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  1. Honestly I think MB wont trade Weber because MB thinks he's doing great. He's a totally different type of player than PK and based on what MT & MB seemed to want, I think he's happy. What will be interesting is if MB plans on trading him in a couple of years. One has to wonder if there' was a plan in mind: trade for him, use him for a couple of years & then trade him while his name is still worth something. I think most here would be surprised at how much he's still revered around the league. Out west here ive hear plenty of fans put together crazy trade scenarios to acquire him for the Canucks or Oilers etc. This cant be understated. It may not be ideal to need to get your supposed #1 dman the right partner, but it is what it is. Weber is a much better player with a speedy, puck moving defensman next to him. The longer MB resists that, the more ineffective Weber will look. If MB can somehow acquire a true puck mover (or if Julien really gives a guy like Beau a chance), I think Weber will look a whole lot better and, in turn, our defensive corps will get stronger. Petry-Markov is a great 2nd pairing so lets just address that one hole we clearly have at #1 LD.
  2. Agreed. He's been very very good for most of the year actually. One of our only consistent bright spots.
  3. Its not a bad idea. The problem has never been David Desharnais. He shows up every day & does his best, that's never been the issue. The problem was how MT overused and deployed him. To be honest, most of us were so sick of seeing him getting 15+ minutes a game we just wanted him gone but if Julien was to use him effectively - bottom 6 winger with a centre who isnt the greatest playmaker? He could have some real value and actually be better than some guys like Shaw or Flynn. Very curious to see how Julien responds to Shaw. We all know MT just shrugged it off but Im not certain Julien will. Mind you: a) he may not want to rock the (very fragile) boat right now and b ) he did have guys like Lucic on his team in the past....
  4. Yeah, to me Shaw would be a very good 4th liner... just a very very expensive one. Agree with your defensive pairings. If MB cant get a better option for the first pairing, that is the best we've got right now, with the talent spread out to handle the correct amount of minutes.
  5. If you read the one deleted tweet, there's absolutely NO ambiguity over who she was talking about. She was calling out both coaches & put an exclamation point on it with a disparaging remark about them being French. I completely agree with everything else you said. Even if Bergevin absolutely positively felt like he had to get rid of Pateryn after that, you dont go sending out a league wide memo (most likely lowering his value because now its obvious we want to trade him) you start looking for real "hockey trades" in which he's a part of the package.
  6. Im actually really surprised Emelin is still being paired with Weber. I would have thought Julien would have switched that up right away actually.
  7. If your bowl stays in the fridge the light may or may not blind you through the millwork.
  8. IMHO you trade Price, it had better be for the 1st overall pick + a young star. No way on earth I trade him for someone that turns into Benoit Pouliot v2.0 or Erik Gudbranson v2.0 I wouldnt trade Price - period - at this point, BUT if i did, it would be for no less than 1st (or maybe 2nd overall) AND an established young star.
  9. Not to mention that not a single reputable site has any story on this...
  10. This one seems very speculative. Id hesistate to read much into it until something more concrete comes forward. Not a single reputable site has any story on this (unlike the Pateryn story).
  11. Sigh. Yeah, i saw the screencaps (she has since deleted her account) so its not just some baseless scandal. The tweets contained profanity so i wont link to them. I dont blame MB for putting him on the block. It was a pretty crap thing to say. I mean i appreciate her frustration but to a) put it out on the twitter-sphere and b ) use a derogatory comment towards a French coach in a French market was pretty dumb. Im still hopeful he wont get dealt because i think he's a solid 3rd pairing guy but I guess it is what it is at this point.
  12. Yeah i was thinking about Yaks after we hired Julien. I had zero interest in him while Therrien was coaching because you had to figure he'd be misused. I have a little more faith in Julien (even though he can be hard on younger/unproven players) but i guess the question is really "What is the cost." The oilers initially got Zach Pochiro and a 3rd (conditional) pick for Yakupov. I think his stock has probably gone down since the trade but Pochino is sort of a 'safe bet' to be a 3rd (or maybe 2nd liner) while Yakupov obviously has a high ceiling but may never get there. I suspect, if we wanted him, we could get him for either a 2nd rounder + very low level prospect, or maybe straight up for a guy like DLR, Byron or Carr. The Pateryn thing surprises me. He's been nothing but a solid 3rd pairing guy and he's cheap cheap, so why move him? I mean sure, if its part of a deal & someone wants him thats fine but why actively shop him? Some of MB's moves really are head scratchers.
