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  1. Really wonder how much input Julien is having on these moves...
  2. Hrm. Another "size for skill" move. Not sure im loving these deals. Individually they are fine but there's a trend here im not liking...
  3. In fairness though, nobody looks good/right in a preds uniform
  4. Arpon Basu suggests that we got Ott, King and Benn to fix our PK. They were all PK regulars with their teams.
  5. So the kings got Iginla for a conditional 4th round pick - just like we gave up to get King. Kind of surprised they would drop a player in his prime for a 39 year old Iginla. Obviously Iginla had a WAY higher skillset but he's a shell of his old self while King i still a useful bottom 6 player. Always interesting to see how teams place their needs and evaluate players.
  6. apparently, pending a call. Not sure if the Kings are a real "contender' which is what Iggy was hoping for but i guess its always a crapshoot.
  7. Definitely an upgrade on Flynn, although not as fast. Good in the corners too.
  8. Well so far we're looking pretty good to ice like eight fourth lines! LOL. \ Seriously though, some odd moves, makes you wonder what is brewing...
  9. Definitely a bust as a top 10 pick but he is a pretty sure thing as an NHL defensman, albeit 3rd pairing.
  10. Actually a 3rd and dylan mcilrath - 10th overall, 24 year old defensman. He's a lot like Pateryn (3rd pairing guaranteed, *maybe* outside chance #4) so they actually gave up a decent amount for him.
  11. Yeah i actually think we'd be a lot better off in the short term. You could probably easily nab a guy like Vanek or Cammalleri for picks so your forwards would be set. Id be a little worried about our blueline but i am either way unless MB can somehow grab a legit top 4 in the next few hours...
  12. This. The cost is virtually nothing so i dont really care but It seems very odd. Very curious if Julien wanted a tough guy or if Bergevin did. Guess we'll see if he cracks the lineup. Obviously he would be on our 4th line and i can think of about 9 players, not in our top 9, who id rather have on that line than Ott.
  13. Id make the deal, yes. It would suck to lose Beau and Gally but you have to give to get. That said, I dont think its enough. I think Colorado is looking for a ridiculous amount - and im not even sure they are serious about trading him tbh.
  14. Of course it doesnt necessarily mean anything but i would imagine this means its now less likely we are trying to land RNH. I mean if Edmonton was actually interested enough in DD to give us an asset for him, chances are we could have included him as part of a package. If we didnt, i suppose its unlikely we'll make a major trade with edmonton in the next 12 hours but i guess you never know.
  15. yeah, ive seen him a little. Id say thats a fair assessment. He's 'more of the same' of what we've got. Definitely a bit shocked we got him for DD... whom i thought had zero value. i must say that if you told me 3 weeks ago we'd have julien as our coach and dd would be traded i would have asked what you were smoking.
  16. He's not a perfect coach - no one is - but I agree, he's been a breath of fresh air. Just the simple idea of line-matching has been a huge difference because guys like DD (who require sheltering) can become valuable players again by making sure they are not overmatched!
  17. Im actually surprised DD is out. I thought he played a pretty good couple of games. On the 4th line, with managed minutes (and actual line matching! Wow!) he looked, overall, quite good. I guess Julien maybe still wants to do some evaluating though.
  18. Yeah, full expected. Curious about where he's going to play. I think he'd be a lot better next to Petry than Emelin, but we shall see.
  19. I think MB regrets that move. I dont think he's made a ton of those gaffes since....
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