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  1. Last year at his year end presser MB Said "Blame me. This is on me." The Molsons & the BOG stood by him and said "Its fine Marc, we'll give you another shot." Now this year we make it 6 measly games further & one would assume, its still "on Bergevin" so where is the blame? Is it not time for the BOG to step in & say "we gave you a chance. You didnt do it." and move on. Ultimately, i think you have to ask yourself this: 5 Years later are we a better team? When he was hired Marc Bergevin said he had a 5 year plan to make us contenders. He inherited a team that had missed the playoffs but for all intents and purposes we were a fringe playoff team with some very good young talent. He inherited Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Eller, Gallagher, Cole (fresh off a 35 goal season) Gionta, Markov, Plekanec & others. A good young core, a number of tradeable assets and the worlds' best goalie. He had a top 10 player at both forward and defense. Are we closer to the cup? Ive disagreed with many of his moves in the past 12 - 14 months (prior to that i thought he had a better track record) but i was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until after the post season. When we started this playoffs I said that anything less than a final 4 finish would be a disappointment. First round is, frankly, not much better than missing the playoffs (worse when you consider our draft pick will be later). I think the time has definitely come for the BOG and the Molsons to clear house. I would, frankly, fire just about everyone on staff. People I would definitely keep: Julien, Waite, Muller, maybe Dudley - and i think thats about it. The whole farm system needs to be cleaned up but ultimately it needs to start with the termination of Marc Bergevin. He asked for 5 years, he got it. He asked to trade away youth for 'experience.' He got it. We flamed out in 6 games. Enough is enough.
  2. Yeah, Price is easily the most difficult player to consider trading. On the one hand, you know you could ask (and most likely get) a king's ransom for him - but on the other, as a goalie, its very difficult to know what his best before date is. It would be one thing to trade him & see him give 3 - 4 more elite years but quite another if you traded him away & he won the next 9 vezina trophies. I think the deal would have to be absolutely lights out incredibly ridiculously good for me to even consider moving price. Pretty near anyone else is avaliable depending upon what route we choose to go, but like 93 and others have said; Either go all in, or rebuild. Painting the crumbling foundation wont help one bit.
  3. I actually think that if you had a dominant 1st line centre, Danault could actually be a good 2 way 2nd line centre. I think he's got some 40-50 point seasons in him & he has really good hockey sense. But as long as we toil with 50 point first line centres, he cant be anything more than a #3c. He just cant be a #1 or a #1b centre. Hopefully bergevin finds a way to either get Galchenyuk going based on what his skill level is, or he can trade Galchenyuk for a bonefide #1 centre but I cant possibly imagine who that will be. Galchenyuk + Emelin for Tavares?
  4. This. The kid has a long future in the NHL. Very very good pick by timmins & co.
  5. Thing is though, they ahve a really weak defensive corps. We should have been throwing every ounce of talent we had at them. Not dressing King, or Flynn or even Ott (although he was quite good at times) instead putting in guys like Mitchell, Mac, Hudon, Carr etc. We did not exploit their biggest flaw & it cost us.
  6. Agreed. He is and will always be a defensively responsible Michael Ryder. Thats not a bad thing - he's a great player in certain situations and even at times when he's not scoring he's actively helping your team (defensively) and never hurting (never a distraction or making bad plays). Is he 'captain material'? I have no idea - none of us do, we're not in the room - but I would say he cant be our driving scoring forward. If he's a secondary scorer, the whole issue becomes moot, he probably doesnt put so much pressure on himself & he likely ends up being way more effective. In the last couple of games he was literally firing the puck off any time he got it, no matter where he was. He had like 0.1% chance of scoring on most of those but "bang" gotta get it on the net. Total lack of confidence and too much pressure on himself killed him in the end.
  7. Bingo. He's (MB) filled all the holes in all the places where the team was needing fine tuning without addressing any of the 'big stuff.' Put it another way: swap our top line with Toronto's top line & we probably have a strong case at the stanley cup and they probably dont make the playoffs.
  8. Way too expensive for either though. I suspect we'll be stuck with him in one of those roles which, as you said - he's more than capable of doing, but the cost is going to hurt our cap in other areas.
  9. Id argue he's a top 4 dman on pretty much any team in the league. We've used him on the 3rd pairing because he likes playing his off-side more and we already have Weber and Petry at RD but I think he's more suited to top 4 minutes. Hope we dont lose him in the ED.
  10. I agree. I think he will stay. Assuming he does, do you think MB will try to trade for the rights to kovalchuk? It would be a gamble for sure but his performance in the KHL makes you think he's still a legitimate 2nd line forward.
  11. Agreed on all accounts. This team needed Weber AND Subban, not one or the other and certainly not one at the cost of the other (more valuable) player. I like Weber and im glad he's on my team but the cost was prohibitively high and the trade made zero sense. Not only did we lose the better player in the deal, we lost the player more suited to our needs. Its stupid to cut off your right hand to gain a left one but its even dumber to do so when you are right handed.
