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  1. The kid is really starting to come into his own. Im sure he hopes we resign Radulov has they have some excellent chemistry starting. I think its the first time since the 90s we finally have a true #1 centre again.
  2. I get the sense he loves playing in Quebec and I cant imagine that either MB or MT will not want him resigned. However, the question is going to be how close are they on term and $$. Its my understanding that according to the CBA he cant be re-signed until some magical date comes - because of the single year deal. Does anyone know when that is?
  3. Agreed. The problem is that after setting several records for futility last season one has to think he's nigh untouchable this year. I mean if that couldnt get him fired, what will?
  4. Yeah it seems like (from the games ive seen and what Trotz has said) they really want to lean on him defensively and dont particularly care what his offense is like. Will be interesting to see if he does start to score a bit more but so far it seems like the caps are pretty happy with his contribution.
  5. I think we'll squeak one out but my gosh i hate those forward lines.
  6. Well and imho Lehkonen makes it even more valuable to keep Pacioretty ______ Gallagher intact. If/when Byron slows down then you move Lehkonen there. I think you're right, you have to keep playing Plekanec there & pray that at some point things get back to 'normal' - your only other options would be a trade (and who are we giving up to acquire a bonefide #2C ?) or promotion from the minors. No one else on this roster is a 2nd line centre. - Hudon used to play centre and does have good vision. He's already called up. Do you try him there? - McCarron is having a so-so start in the minors but probably has the most potential moving forward. Do you give him the reigns now or is it too early?
  7. You know I actually dont mind Byron there. Its definitely not conventional but we have seen weird combinations from time to time that just work. Will he (Byron) fizzle at some point? Maybe. Probably. I dont know. But i'd ride the hot hand now that he's there. The problem is not that line. They are playing well no matter what you think of their makeup. The problem is our 2nd line centre. Pleks seems unable to be able to do anything there. DD has been horrid with anything more than bottom six assignments/ice time. Mitchell and Danault are not 2nd liners. We have a huge hole at 2nd C and right now Pacioretty and Gallagher (lets not forget about him) are suffering because of it.
  8. This really surprises me after what we saw last year. Its like he's suddenly lost all his vision.
  9. I actually think a team may take him as part of a deadline deal if part of a larger trade that includes salary coming our way. We shall see but i suspect he's ours until at least March.
  10. Especially when we may well have guys (Hudon, McCarron, Andrighetto) who could be as effective (if not more so) right now than DD - and actually have a future with this team.
  11. Ugg. Its really frustrating because there's a good lineup there, its just not being deployed as such.
  12. This. Calling out players is, frankly, never a good thing. You either call out a lazy guy- who really doesnt care about being called out - or a guy who is snake-bit and now tightens his stick even more. For a guy like Pacioretty I can see it being a terrible move: He already seems to be putting too much pressure on himself - calling out his play is definitely not going to help with that. I still cant help but think that they (management) are trying to push Pacioretty to give up the C so they can give it to Weber.
  13. Agreed on all accounts. There are several flyers who interest me but the cost would have to be right. I cant see them (the flyers) wanting a lot of what we (most likely) would be willing to part with, and Gostisbehere is someone they likely wont give up on unless they get a very very good return. Couturier is probably, as you said, a guy that MB really covets. Not sure what Philly would want for him. And, as mentioned, this early in the year I cant see Philly moving a current roster player for our futures (no matter how good) or picks (no matter how high). They will want quality bodies to replace the quality players they are giving up.
  14. Yeah, not super interested in Hanzal at this point. As a deadline day deal (for insurance) maybe - if it only costs us a 4th rounder right now. Id much rather keep Hudon - BUT - if MB manages to flip Hanzal for DD then im ok with that. Both are limited in their effectiveness but i think Hanzal could fit here better than Desharnais. Leddy is interesting. He'd potentially be a good compliment for Weber (very mobile and fast) but i am not sure NYI is giving him up for Plekanec. We would most likely have to add a young forward too. Maybe Andrighetto + Pleks for Leddy and Finn or Mayfield ? A couple of interesting trades that would leave us with: Pacioretty - Galchenyk - Radulov Lehkonen - Hanzel - Gallagher Carr - Danault - Shaw Byron - Mitchell - Flynn Leddy - Weber Markov - Petry Beaulieu - Pateryn
  15. This would be very good news. If he can make the transition to the bigs, it would be a very good thing for us. I know he's been playing LW for a while but he has spent time at centre. Wonder if he has the potential to be that 2nd liner we're missing?
