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  1. Im still sort of shocked that we got a serviceable asset as a return for DD. Davidson is as good of a lower pairing dman as we've had for a while & provides a really nice replacement when someone is injured.
  2. He's looked a little better the last few games but im still somewhat surprised CJ is playing him so often. I guess the coach feels like there's something he brings to the roster. He's definitely had better career playoff numbers than post season so maybe we'll see more out of him once the post season begins.
  3. I cant remember what member kept going on and on about him last year saying "you wait, give him a chance, he'll make the team & be a core player in no time." Whoever that was, bravo - you were definitely right. The kid makes things happen. Amazing he was our fourth pick that draft year!!
  4. Yeah, Maklin and Staal hare both horribly bad at faceoffs and always have been. I am less concerned with that aspect of his game. Like you, i think the instability is the real problem. Some players look way better in one position than another (Eller for example was a much better centre than winger) but Galchenyuk, to me, has shown very little difference in either position. in fact, when he plays wing he seems to gravitate towards the centre of the ice anyway. Bottom line though is that while traditionally you want your centre to be your scorer, your playmaker, that isnt always the way. St Louis, for example, was an elite playmaking winger & could make any centre work with his game. if Julien is somehow able to make 3 strong lines with Danault-Shaw-Plekanec as our centres, I guess, so be it. Im not sure its ideal but so far he seems to be getting the lines worked out & playing well, getting the end results we need.
  5. Yeah i wasnt implying it was any great secret, what i meant was that while pretty much everyone knew Therrien was misusing his players, i think we've yet to see/understand just how much of an impact that may have had on some (especially younger) players. Hopefully its correctable.
  6. Guess we get to find out if the added "sandpaper and grit" of the Shaws, Webers, Otts Martinsens and Kings of the roster will help stop players like Kreider...
  7. Agreed. And honestly, id be shocked if CJ didnt believe so too. The thing about CJ is that he's not a coach who is quick to judge/react. I suspect he has Galchenyuk playing the position he is and the minutes he is, for a reason. I think its probably more about reading something in Galchenyuk's confidence and trying to get him feeling looser, more comfortable. Maybe he feels like Chuck needs to work on some stuff too - but i am almost positive that CJ is putting AG in a position that he feels will benefit him most, going forward. I still wouldnt be surprised to see Chuck back at centre these playoffs but either way i am confident Julien will do his best to get Galchneyuk believing in himself again. I think Therrien may have done a lot more harm with some of our younger players than some of us realize.
  8. Thanks. Definitely would rather face the Rags than the jackets although i think we should be able to beat either fairly easily.
  9. So if my math is correct we can only potentially meet 2 teams in the first round: Columbus (if they absolutely tank their last few games) or NYR (odds on favourites - about 95% chance thats who we'll meet). Is that right?
  10. I honestly dont think he's a homer. I think he's just a crap referee.
  11. Interesting. At first i thought it was a subtle way to get him some games off but the part about "will fly back to montreal and meet with team doctors" is a bit concerning. We definitely need a healthy Weber come playoff time. Wonder if this is something he's been dealing with (injury) for a while but decided now he should rest up before the second season.
  12. Amazing what a week or so difference makes. after those terrible losses between the Ottawa games we looked like we could end up a wild card team but now we can clinch 1st with a win tonight.
  13. This. I cant imagine ever hating a team as much as i hate the ruins (although the flyers arent far behind) but I would agree that there's some definite dislike from me for the sens, leafs, TB etc. Its nice to actually see some rivalries starting up again. For a long time we didnt really have any real rivals except for the Bs. Part of me does feel sort of sorry for the laughs though. I mean those are some die-hard fans to have waited this long. Im a old dude and the laffs havent won since i have been alive... several years before i was born, even - that deserves a little pity.
  14. This. And i mean that was the whole thing with Weber. I've wanted weber on my team for years - but not at the expense of our core. If Bergevin could have gotten him for Emelin+Eller +1st or something, we'd all be singing his praises, contract be damned. but instead we lost our best defensman since chelios and while i think Weber has done pretty well here, there's no doubting that unless MB plans to move him (and can get value) in a couple of years, we're going to be really regretting this move down the road. Same with Galchenyuk for a guy like Duchene. Id love to have MD on my roster but not at the expense of Galcheyuk. Like Ted, Id only consider moving AG27 if we could get a similar replacement, or if we could somehow upgrade at the same position. Id think long and hard for a Galchenyuk for Tavares swap even though many of the concerns ted mentions above would be the same for JT, you'd be getting a better all-round player imho. That said, Id really really like to give AG and CJ a bit of time to work together. They've been talking a lot & i have no doubt that CJ sees AG as part of his core.