  12. I actually dont think it would. I mean logically you are right & your points are totally valid but I think a lot of people just see the opportunity & believe they can do better. The other thing is: we may have made some obvious mistakes on the ice (Weber vs Subban, Shaw vs Eller etc) but that doesnt mean that we're left holding a bag of magic beans. We have very tradable commodities, regardless of what some of us may think of those players. Weber's value is probably higher right now than when we traded for him and Shaw is roughly the same. Guys like Pacioretty or Beau I think are pretty much where they were last year. A good GM, if he chose to move any of them, could get value. The real problem is Price. He's the premiere player at his position & while its entirely possible he pulls a Brodeur and plays strong for 10+ more years, I think that realistically we have to look at his window as closing. So, are we able to right this ship in a year or two? Or do we do the unthinkable & trade Price & get the foundation of this team set up right for the first time since the early 90s. Not sure what I would do but im glad its not my decision.
  13. I honestly dont see either Molson or the BOG having the guts to fire Bergevin, but if Im wrong, and they do - i sure hope whoever comes in, keeps Julien. I didnt agree with everything he did in the last few months but he's clearly one of the best coaches in the league and it would suck to lose him just to "clear house." Like i said though, i would be shocked if MB isnt still our GM come october. I think the ownership group will give him at least one more year.
  14. Its so bizarre too - i mean even guys like Travis Moen and Prust looked great at times (if they didnt have the hands to 'finish') - King has just looked flat shift after shift after shift. I think there's be twice in the entire time he's been with us that Ive thought "good play." Thats pretty brutal. Even guys with major shortcomings (DD for example) would make me appreciate a move or a play at least once or twice a game.
  15. I suspect we will protect Weber, Petry (have to because of NMC) and Benn. I think MB will trade Beau, but its possible he will be exposed.
  16. Im not ready to give up on this season yet, but to play devil's advocate: Does anyone think that either Molson or the BOG would fire MB this offseason? I dont see it happening.
  17. Yeah, its no fault of Weber's - be just comes to work & does his thing - but its pretty clear that MB messed up big time with the deal. Especially when you find out that it was the Preds who came to us looking at Subban and we countered with Weber (when we should have asked for more than market value). At the time of the deal I said if we could have at least snagged Weber + Trenin or Weber + Kamenev we could say "well, Weber isnt as valuable to this team as Subban but we've got a big upgrade at centre in a year or two" but no, MB couldnt even manage that. I am in the camp that believes Weber will be very good for us for several more years, but each year we will most likely see a greater divide in their talent, which is not good news if you're MB.
  18. Agreed. Last night was a huge blow but we've seen for long stretches in this series that we can be the better team. This series does not have to be over but Julien needs to get the best possible players and combinations out there if we have a chance of winning. I love all 3 of your top lines because: 1) Gallagher (who's on fire) with Pacman and Galchenyuk - if anyone on our roster can jumpstart those two, he's the guy 2) Pleks/Byron-Radu should be a totally capable 2 way line with really good scoring potential 3) Lehks-Danault-Shaw has been tenacious in the past & i think would be very very hard for the rags' lower lines to contain. I dont think we'll see that fourth line changed (despite Mac being a much better choice than King) because i think Julien loves king on the PK and as long as it remains at 100% i dont see him making any changes.
  19. You know ive never banned a moderator before. haha. So im sort of shocked by the comments in this thead. Last i checked, it takes 4 games to win a series. We've lost 3 - and while I wholeheartedly agree our big guns sucked badly last night, its been a super close series. You can argue it shouldnt have been - we've been absolutely dominant for stretches - but it has been & now we're on the wrong side of a 3-2 deficit. Is it insurmountable? No. Will we come back? Maybe, maybe not. But until we've lost that 4th game I cant understand everyone saying they've "quit watching" or are "done with the team." Sounds a lot like leaf fans to me. Over his career Price has been excellent when facing elimination & so far we havent seen the best out of him in this series. Guys like Patches, Weber, Markov, Petry, Galchenyuk and Radu need to step up from last game - and i think the can. All along we've heard how our "depth will wear them down" if it goes 7 games - so lets find out if thats true. The rangers have been relying heavily on their top line giving defensman-type minutes to some of those guys - will they be worn out by games 6 and 7? Am i hopeful? Yes. Do i think its likely? Im not sure. I think we have a very good chance of winning in NY. Then we get momentum back & who knows. I hate game 7s - almost as much as overtimes - but it is what it is - and my recollection is that this team, and price, have done quite well in game 7s. Lets not throw in the towel just yet. I am pretty sure the team hasnt.
  20. we're blaming weber for a 3 on 2? I think a forward blew his assignment.
  21. FINALLY someone gets the reference. Kinot is too busy silencing lambs i think.
  22. Kinot puts the lotion on the skin, or else he gets the hose again...
  23. NY Rangers @ MontrealColumbus @ PittsburghChicago @ NashvilleSan Jose @ Edmonton
  24. System-wise you're right but if we get scored on, our team seems to tighten up on their sticks and make errors based on not wanting to make an error - the classic catch 22. A wonderful left-over from the Therrien era of "if you make a mistake & you're not one of my pets, you are benched or scratched."
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