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  1. Interesting ideas. I think we might be giving up too much for Jurco & Vanek Detroit purportedly wants a 2nd for Vanek, meaning you're offering DLR and Pateryn for Jurco which seems a tad high. yes, Jurco has a higher ceiling than either of the other two, but both Pateryn and DLR are pretty much sure things... if Jurco cant be a top 6, he probably doesnt have a career in the NHL so there's a decent component of risk. Im not sure id have any interest in Seidenburg. Are you thinking he'd crack our top 4? I agree the draft looks weak this year but remember that weaker drafts (top end talent) usually yield really good 2nd and 3rd rounds (players for whatever reason end up not developing as fast that year) so I woudlnt be too hasty with those 2nd rounders. id almost be more inclined to give up our 1st this year (if the return was right) than a 2nd or 3rd.
  2. Interesting that Julien has gone back to Danault on the 1st. Is Galchenyuk looking so bad defensively that Julien is worried about him getting those minutes/matchups? or is it a case of the coach thinking Galchenyuk's confidence is too low & wants to slowly ease him back into the 1st line role? Time will tell I guess... One HUGE positive of listening to almost every player interview since friday is that just about every one of them has said how much better communication has been.
  3. Very interesting thoughts BT. I like Weber & I like him on my team but I think you're bang on that his perceived value is higher than his actual value and whenever that happens, a smart GM should look at dealing a player. I dont think Bergevin will move him, but if he did, your idea of someone like McDonaugh or Pietrangelo + a forward is a very interesting one indeed.
  4. Yup, the article was an interesting read when it was published 2 seasons ago. Still, like many, believe he looks a lot more comfortable at wing. That hasnt changed, even in 2 years.
  5. Not unexpected. A guy like Plekenec or Weber or Patches etc - Julien knows. A guy like McCarron he may have only seen up close one or two times in his life. I full expect him to watch our prospects / young players closely. It will be interesting to see which ones stick. Very curious if Julien sees McCarron as a centre (like MT and MB) or as a winger (as he was drafted and, frankly, has looked more comfortable to me).
  6. This. To me the only untouchables would be Sergachev and Juulsen although it would take a lot for me to give up on McCarron etc. Id do it for an established young player (RNH, Duchene etc) but not for a rental or an over 30 player. Plus, developing prospects can be a funny thing. McDonaugh was stalling a little when we traded him but Timmins was furious because he knew what McDonaugh had to bring. Sometimes players seem like they are regressing or stagnating when in fact they are just busy working on one skill or another. Once they've mastered that we often see a huge stride forward so its entirely possible a guy like Scherbek, who hasnt looked amazing is just working on one aspect of his game & one day it will all just click.
  7. Agreed on all counts, which is why its weird for him to even mention Plekanec's name. I mean I certainly wouldnt think he would be the "main" component of any deal with a team like Tampa but who knows.
  8. Eklund (insert grain of salt) says we are talking with the Lightning & that Plekanec is involved. Not sure who we would be interested in (and why they would want Plekanec as part of the return) but its what ol' Ek is saying.
  9. Id love to see Mac on the RW slot beside Danault & Lekhonen and then put Shaw in Flynn's place on the 4th.
  10. Your opinion. You offered opinion "he's not a 2nd line centre" but i'm offering fact: he's scored in the top 60 (30 teams, top 2 centres = 60). And its not like you can say he's one dimensional (like DD when he put up good numbers) either because he's been one of our best defensive forwards. You may say you dont like him as a second line centre, or your dont think he can perform as one going forward but he has been one in the 2016-17 season so far. As for the talk about getting another centre, MT totally misused half our roster. I really dont think we have any idea what we have. Honestly if MT had his way Chucky would be our 2nd line LW.
  11. Looks like good safe lines to evaluate and implement the system. Will be interesting to see if any of those change (ie he moves players up or down the lineup) or if he stays with them & goes to MB to ask him to fill in some holes. Only surprise to me is that we dressed 4 LD and only 2RD Will be interesting to see if Julien keeps his 3rd pairing with two left D.
  12. I know that 'on paper' the GM is in charge of call ups and send downs but obviously the coach plays a big part. Makes you wonder if Hudon will get a chance now, under Julien.... He's been nearly a PPG in the AHL For 3 years now plus he's 4 pts in 6 NHl games....still scratching my head over why he keeps getting passed over.
  13. Kane and Cammy both interest me. Skinner, Palat and Moulson i think are going to cost too much for what they will bring us. CAmmy would be cheap & since i think we're likely to add in a vet, he'd be one of the best choices. His PP one timer alone would be worthwhile. Kane is a really interesting thought though. He's got tons of skill, a huge prescience and yet is seen as a distraction in the locker room & off the ice. He would probably come really cheap (relative to what skills he has) so the question is: Can he turn it around with us? Do we buy the 'leadership' of guys like Weber and Shaw being able to stop his off ice antics? Might well be worth a try if the price wasnt too high.
  14. Im not sure how much help he'd be this year but yes, I've likely Grigorenko since the draft & think he could still develop into a great player. The biggest knock on him seems to be effort so you wonder if playing with a spitfire Russian like Radulov would rub off. He definitely has skill. With Therrien here I had zero interest in guys like Grigs or Yakupov because I felt like they'd be totally misused. I know Julien can be a little hard on young players too but he usually at least gives them opportunities to succeed. If the price was right, id definitely trade for him, but not if it i costs us good prospects ourselves.
