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  1. At this point, i think even MT probably is thinking "wow, i still have a job??"
  2. Bob McKenzie in an radio interview suggested the asking price for Duchene (for us) would be: Two of: - McCarron - Sergachev - Juulsen - Scherbak and a 1st round pick. So basically Colorado is looking for 3 first rounders for Duchene. Im not sure how i feel about it. Dont get me wrong, the price is probably pretty fair, especially if we could get a 2nd or 3rd rounder back in return. But my concern is that im not sure Duchene is the solution to our problems. We would end up pushing Galchenyuk to the 2nd line (either centre or winger) which seems like a waste. We'd be losing at least one of our top 2 defensive prospects at a time when two of our most important on-roster defensemen are over 30. To me, this team needs two things more than anything: 1) a system, in the form of a coach with structure and proper deployment 2 ) a top pairing LH defensman. If i am going to burn up our high end prospects in a trade, it would be to acquire that guy, not another forward. I dont mind adding a RNH for Emelin + one prospect or something but losing 2 of the guys listed above would be a bit scary right now, especially when we're still being led by a coach like Therrien. We shall see how this plays out.
  3. He's too much of a competitor to do that imho but sometimes you have to wonder...
  4. If thats the case (that they talk to Julien) then wouldnt we know about it beforehand? It seems like there's always newsleaks about a team asking permission before its even happened?
  5. Yeah, i agree with everything you've said here. Logically, we've outline every reason why he should be fired but MB seems totally oblivious to it. Actually, thats not fair, I have no idea what MB does and doesnt acknowledge but he clearly hasnt acted on anything. My gut tells me that MT will remain coach unless Molson and/or the BOG approach MB and say "its him...or you." In other words, unless MB is given an ultimatum, I think Therrien remains coach. Unfortunately Molson is so hands off, I dont see it happening. The BOG might. After all, MB made a huge move in trading PK (who i believe Molson really liked) and said "trust me, trust me" well, we're waiting...
  6. while i (unfortunately) agree with you that bergevin will *probably* be too chicken to make a coaching move there are a couple of bright spots to make me think tonight could possibly have been Therrien's last game as coach: 1) People will point to last year as "If he survived that, he will not be fired while MB is GM" but remember that MT was given a pass because price was injured. This year we've been better when players were injured than when we were healthy! lol. Price is going through a rough patch, players are slumping & MT seems to have no solutions. This year he probably deserves to be fired less (he's probably had his best stretch as a coach since joining the team) but enough is enough. 2) Julien. More than anything, last year Therrien escaped the axe, in my mind, because MB felt like there were no suitable french replacements. Julien is available now & i dont think anyone in their right mind would say MT is a better coach than him. 3) Muller. The optics of Muller being brought in were very calculated. He wasnt hired as an "assistant' He was an "associate" - which MB himself described as more than an assistant. This was done to help the team but it was also done (at least from a PR standpoint) to put Therrien on point. 4) New coach bounce back. We're in trouble right now. Sure we're still (barely) first but we're in a freefall. A big trade may make a difference but nothing will have the same impact as bringing in a new coach. We've seen plenty of teams do it, including Pittsburgh when they fired our very own MT (they were top of their division too) and go on to win the cup that year. Will it happen? i dont know. Probably not. The timing is perfect and honestly i think a great coach (Julien) with a real system will turn this team into a contender almost immediately. MB would still have time to tinker with the lineup but we'd be in the perfect situation heading into the P/Os. Fingers (and everything else) crossed that MB got the memo.
  7. For those of you who have been watching, Eller started his time in washington very quietly. He only scored a couple of points in like the first 20 games. However, Trotz stuck with him and kept lauding his play to the media. "He's played very well for us. The points will come." Some fans were a little surprised at his low offense but all seemed satisfied with his overall play and posession numbers. In his last 15 games Lars has scored 12 points. Obviously, this is a small sample size but it will be interesting to see if a coach (Trotz) who is willing to give a little leniency and confidence boosting remarks will be a better fit from one (Therrien) who saw Lars as one of his scapegoats.
  8. Two things though: 1) After last year, if there's any sort of injury you'd better believe the coaching staff (Waite specifically) would be hounding Price to rest. Its not like he's playing well. 2) If he's injured he shouldnt be making the really tough stops, which he is. Its so weird when you see him rob guy after guy & then let in a shot most bush-league goalies would have stopped. I have to believe its mental. Maybe not the new father thing but some type of confidence or lack of confidence in positioning sort of thing. Hopefully they can solve it soon.
