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  1. It would have to be a pretty sizable discount because his ideal role would be as a 3rd pairing guy with good PP minutes. 12 - 15 minutes a game at most. As mentioned I would not protect him in the ED so this would have to be a deal he signed after that time.
  2. im really surprised we got Nesterov for such a low return. I mean chances are he'll never be more than a 3rd pairing guy (I remember that early on he was projecting as a 2nd pairing) but even still we gave up virtually nothing. There's rumblings he'll go back to europe/russia next year but again, whats the risk? Too bad he's a right handed shot. We really need some lefties, although my understanding is that he does play his off-side pretty well.
  3. Eklund says we're in on Eberle. He's a good player and obviously if the price was right id be interested but i still feel like there's a slam dunk in edmonton by the name of Ryan Nugent Hopkins. Eberle would cost more, is several years older and imho doenst have the ceiling of RNH.
  4. I agree. If we somehow make some hail-mary trade that sends Markov as part of a package to get Ekman Larsson or something, fine but if we're trading him for a prospect or something, its bad. In a perfect world we start using him as a 3rd pairing guy with top PP unit minutes. He essentially becomes our deadline rental by holding on to him.
  5. What the heck? Hanzal wasnt worth that back in his "prime" years -let alone now. TBH i think you could argue that Mike McCarron is as good a player right now as Hanzal is, if you gave him the same ice time/linemates - let alone where he'll be. And then add a 1st etc on top of it??? Madness. BTW, in 11 NHL seasons he's never played 82 games. He averaged 70-80 in his first 3 seasons and since then he's been between 40 - 60 games per year. Dude is a walking injury. Benoit Brunet V2.0
  6. Yeah goaltending is a game of inches and confidence is so important. The second a goalie doesnt have it, he over plays and over compensates. I think Price is fine and i think he'll be fine, he just needs a few strong games in a row to get back to uber dominance again. Last night was a good start. Im torn. On the one hand the ASG is a joke and mostly pointless but on the other, every single time Carey has gone and rubbed shoulders with the worlds' best he's come back with a swagger. Lately that swagger seems to be missing. That said, im not sure he can get it the same way from the ASG as he would in say the olympics of world cup etc. but i dont think its as clear cut as it seems.
  7. Oh yeah, id actually rather have a pick or prospect (assuming the flames wont overpay for DD) but i suspect they (Calgary) would want to dump some salary & Smid probably spends most of the rest of year on the IR anyway so...
  8. Win or lose, I hope that the rumors are true and that when Calgary leaves, DD goes with them. I'll take an injured Smid as a replacement if needed. ;P
  9. From Therrien: - Therrien said it wasn’t a serious injury this time and that Galchenyuk was listed as day-to-day. - Galchenyuk will not play Tuesday night when the Calgary Flames visit the Bell Centre - Therrien said Galchenyuk suffered the injury during Saturday’s 3-2 overtime loss to the Buffalo Sabres, - Therrien said there was no concern that Galchenyuk had returned too early from the original knee injury. - “It was back-to-back games for the first time since his injury,” Therrien added. “It’s a bit more tougher I’ll say the back-to-backs and he got hurt during that game (Saturday)." Sounds totally rosy. No need to worry. They wouldnt lie to us, right???
  10. Yeah i mean i dont think the return would be great, obviously. A 7th rounder or a career AHLer would be fine because otherwise MT will over-rely on DD once again as soon as anyone in front of him has a mini slump. i could see us enquiring about a guy like Smid, Versteeg or Stajan. Would personally rather just take a pick or a prospect though.
  11. If you believe Eklund, Calgary is interested in acquiring DD from us.
  12. Doh! Why didnt i think of that!!
  13. A big apology but someone - ok, yeah, me - deleted the old thread accidentally.
  14. This is the place to discuss everyone's favourite ex hab to wear #76 (no, not Josef Balej)
  15. Emelin + Sergachev for OEL would be a dream. Dont know it would work for Arizona but it would give us one heck of a blueline. Man, it was only a couple of years ago our Blueline had Boullion and Murray in the top 6. Yikes.
  16. I actually dont have a problem with this - he's not game-pace ready yet clearly. What i have an issue with is that MT didnt figure this out right away. Sure he scored game one but he looked out of sorts. He should have been on the 3rd line to begin with & then, as he adjusted to 10, 12, 15, minutes a game, moved up to the first line. Now it looks like a demotion when it fact its not.
  17. Ugg. Id love Ekman Larsson and Duclair looks close to a sure thing but we'd be giving up a lot. I understand EL wouldnt come cheaply though - he's the only guy in the bunch who is a 'proven' entity but really all of the others are pretty near sure things. we'd be giving up: - Potential 2nd line centre, almost certainly a 3rd line centre at worst. (McCarron) - Potential top pairing Dman, almost certainly a top 4 at worst. (Sergachev) - Pretty much a guaranteed top 4 dman (Beau) we'd be getting: - a top pairing dman. (Larsson) He's 25 years old & basically Markov V2.0 - a potential 1st line winger (natural LW, plays RW too) almost certainly a 2nd line winger at worst. For me the real stumbling block is Sergachev. I mean i know he hasnt proven anything yet & there's a real chance he's never as good as EL but man i would hate to lose him now. EL will be looking for big money next contract & Sergachev will be giving us several good value years on an ELC. If there's some way we can do EL / Duclair for McCarron/Beau/_______ and that____ is say, Emelin, Markov or another vet, id do it in a heartbeat even though I really dont want to lose McCarron or Beau. the biggest concern id have out of this deal, no matter what we do is who is our #2 centre? It sure seems like Plekanec is done. DD is hopefully playing his last year. Danault is a great #3 but im still not sure about him as a #2 long term. McCarron is a guy who we could look to in a year or two. How will we fill that if he is dealt?
  18. The info we're getting is weird. They say he stopped progressing so they wanted to stop putting stress on his injury but then they turn around & say its minor. Very weird. On the positive side, he should be much better rested by the POs than he would have been without the injury.
  19. For sure and I mean honestly I think we do need to see what he can do in the post season. I mean if Edmonton offered up RNH for Shaw + Pateryn right now Id do it in a heartbeat but assuming we cant get that sort of return Id really like to see what he can do. Hype or not, he has strong career playoff stats - 35 points in 67 games (career) is not too shabby, including 18 points in his last 2 years (29 games).
  20. I actually disagree on his value. I bet you that some team out there would pay fair value (if not more) for him. Edmonton was mentioned & I could totally see them coveting his "grit" That said, its moot, imho as I dont see MB moving him before at least one playoff run.
  21. This. At least demoting Beaulieu wont make him tighten up on his stick or play scared of making a mistake or anything.
  22. Agreed. Shaw is incredibly frustrating because he's got some skills but he just goes nuts every now and again. Ted compared him to Sean Avery the other day & I think thats spot on - they are both guys who could (or in avery's case, could have been), if their heads were screwed on right - be valuable, contributing players. But the nonsense stuff is so counter productive it doesnt help. I love the idea of trying to use him as a piece to get RNH. I am sure Edmonton would be very interested (we'd likely have to add a dman too). That said, I am pretty sure that MB stays the course - at least though the playoffs, as he seems to believe thats where Shaw will shine.
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