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  1. Lets hope Coach "taught him" whatever it was he felt he needed to teach him. No more time for "lessons" please Julien.
  2. I think i agree with every single one of them. IMHO anyone lower than a C- needs to be out of the lineup next game. Martinsen, King and Nesterov. Replace them with: Davidson (wont be flashy but i wont be scared to death every time he's on the ice like I am with Nesterov out there). Mitchell who not only plays a sound defensive game can actually score every now and again. And either Carr (safe) or Hudon (could be an outside the box move but could pay off huge). Im (surprisingly) fine with Ott staying in if he plays like he did tonight. He may well have zero chance of scoring but his positioning is shockingly good and he plays a decent defensive wear-down game.
  3. Davidson is ok to go i believe. Not sure why on earth Nesterov is in over him. Overall love what julien has done so far but a couple of real head scratchers (nesterov, king, galchenyuk)
  4. Well two things: 1) the 4 goals a game thing was unsustainable. It was based on ridiculously high shooting percentages so you knew it had to come back to earth. However, that said, I agree that those 6 looked like a great top 6 and I dont know why we couldnt go back to it. It would give us shaw / danault + for our 3rd too, which is a great start. 2) the problem with that grouping is that we're now at game 2 of the post season. Julien had 20 or so games to play with lines & evaluate talent. At this point, its probably too late to make massive changes. Its a shame he didnt try it for at least a few games, although in fairness to him, he came in to a team with a super fragile psyche so i understand why he wanted to take baby steps at first.
  5. its entirely possible that he's telling the truth but i wouldnt be at all surprised to see him roll something different come game time. Unlike Therrien, Julien actually knows how to coach & coacing 101 is: dont let the opposition know what you're up to before the game.
  6. If we keep playing him with pluggers the bolded part will continue happening. We have the luxury right now of having two lines that are playing pretty well so we can actually give Galchenyuk 2 decent linemates (Lekhs & Shaw) with no ill effect. If we want a little more skill on the fourth line sit two of Ott, Martensen and King and bring back Mitchell and Carr.
  7. This. Nesterov and King still boggle my mind (although i dont think King is actively hurting us the way Nesterov is). That an Galchenyuk outside the top 9.
  8. Agreed. As long as they dont get discouraged & play like they have, they will be just fine. All over the rags right now.
  9. on their best defensman too... always a nice thing.
  10. while i disagree with playing Galchenyuk there, John Lui (among others) suggested this was not a demotion but a trick by Julien to get Galchnyuk out against a very badly matched rangers' 4th line. We'll see if it pays off.
  11. Yeah that was predictable. Now we see how they respond. Under MT that would be bad. Under Julien i think they will keep up momentum.
  12. Agree with your keys. I think from our stanpoint, if our best player are our best players, we win this handily. I actually think the score will be closer to 4-1 or 4-2 but I could see a tight checking 1 - 0 or 2-1 game.
  13. Yes, not enough has been said about this. When Julien took over we were something like 4th most penalized I think? Since we started playing an actual system implemented by a real coach we've done a 100% about face and turned into the least penalized team in the league. Amazing turn around.
  14. Yes! Cant wait. Overall happy with the lineup and excited to see how Julien has the boys ready. A couple of head-scratchers in there: nesterov ? (he looked good last game but im still a little weary based on his previous games in a habs' uni). galchenyuk on the 4th line (still very suprised by this. either Julien is preaching something & chuck has no interest in doing it, or else its a 'sneak attack' to exploit the rangers' 4th line (who are not very good) either way, its odd). Benn on the 2nd pairing - not that he isnt good enough, he's been great - but he said he's more comfortable at RD so why play him with Petry?
  15. Nice read here breaking down our first round series. The author indicates that as long as we can really play the Kreider line hard, we should be ok. Their defense is very porous after McDonaugh and up front they mostly have trouble sustaining any pressure when Kreider isnt on the ice.
  16. Was hurt at practice this morning. Right now its tough to say if it was serious or not. He got clipped in the face with a high stick. I presume, as long as it wasnt near his eye, he will be ok, but he looked shaken up as he was helped off the ice by Beau.
  17. Its a shame because he was looking pretty good the last couple of games. I think we'll be fine but hope that either Davidson is our draw-in or else Nesterov finally starts playing like he used to (he looked good in the last game but every other game in a habs uni he's looked abysmal)
  18. Kind of how i feel too. If you gave me a choice of the two id take subban in a heartbeat but we have weber now & he's clearly not nearly as bad as some (who are clouded by losing their favourite player) seem to think. My biggest problem with the trade is that even if you believe that they are equals right at this moment the very fact that weber is 4 years older should have gotten us more in return. Weber + ____ for Subban. Because we didnt get anything else in return, when you factor in the age difference then what bergevin basically said with the trade was that Weber is the better defensman right now... which is not true. The only other argument is that with Weber you have a better chance at a cup right now. Again, i dont believe it, but if we somehow manage to win this year its hard to argue with (ie, its unprovable) the results. Thats the only thing MB can hang his hat on: winning right now.
  19. I think Julien clearly seems something in King. Im not sure i do but im willing to give him the benefit. What i wonder is: If Julien is trying to build a strong third line out of King - Shaw - Lehkonen then *maybe* he feels like Galchenyuk can bounce back into that top 6 if he breaks his slump. I just cannot fathom that Julien truly thinks the best place for our most talented forward is anywhere other than the top 2 lines.
  20. Agreed. Its very very odd. It reminds me a little of how Datsyuk was handled in Detroit (albeit for only the first 2 or 3 years). It was like they felt he was uber skilled but not meeting his potential & that frustrated the team. As he went into contract negotiations he was almost dealt away (good sources said we had a deal in principle involving Souray and Zednik (plus a first i think) for him. of course something changed, he scored 87 points the next season & the rest, as they say, is history.
  21. General concensus seems to be that we'll make it to the final four. Im an optimist and pretty much always vote for us to win (which obviously hasnt happened for a looooooong time). Im still hopeful this is our year but i think we can all agree: anything less than a top 4 finish will be a colossal disappointment. This team is definitely good enough to make it to the final four and with the Rags and then either Bruins or Sens, as our first two matchups Id be very very disappointed if we couldnt at least get a date with the Caps.
  22. At a certain point though, you have to let your players work out of their slumps. You can argue that he was not as effective on the top line with Radu/Patches (although i think a little more time when the games were meaningless would have been good) but can anyone actually say he's a detriment to the shaw/lehkonen line? Slumping or not, Galchenyuk is still a top 9 forward on this team. If it werent for the fact that Byron-Pleks-Gallagher has looked so good, id make him mandatory in my top 6 but you have to at least give Chuck the talent level of Shaw/Leks to play with. Give him Martinsen and Ott & he'll never break out of his slump. That said, I understand this is not simply about a slump. Julien clearly has concerns (they seem to centre around effort) and as I said earlier, I willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. All i know is that this is a much better team with an engaged and effective Galchneyuk than it is without him.
  23. I read a couple of articles about it - sounds like most observers think he's still trying to send a message to chuck (since the 4th liners are such high energy guys he has to 'hustle to keep up"). There seems to be a sense that we wont see Chuck on the 4th line when Wednesday's game rolls around. We shall see. Its a slippery slope, since Chuck is still easily our most talented forward, but im willing to give Julien a lot more slack since he's doing almost everything else right. Hopefully he knows what he's doing.
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