think he'll be a 90 point player or something crazy but 55+ is not out of the question. Agree. I dont think anyone believes JK was worth $6m. heck if he had signed a $3m bridge (apparently what he wanted) he would have been overpaid. When the OS came in, TSN asked 5 GMs for a number on what JK was worth. Two were just under $2m per and the other 3 were all under $2.5m
  22. I think BT's point is you give them the extension once you've confident but before they have "proven" with a doubt they are worth it. Sure there's some risk but there's risk both ways. So right now you'd lock up Suzuki because at worst he's a 60 point 2 way centre. You could probably safely lock up Caufield - i know its a small sample size but he's proven he can score at every level & looked absolutely elite in the playoffs - not just as a scorer. I wouldnt lock up any of the other guys, yet. But maybe after this year, yes - who knows. Its finding that sweet spot of "ok we're confident they'll at worst be_____ but could hopefully be _____" Of course the player has to sign it too. Not all of them will, preferring to take shorter contracts and "bet on themselves" to make more of an impact.
  23. I think they are saying there's a chance he will, there's a chance he wont. They'd be willing to take that chance at 2 or 3 or maybe even 4m. But not at 6.1 I understand what you're saying about term but then what? he underperforms & you let him walk? I just think they felt this (letting him go, turning the assets into a quality mid-tier player etc) was the safer play. I dont fault them for taking the safer route - especially as I think it will make us better in the short term & MB still seems to think this team (rightly or wrongly) can compete for the cup again.
  24. Waddell has said they expect him to play LW. So you're not paying $6.1 for .36ppg - both last year - and a career average - winger. The carolina fans seem to expect him to play LW next to Staal on the 3rd line Yup. Thats been my point through the "should we or shouldnt we" discussion on the OS. Is a 1st and 3rd good compensation for JK at 925k? No way. At $2-3m? No. At $6.1m ... evidently. Hoffman was a "no asset lost" though. I think when you can add a guy like that, at that cap, you do it. I dont think MB gives up our first for Dvorak.. which was the asking price. Only way he makes that move (especially in a year we are hosting the draft) is if we have more than 1 pick in the first round. Yeah I mean i think with Danault the issue was term. Im pretty positive MB would have matched or even beaten LA's offer. Every coach loves him, he's homegrown etc etc. But to lock in for that cap hit for the next six years? Thats just handcuffing your team for a loooong time. A lot can - and will - change in that time. JK was tricky. I know people are pissed at MB and maybe he deserves some of it but that was a super odd move by Carolina. They put themselves in a very risky situation. Maybe JK breaks out and maybe he becomes worth every dime but i sure wouldnt want to bet on it. Its tough to prepare for something like that if you're MB. If the deal was $3 or 4 million, no way he walks away from it. I dont think anyone would expect someone to offer that kind of money for him. It would be like us offering $16m to Pederson. LIke sure, Vancouver would walk away from it, but who in their right mind would expect - or prepare for - that deal? I cant fault MB for that kind of an insane offer. Its not like we only had $2m of cap to work with & someone offered JK $3.5m
  25. But lets say he has another 5-10g 20-30a season and plays LW. Do you really think the canes will throw $5-6m at him? Even for just 1 year? Maybe they like his development & think he just needs time so they offer him a 2 year bridge for $3.5m but does he sign that? Its entirely possible he flourishes and puts up good numbers but its also just as likely he doesnt move the needle much and then what? Big risk for the Canes, imho. Im also very interested in this. Poehling had a huge bounceback year in the AHL - 25 points in 28 games. I know this doesnt mean much in terms of the NHL and I assume he'll start the year further down the lineup (Behind Suzuki and Dvorak obviously but probably behind evans) but I wouldnt be surprised at all to see him move up as the year goes on... Yeah i mean the real key is going to be "if JK Performs." Im not convinced he would have. I like Jesperi and I DO think he can still become a better player but im not sure it was going to happen in the next year or two. I think that Dvorak this year will probably be better than JK this year so its at worst a wash. If someone like Poehling or Evans takes a jump forward then we're ahead of the game.
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