  13. An interesting idea - although if they are concerned with Chucky's defensive game they will be very concerned with Grigs' I cant see them putting them on the same line, at least for now. I still think Grigorenko is more natural at centre & will ultimately if he finds success, it will be there. Remember that during that draft most people had Chucky, Grigs and Forsberg listed as the top 3 centres. I wouldnt hesitate to get him, if we could do so without giving up too much but i am not sure what the asking price would be. Sakic seems to have gone a bit mad with his asks on players....
  14. Haha, yup. Like i said, i think this is the case of Carolina wanting Samelsson so we were able to get a little upgrade in the process, but i doubt it was one of the deals Bergevin was actually trying to get done.
  15. The Montreal Canadiens have acquired defenceman Keegan Lowe from the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for defenceman Philip Samuelsson. Looks like a swap of minor leaguers although Lowe is a bit younger & may have a slightly higher ceiling (both project as *maybe* #6-7 dmen). The assumption is that Ulf (Samuelsson) wanted his son in the carolina organization so they targeted him. Lowe projects as a Josh Gorges/Craig Rivet type player at best.
  16. I dont blame him at all. As with most things, it comes down to term AND price. If he wants 6 years at $3.5m per, sure i'd do that. If he wants 6 years at $7m per I wouldnt. If he wants a 2 or 3 year deal at $7m I would definitely take it. You arent replacing him via free agency - probably at all - but if you did manage to it would cost you a lot more than that.
  17. Eklund said we were in on this deal & were trying to land Stone and Hanzal in one move. IMHO neither guy would be a good fit here. Stone has monster size and some skill but honestly his play has always reminded me of Ryan Obyrne...you feel like there should be more to his game but ultimately he just looks lost most of the time. Hanzal would be a poor band-aid solution. Im hoping MB will be much much better than either of these guys.
  18. Pierre McGuire today saying he would bet (Gord Miller) that Montreal wont make the playoffs.... we shall see...
  19. I actually disagree. There's likely no way to know, since i just dont see MB moving Weber, but i think if he did make him available, most, if not all GMs would put out feelers. Probably a lot wouldnt be interested at the price but I bet you a number of the deals Ted proposed above would be heartily welcomed. Edmonton would almost certainly be down for that.
  20. I like this one the best, especially if (finger's crossed) Sergachev is able to step onto the roster next year. We may not have top end talent on the blueline but we'd have a more balanced attack.
  21. Id probably bite on Cammalleri + (pick or prospect) for DD. We are stuck with Cammy's salary for 1 more year but I dont see us having a legitimate 2nd line LW to challenge next year anyway. The added pick or prospect would be to compensate for overpaying a 40 point guy next year. Pretty sure Cammy on our 2nd unit PP would be a very very good think come playoff time. Eklund is also floating the idea that we're even more gung-ho on Duchene right now because Julien has worked with him (Team canada) and really wants him on the roster.
  22. Eklund says a 'source' told him we're interested in Cammalleri. Hopefully you're getting paid BT
  23. Interesting ideas. I think we might be giving up too much for Jurco & Vanek Detroit purportedly wants a 2nd for Vanek, meaning you're offering DLR and Pateryn for Jurco which seems a tad high. yes, Jurco has a higher ceiling than either of the other two, but both Pateryn and DLR are pretty much sure things... if Jurco cant be a top 6, he probably doesnt have a career in the NHL so there's a decent component of risk. Im not sure id have any interest in Seidenburg. Are you thinking he'd crack our top 4? I agree the draft looks weak this year but remember that weaker drafts (top end talent) usually yield really good 2nd and 3rd rounds (players for whatever reason end up not developing as fast that year) so I woudlnt be too hasty with those 2nd rounders. id almost be more inclined to give up our 1st this year (if the return was right) than a 2nd or 3rd.
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