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  1. They are both slow but both very good positionally. I have less concern with their speed and more concern with Markov wearing down before the playoffs. Playing Weber-minutes is going to take its toll on Markie. If we can balance it somehow, rotate between Markov and someone else, I think it might be a band aid solution if Bergevin cant get a deal done before Wed. I dont think Benn is a viable solution there.
  2. GAH! The headline I saw said we got Benn from the stars for Pateryn & I was like MB!!! Deal of the century!!! Jamie Benn for Pateryn! LOL. Havent seen Jordie play a ton, although my understanding is that he's basically a left-handed version of pateryn (a few years older) so its probably a wash. We end up getting a little more flexibility on the left side too, although i dont see him playing any higher than #5-7.
  3. I definitely agree he needs to do something. The big problem i have is that we traded Subban for Weber but never filled the hole we had last year (#1 LD) and continue to scramble to find someone. I get that MB doesnt want to give up roster players or top prospects but we have 4 or 5 key players who most likely will never be as good as they are right now - its time to upgrade that first pairing.
  4. Thing is, he's got skills. He's Prust 2.0 but with way better hockey sense. If he could cut out all the dumb stuff he could be a very effective forward. He's not afraid of going to the dirty areas & in many ways could be probably as good if not better than Gallagher. He just needs to stop doing the really really dumb things that make you hate him for 3 or 4 games in a row.
  5. I think he plays a lot better with a creative playmaker than a 2 way centre like danault. Patches can play with either kind of guy but Radu needs someone who can read him better than PD.
  6. Honestly i only have 2 thoughts: 1) Galchenyuk isnt 100% or in some way makes Julien think he shouldnt play him on the top line until something is fixed (his confidence etc) i dunno. Doenst make sense. 2) Julien thinks Danault has the potential to be an elite two way centre - like Bergeron, BrindAmour etc. I find this hard to imagine but who knows. At the end of last season it seemed unfathomable he'd be a regular in our top 9 and now he looks like he could easily be a #3, maybe a #2 down the road.
  7. ^^^^ believe it or not, I actually agree with this. Im not in any rush to dump Desharnais (unless we need the cap space for a deal). Obivously I would not resign him but Julien has given me no indication he will over or misused Desharnais & ive said all along that he can be a valuable player at times if used properly. I like DD on our 4th line with limited, sheltered minutes more than a number of players (Flynn). We shall see what happens.
  8. Depends what the plus minuses are. I am not sure Edmonton would do RNH for Emelin and Juulsen straight up but maybe they would. Depends how much they like Emelin i guess.
  9. I get that but you can make a strong argument that Galchenyuk is the most talented forward we have. Giving him 2nd line minutes is not they way to spread the wealth. Radulov and Patches are the only two consistent scoring threats we have - one would think if you were to 'spread the wealth' you would give Galchenyuk at least one of them two work with.
  10. Agreed. Cmon MB: Emelin + Juulsen + Picks for RNH + _____ There are rumblings that Colorado actually never had intentions of trading Duchene or Landeskog at the deadline but are instead just gauging their value for what they believe would be a much bigger trade in the offseason (teams wont part with core players this time of year if they are heading into the playoffs)
  11. This. There is no better example of this than Dominik Hasek. He was lights out the best player int he world for long stretches but couldnt win the cup by himself (and was on a few pretty decent teams during that time). It took until he was a far inferior player with detroit for him to finally get his rings.
  12. I cant help but think there's more to it than we're being told. I mean ok, Therrien played Danault over Chuck, I get it, Mt wasnt the greatest judge of talent. But now Julien? Why? Unless our coaching staff think that Danault has the ability to become Patrice Bergeron V2.0 it just makes no sense.
  13. Yes. considering it supposedly happened a week ago & not a single reputable news outlet has reported it Id say its a pretty safe bet it was fake.
  14. Agree with everything there. To me, RNH is the guy to target because i think he can be had for a LOT less than any of the other names in play. First of all Edmonton has made some very weird trades lately and second, Emelin has repeatedly shown up in rumors connected to the oilers. I could see there being a real fit there. Either way, I would move Emelin NOW. First off, Julien obviously thinks he's not a first pairing dman and if we can acquire someone to play with Weber, Markov moves back to Petry's side an where does that leave Emelin? His value is probably at an alltime high too, which is when i always would want to move a player. And i couldnt agree more about Galchenyuk vs Duchene. Duchene is a great player but we would need to acquire him as well as retain Galchenyuk & Pacioretty. Any other forward is probably fair game, although I think Radulov would be undesirable since Colorado obviously are sellers.
  15. This. He's always been a class act, but if this team is hanging its' playoff hopes on David Desharnais, we're in big trouble.
  16. Its great reasoning & a wonderful plan (and fair for all sides) but do you honestly think Bergevin will even consider trading Weber right now?
  17. Agreed about Eller. I dont think you can say we gave him away for nothing though. Two 2nd rounders was pretty fair value for a player like him - maybe even a bit high - but we dumped him for salary which was remarkably stupid. Especially when DD had been ineffective for years and there was some indication plekanec was going that way too... Btw Eller is now up to 14 points in his last 20 games.
  18. This analogy is pretty much bang on the money actually.
  19. If we move Chuck to get Duchene we will regret it even more than Subban for Weber imho. It makes zero sense and would set us back, not forward. There are several pIayers I wouldnt want to lose (Gallagher, Beau etc) that I probably would part with for Duchene but to acquire him while giving up Galchenyuk, Pacioretty or Radulov makes zero sense. We need MORE top end players, not simply different ones.
  20. Is there evidence that Julien had any input in either deal? My understanding was that he wasnt super happy to give up on Seguin at the time.
  21. This - although I think Danault may have worked his way into the 'core' now too. Hopefully Beaulieu will soon too...
  22. This is the first time ive heard mention of smith. He's interesting although i suspect the cost would be high. He's always reminded me a little of Beaulieu.
  23. This. I dont think Hanzal will help much, although i am less concerned with Julien at the helm now, but its one thing to get him cheap, its quite another to overpay.
  24. If I were GM I would: - Trade a 2nd rounder for Vanek - Trade Emelin (whom they apparently covet) + whatever one prospect not named Sergachev to the Oilers for RNH. This gives us: Pacioretty - RNH/Galchenyuk - Radulov Vanek - Galchenyuk/RNH - Gallagher Lekhonen - Danault - McCarron Byron - Plekanec - Shaw/Mitchell Beaulieu - Weber Markov - Petry Nesterov - Pateryn/Redmond I know you'd be taking a gamble not getting a top 4 dman. And maybe Bergevin still can, but most, if not all the deals out there for a true top 4 are going to hurt the rest of this team & I dont know if we can afford to do that. I still think Beau has the skills to be a better 1st pairing partner to Weber than Emelin does.
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