  9. What do you think is up though? Injury? lack of confidence? Desire to see the coach fired?
  10. Agreed. I suspect he'll be fine in time for the playoffs but you never know. Im 50/50 on whether id give montoya more games & let Carey rest a bit or (as im sure he wants) let Carey play more and try to get his game back. I wouldnt be surprised at all if the new baby is throwing off his sleep. I know with one of our daughters (who was a horrible sleeper for 10 months) we were zombies for months. Im an optimist of course but my gut is that he will start playing a lot better very soon & we'll be fine.
  11. This. Galchenyuk may well be the best offensive Centre we've had since Turgeon. Koivu and Damphouse were both great two way centres but when it comes to pure offense I think Galchenyuk may be in the league of Turgeon, Naslund etc. Its almost unfathomable its even up for discussion 4 years into his career. Further that, we have 2 other first line players, not just 2nd liners playing first line minutes. Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov should be together every night and be playing 20 + minutes a night. Would make Therriens life a lot easier in the long run & yet he doesnt see it!!
  12. Deepest condolences to Markov - and more specifically his twin sons - after the death of their mother (markov's ex wife) from cancer. Markov is traveling to Russia next week (Bye week, no games) to get his sons & bring them back here. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/report-markov-bringing-sons-montreal-ex-wife-passes-away/
  13. Good analysis of the event by Marc Dumont here: http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/latest-news/2017/2/9/14559794/report-marc-bergevin-meets-with-team-leaders-without-therrien-habs-rumors-yay-good-times-sigh The interesting thing he suggests is that maybe the 3 'leaders' asked to speak with MB, not the other way around. Again, i doubt anything will come of it and its probably a non-story but we can always hope it means something. lol.
  14. interesting. i doubt anything will come of it, but its interesting none the less.
  15. His numbers looked good yes but he's been making me nervous for a about 4+ weeks and the last 2 its been bad all around. I agree that Markov & he made a great duo although he and Nate seemed quite good for a little bit there too.
  16. This. I still think we're a heck of a team if we can manage to make one trade: Emelin + Prospect for RNH. Our lineup looks like this: Patches - Galchenyuk/RNH - Radulov Lehkonen - Galchenyuk/RNH - Gallagher Thats actually a top line and actually a 2nd line. The best top 6 we've had since Damphouse/Koivu/Turgeon Danault - Plekanec - Shaw You could swap pleks/danault - either way you get rid of pleks this summer & give Danault the reigns of the 3rd line. Byron - Mitchell - Carr - Flynn - McCarron etc - Not at all worried about this line. We could easily put together a solid 4th line with the group we have. The big question would be: who takes that first pairing spot with Emelin gone but honestly i think beau is a better fit there than emelin anyway.
  17. Wondering if he's hurt again. After being our best defensman in December his play has dropped off a lot & in the last few weeks he's been making some really really bad plays/decisions. We really need him back on top of his game.
  18. I hope not although i suppose it always depends what the cost is. If we're shipping DD the other way, fine but i wouldnt want to give up anything of value for him. I do wonder why DLR was sent down but McCarron and Carr were called up AND Gallagher looks like he's almost ready to return... so we sent one down & have 3 back... make you wonder if we're planning on moving some forwards?
  19. And one speaks french too! That was the biggest argument i heard against firing Therrien last year since our coach must be french, there were no better solutions out there. Now, with Julien available, there are no more excuses.
  20. The thing is though, with this roster, we should be. We have the most complete team we've had since the early 90s - with maybe even a better defensive core than we had then. And yet, we look horrible almost every night. If our top line (a bon efide 1st line) doesnt score, we lose (despite having some very good players on the second and third lines). This team needs a shakeup, badly. A good GM would say that now is the time to get rid of Therrien. But considering we didnt do it last summer when 99.9999% of GMs would have done it, i dont think we will now.
  21. Yeah, that seems reasonable. Gah.
  22. Honestly, i think if you remove his foxhole buddy from the equation, MB becomes a much better GM. Almost all of his questionable moves seem directly related to how Therrien deploys and evaluates his players.
  23. I suspect you'll see a guy like Gio, Iginla or even Jagr join the squad. I dont have a huge problem with any (as long as we arent giving up much and Therrien doesnt over-rely on any) but I do think we need more than one of those additions at this point.
  24. im still hopeful he can turn into a dominant player but if the right deal comes along, with McCarron being a key piece, id certainly listen.
  25. The Bruins just fired Claude Julien.... does MB try grab him as yet another assistant?
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