  16. Well and the thing is, having watched him quite a bit when he was with the oilers, I wouldnt even say he is a lazy player defensively. He just seems to have really poor hockey sense. if he doesnt have the puck in a shooting lane, he seems to have no idea where to go/be. Without the puck he's a disaster. I suppose there's a possibility you get him to play a north south game and 'go to the slot' but you couldnt ever rely on him on your first line because his vision is so poor. My guess is that (if he doesnt retire/get forced out before then) he will probably have a bit of a rebirth in a couple of years playing on some team's 2nd or 3rd line, away from defensive responsibilities where he can just drive to the net and chip in 30 goals as a secondary scorer. Ask him to do more than that & I think he's going to fail. Dont see MB trading for him at this point so its moot.
  17. Failing a trade yes, this is probably our best bet. With the development of Danault this year i think we might be able to get away with a bottom six of: Carr - Danault - Shaw Byron - Mitchell - Flynn
  18. I agree. I think you can make the arguement we have 3 top line players. We have a plethora of bottom 6 players but aside from Gallagher, we have really no one who is a bone fide 2nd liner. To me, our 'best players for each position" are: Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov _________ - __________ - Gallagher Carr - Plekanec - Shaw Byron - Danault - Mitchell You can mix and match our bottom 6 and make 2 pretty good lines either way (Danault could be on the 3rd or Shaw could be on the 4th etc) Plekanec is ill suited at 2nd line and DD is ill suited really anywhere. What we dont have is anyone who can jump up to that 2nd line and make us really competitive. I think a guy like Andrighetto might be able to take that 2nd line wing spot but we need an effective centre next to Gallagher first. In our system McCarron is the only guy who even has a chance. Not sure if he's ready yet. Then there's a trade. Who is giving up a quality 2nd liner? I believe we have 3 options: 1) Promote from within (not sure we can). 2) Try to pull off a miracle trade (DD + a defensman for some 'diamond in the rough') seems unlikely 3) trade for a pending UFA centre. This is our most likely scenario. Its way to early to know who is going to be available but, for example, the Sharks are looking like they could go either way right now. If they find themselves outside a playoff spot maybe they trade Joe Thornton to us so he can have one last shot at a cup. Likewise Marleau. There's not much out there otherwise - maybe Hanzell but im not sure if he's an upgrade.
  19. Was unable to see the game but i heard from a few the same thing. I mean he's still young, he's prone to have a bad game or 2. Still hopeful he's turned a corner in his development this year.
  20. This. Didnt see the game but got the updates & every time i heard who was on the ice together I was like This.
  21. Well and he's a former very high draft pick who is quite a skilled player. He's no spring chicken but goalies do mature later some times and if that happens with Montoya (and he does indeed find the next level) I think we can agree it would be the tutelage of Waite and playing alongside the best goalie on the planet - not - because of Therrien.
  22. I understand the cost would probably be quite low (at worst a 2nd rounder, at best a guy like DD off the books) but do you really think he'd be given a fair chance by MT? I suppose the reward outweighs the risk, I just cant help but feel he wont be given a chance to prove his value if we were to do it.
  23. Well and thats the thing. I think this trade may end up working out for us simply because we traded one type of defenseman for another & maybe we needed the 'other' more - however, and this is the big one for me: Even if we win this trade I feel we got way worse than market value for Subban. Weber + 1st or Weber + top prosect would have been much more in tune with the perceived value.
  24. Obviously its been a very small sample size but right now im willing to say I was completely wrong about this guy. I honestly saw JDLR V2.0 but instead he look like he might be an absolutely terrific two way player. Not only does he backcheck relentlessly, he is very well positioned defensively - AND - he's got great offensive instincts. Really really impressed with him so far this year.
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