  15. Yeah, assuming we cant get a true top end player, one of the available veterans wouldnt be a bad pickup. WIth Julien, I have more faith we wont over-rely on them, Unfortunately Jagr is a RW (although he could play L) where our needs are far less (Radulov, Gallagher, Shaw etc). Vanek is appealing because he would probably become our #2 LW right away but even a guy like Iginla, if used as a PP specialist and 4th liner may be worth looking at.
  16. I think a lot of it is optics. The problem is though, other GMs know MB's MO. He's done it in the past (Vanek) but not sure he can pull off another "well thats my price, take it or leave it" sort of deal and we're running out of prime years so ideally he should be making a move soon. Bob McKenzie suggested that the asking price for Shattenkirk is a 1st rounder + a good prospect. Would that be worth it to us? It seems a high price to pay for a rental but he's a bone fide 1st pairing guy. If he were a left handed shot Id probably jump at the deal but - even though I know shattenkirk has played left D - i worry about wether he could line up next to Weber, which ultimately is our biggest need on the blueline. I have a feeling we'll make very little in the way of a 'big splash' - favouring bringing in a veteran or two (like Iginla and/or Vanek). That scares me much less now (with Therrien gone) than it did last week as I dont think Julien would overplay these guys too much.
  17. Hey man, we all disliked Therrien but there's no reason to call him a useless piece of furniture.
  18. Danault is currently in the top 60 for scoring for centres. He's also terrific defensively. How is that not a second line centre? I agree that its been a very small sample size but the stats for the year say that he's a 2nd line centre. There are very very few teams in the NHL who will have two 70point centres. I agree Lehkonen has yet to prove he's a top 6 player and if we could get a cheap rental then thats a position Id definitely look at, but he's also done nothing to prove to me he doesnt warrant that spot. Put it another way: if we're making lines based on what we have, he's the most balanced LW we have after Pacioretty.
  19. My Lines, if i had my way: Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov Lehkonen - Danault - Gallagher Carr - Plekanec - McCarron Byron - Mitchell - Shaw ________ - Weber Beaulieu - Petry Markov - Pateryn We have one hole to fill imho. Sure, if you get a RNH for cheap, you do it but honestly i think our forwards are ok. I think our bottom 2 pairings are ok. I just think our 1st pairing needs a puck-moving defensman. I think Sergachev is ideal in a year or 2 but in the meantime maybe we can swing a deal. Can Shattenkirk be had as a rental? Maybe (He does shoot right but has played LD very well) Brian Campbell is still an amazing skater, could he handle the minutes any more? Alzner would be a good dark-horse fit but i dont see the caps letting him go before their playoff run... I think we can "make do" without any trades but i think we'll be a lot better if we can fill that hole.
  20. Oh absolutely but just because your team doctor thinks a player has the potential for long term injury doesnt mean another team's doctor will as well. Especially if your medical team thinks someone is prone to a long-term problem. It could go months without recurring. Im not saying that PK will have long term injuries but the initial one that put him out last year seemed to be spine related & the one this year too - both were fairly innocuous plays. Bottom line is that half a year later im still grasping at straws trying to find ANYTHING that will make this trade make any sense.
  21. Julien can be hard on young players but Galchenyuk is a 4 year veteran now. I expect he plays him a LOT actually. Therrien wanted every player on his roster to be a Rod Brindamour. I think if he had a bunch of players who played well defensively and chipped in 40 points he'd be happier than if he had some defensive players and some offensive stars. Doesnt seem to know what to do with them, but then if he had 4 lines of Tomas Plekanec's he'd never have to line-match... oh wait.
  22. I think you're bang on. I wholeheartedly agree that Subban is (at least slightly) superior to Weber in almost every way but to those who suggest Weber wouldnt be a top pairing dman on just about any team in the league are also a bit nuts. They are both elite and while I think Subban is a smidge better overall (they are very similar players) if they are identical & one is 4 years older, its not a fair trade. I still have an idea that Bergevin's medical staff told him that Subban has a potentially career-changing injury after last year. That would be the only thing that remotely makes sense to me (even the so call attitude wouldnt make sense). That Bergevin felt Subban was damaged goods & had to get rid of him before another team's doctors agreed. Time will tell but if there's not something else we're missing, then it will continue to go down as a horrible trade simply because we didnt get close to equal value in return (despite me still liking Weber on my team a lot).
  23. Wouldnt it be wonderful if he went back to playing wing where is, imho, more comfortable and more competent? Agreed. I have a suspicion Emelin wont be on the top pairing for long. Remember Julien exploited him badly a few post seasons ago...
  24. The question I would ask Bergevin is exactly why do we need a #1 centre if we have Galchenyuk on our roster? There's very few "No 1 Centres" in this league Id trade Galchenyuk straight up for. Lets hope Julien sees his value.
  25. Agreed. I have a feeling that with Julien MB is going to give him at least a couple of games and then let him report back about what he feels our needs are. I suspect, he is going to tell MB that he needs a top pairing LD and *maybe* a 2nd line LW rental. The rental may be possible but i think we're going to need to fill from within on the missing D gap. It will just cost too much to get someone of quality right now imho. Obviously if a big deal drops in our lap, MB will make it but i suspect its going to be more like an ageing vet (who may well add a little playoff experience/scoring) or two that we will add. Wouldnt be surprised at all to see Iginla on our roster come March.
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