  15. Tough to say. He's playing with McKinnon i believe. Up to 12 points in 15 games now (5g 7a) I suspect you are right - that he wont sustain it (certainly with the high shooting %) but i dont think 40-50 points is out of the realm of possibility for him. I dont mind losing him, but not certain the return was really worth it...
  16. Agree on all points. On your two criticisms, my thoughts: - I think there must be something going on behind the scenes for two separate coaches (albeit, one not very good one) to have concerns with him at 1C. The difference - and a huge one, however - is that Julien actually sat down and talked with Chuck and seemed to have him comfortable with the decision. He also left the door wide open to see Chucky move back. I dont think its any coincidence that the way he's built the lines, if you were to swap danalt & chucky you'd re-unite our best third line in recent memory, leading me to believe you may see Chucky back at 1C, perhaps even by the post season. - The fourth line is definitely not the best we've seen. However, with Julien FINALLY getting us a competent top 9, it becomes less important for that 4th to be as effective. Defensively they've been ok, although you probably cant count on any offence from them. I think Julien wants King and Ott in the lineup as PKers.
  17. Ive always been a bit torn about Emelin and the rough stuff. Look im not a huge proponent of fighting. The gooning up / pre-planed fights are, to me, ridiculous and almost like WWF on ice. But in the heat of the moment - a punishing hit, sticking up for a teammate or, backing up your physical play - fighting often seems like the only way to stop things from 'boiling over' to the whole team and a bench-clearing brawl or Bertuzzi-Moore type madness. Emelin has always played a punishing game. He hits hard - he may be the best hip-checker in the league right now. But he doesnt back things up. He turtles almost immediately. Look, i fully understand he has the metal plates under his left eye and SHOULD NOT fight. But then, should he adjust his game? There are plenty of guys who hit but in a less devastating way. The hits Emelin lays out are the kind that usually bring along retribution from the other team. Ive never played hockey at even close to the level these guys are. When i hit, i usually injure myself (lol) so maybe there is no "happy medium." I dont know. What I do know is that as long as Emelin plays the way he does and does not 'back it up' so to speak, there will be plenty of criticism of him. I could care less what Thornton says but some good players have called Emmy out before and they've been justified in doing so. From a standpoint of curiosity, I'd love to hear what a guy like Weber or Shaw think about Emelin's game.
  18. Lets hope its not going to keep him out for long. We need the beard come playoff time.
  19. Thanks Clues. Lets hope the boys continue to build on their confidence and put together a solid game.
  20. There's a good breakdown of how UFAs will be looked at in the upcoming expansion draft here: Role of UFAs in the expansion draft. Basically, an UFA is still under contract with his team at the time of the expansion draft, meaning he is 'fair game.' Las Vegas will have a few days window to offer and sign a contract with any UFA they choose (one per team of course) and if they do, you lose that player. So with a guy like Markov I think its fairly safe to work out a deal with him in principle but not sign him until after the expansion draft. Then you dont need to protect him and he would be a pretty safe bet to honour his verbal deal & will most likely resign with us. A guy like Radulov is trickier though. Do we leave him exposed and hope that LV doesnt offer him a sweetheart deal? I almost think you have to protect him, in which case, you might as well get a deal in place ahead of time. But we shall see.
  21. Im not sure id go looking for a deal but definitely if one presented itself, id listen. The Islanders have always been really high on him (local boy) so if the rumors of Patches for Tavares were ever true, id definitely explore that...
  22. Right but that sort of play comes at a cost. He's missed like 15 games in the past 6 seasons. How many "power forwards" would be able to say that?
  23. For sure. Even if we agree that Julien's idea of playing markov 1st pair 5-on-5 and Benn gets his PK minutes works great, its not an ideal situation for your top pairing dman. My thinking is that Markov is easily one of our top 6 defensman, therefore, at the right price he should be re-signed. The question is: what is that price? If he falls to 3rd pairing duties (not likely but possible if he regresses) what can we afford to pay him? Ultimately im not too worried either way if its a 1 year deal. If its 2 or 3 more years im not so excited unless cap hit is really really low. My guess is we're going to see 1 year at $4.5m or 2 at $3.5-4m.
  24. really hope we show up tonight. We seem to really have trouble with non-playoff teams. For the lines above, i know Julien doesnt set things in stone but i'd prefer Galchenyuk -Patches and Danault -Radu if we're looking for 1 -2 combos myself.
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