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  1. Yup, pretty much. We stunk across the board but our defense especially looked really bad. It was Weber, Petry & a whole bunch of third pairing guys tonight. I really hope that doesnt mean we'll see Nesterov next game. Davidson was still better than he has been. It sucks to lose but at least we lost a game we had no right to win. In the playoffs I find that the worst ones are where you are the better team but still dont win. You come out trying to change a system that isnt broken & you lose confidence. Tonight, we sucked. We deserved to lose and next game hopefully we'll come back more determined and ready to go.
  2. Dont underestimate GM's short-sightedness. I still think Edmonton would do Emelin +____ for RNH, seriously. Unless we sign Radulov, he has the opportunity to speak with them. Thats the risk of not protecting an UFA. Im not worried about Markov, but if they offer Radu the chance to be the face of their franchise with a 7 year contract (they'll be able to afford it) then you never know. So i think there's a pretty good chance MB tries to sign Radu before the ED, meaning we protect him & one of the guys in your list is exposed. My biggest fear is that MB will expose Hudon before we even give him a chance. Im still a little worried about how well Andrighetto is going to do after we let him go for very little.
  3. If they can come out hard on the PP to start the period i think there's a good chance to get this thing moving in the right direction.
  4. Yes. they look very tentative. As much as they did in game 1 surprisingly.
  5. i dont think you can guarantee that though. Almost every team is going 7/3 which means there will be a number of other top 4 dmen available. I also think its entirely possible someone prefers Emelin to either - especially looking at that LV brain-trust. McPhee would definitely covet a guy like Emelin, unless he's really changed his MO. Definitely if we leave one of them exposed theres a risk to losing one but LV will be picking roughly twice as many forwards as dmen for their group of 30 and i think odds favour us losing a forward. Then again, MB may just try to flip Beau prior to the ED. Push comes to shove i would almost bet our 3 protected are Weber, Petry and Benn.
  6. Amazing how Pleks has flourished under Julien! Julien was the guy who brought him into the league i think too? Maybe even coached him in the AHL? Im a little worried but honestly i dont think its going to be that bad. The one thing about running a team's goalie is that you always run the risk of having it happen to you. This series would already (effectively) be over if it wasnt for Lundqvist. I just cant see them (the rags) being that stupid. I can, however, see someone like Kreider "accidentally, on purpose" to quote Prust, fall into price if we give him even the slightest window. When he dumped price the last time he blamed it on Emelin's trip. It was totally avoidable had he not wanted to hit price, but you can argue that if we are a little more careful where we dump players as we keep them away from Price, we should be in better shape.
  7. Yeah, that game 2 obviously hurt a lot ( both the long OT and Weber being out for 5) but even in the other two games he's playing too much. Id like to see him down to 3rd or 4th in minutes among dmen, which i think is possible. Petry and Benn are getting a lot of minutes, Julien just needs to trust Davidson and Beaulieu with more minutes than 9 and 18 respectively. He (Julien) has subbed guys next to Weber (beau most often but sometimes benn) to give Markov and extra shift or two off. Id like to see him do that a little more frequently - or - just use that third pairing more. They are both capable guys. if we can get the numbers to down around 20 mins for Markov i think it would be a lot better. Weber: 25 Petry:22-24 Benn: 22-24 Markov: 20 Beau: 20 Davidson: 12-15 I think its doable.
  8. Yup, his thread says it all: Almost no discussion because he just comes to work & gets it done. Not flashy but totally dependable. Really hope we dont lose him in the ED and I think he's a real keeper.
  9. Absolutely agree. Im hopeful that AV wont sink to that level (of telling his players to target price) but wouldnt be surprised if one or two players take it upon themselves to try.
  10. That is definitely a concern for tonight. Weber, Benn and Davidson are going to have to be very vigilant tonight - not just about Kreider but any other rags that try to crease-crash. Ive read a couple of articles suggesting they expect it tonight (and that the habs coaching staff is already prepared for it) since nothing else has worked for the rangers. interestingly, the one time i saw Kreider get close to price this series, carey smacked him in the head with his blocker.
  11. Its a concern for sure. There have been years Weber seemed to wear down as the playoffs went on, but we also know he's played hurt many times so its tough to say if it was wearing down or just being less mobile because of an injury. In the past he has also played huge minutes during the regular season - this year he's had more manageable minutes all year long, plus some time off at the end. I think a lot is going to depend on his health and if we can close out a series or two in less than 7 games.
  12. This isnt even factoring in that the last 2 games have really been dominated by the habs for long stretches. We've spent nearly whole periods out of our end and when the rangers have broken through its often 2 or 3 chances at once - which price has stopped. Long stretches of nothing followed by several chances is way more difficult for a goalie than constant pressure, but Price has done great with it.
  13. i would be more likely to believe that every single game in these playoffs would go to overtime... vs believing the Preds would be up 3-0 in games vs the hawks!!
  14. I think that Julien was just trying to see if there was a little something more. The fact that Nesterov had one great game to end the regular season didnt help. I think Julien looks at it like Davidson is the safe bet, he's a good choice for the third pairing and he'll play a simple, albeit boring game. Nesterov in the past (in TB) looked like a very capable top 4. He was offensively gifted and didnt seem (although admittedly I didnt want that many games of his) like he was much of a defensive liability. So i think Julien was playing a hunch that Nesterov had a higher ceiling than Davidson, which - as i said earlier in the thread- is fine in the regular season but right now I wouldnt be gambling like that. In fact, at this point, even if Emelin was ready to go in the next game, id let him sit & get 100% before I moved Davidson out of the lineup.
  15. Agreed on all accounts. Our d finally looks very good and Julien seems to be able to actually assess them and put them in the proper slots, unlike his predecessor. Even little things like swapping in Benn or Beaulieu from time to time with Weber to give Markov an extra shift off is something that i dont think ever occurred to good ol MT.
  16. hehe. My guess: Washington vs TO I think is going to be a blowout... im just not sure which way. The leafs have nothing to lose so I think if they startle washington with 1 or 2 quick goals it could get ugly for the caps. However, I do believe its more likely the Caps will come out strong & hammer the leafs. I dont think its going to be a close affair. I can get behind any scenario where Ottawa and Boston beat each other up. I actually think Chicago is going to take a deep breath and shake off the last two games. I think they will win tonight.
  17. Im definitely happy for him as a person. From the negative side, yes, we let a number of very good players go over the last handful of years that makes you wonder if Julien could have done something different with them. I like our roster now & think we may have the best group we've had in MB's tenure but that doesnt mean we couldnt be better had we kept some of those players we let go, in many cases for very little or nothing.
  18. Same. Nash 2-0 over Chicago is definitely the biggest suprise for me so far - especially the way they've done it. These were not close games. Chicago has looked horrible. On the flip side i did not expect Pittsburgh to be 3-0 - although i did think they had a very good chance of winning its been a weird series. Columbus has not played poorly so to have zero wins so far is pretty surprising. St. Louis/Minny is definitely surprising too. Everyone else is about where I expected them, albeit I thought we'd lose one in NY, not our first game at home!
  19. Totally agree about Carr. He'd bring alot and if we can get 4th on 4th line matchup i think he and mitchell could actually put a puck in the net against a pretty mediocre Ranger's 4th line. I think you might be right about the concussion/injury - i know he got hit late in march (and i think the opposing player was suspended). Has big Mac played LW? Too bad we moved Ghetto.
  20. Yeah, if Mac comes in, i think Mitchell goes out. Ott has been really good at centre and Big Mac only plays C or RW so unless julien is prepared to put Ott on the LW, i think you'll see the same 4th line.
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