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  1. Agreed, Thats a weird statement by Eklund. Even moving Patches etc would be several notches below the Subban deal. Unless we're moving Price, or maybe shipping Weber out (neither will happen) then im not sure how it could even come close. I suppose if we did make some big move as has been speculated (Tavares for Patches + ______ or something) thats a 'big splash' but it still doesnt come close to moving Subban for Weber, which is not only our biggest move in decades, its probably one of the biggest trades in the whole league in some time.
  2. Do you think its fair to attribute that, at least in part, to Muller? I mean normally I wouldnt give so much credit to an assistant (technically, an "associate" which according to MB means he's somewhere between an assistant & the head coach) but Therrien has been running this team for several years now but we've never seen them play like this. Imho its one of 3 things: 1) Therrien suddenly changed. Unlikely. 2) The personnel changes fit our style better. Again, sort of unlikely. I think some of the roster moves have helped but ultimately we're finally playing a system. 3) Muller. New coaching component, new system.
  3. Totally agree. Scherbak is an unknown. He's had a good start to the year & he still projects as a 2nd liner. We have two of our best defensive forwards on that line already so why not give Scherbak a chance? Also he's a RW so by putting him on the 4th line you have him played his off wing (albeit he shoots left) and have Lehkonen playing RW (his off wing). Move Scherbak to #2RW, Lehkonen #2LW and Andrighetto #4 LW and you have all 3 guys playing their preferred positions.
  4. UGG. After a really disappointing start to the season he was just starting to turn a corner & look like "old gally" again. At least he'll be good and ready for the P/Os
  5. It would be tough to lose Juulsen or Sergachev but to nab a guy like Duschene its going to cost at least 1 quality player/prospect. Whatever I did, Id take Timmins' advice (if he said absolutely positively dont move one guy over the other etc, id listen) so we dont have another McDonaugh V2.0 - although to be fair, Duchene is no Gomez. Even if the dman we trade away does turn into a top pairing guy, we'd be getting back an elite player in return.
  6. agreed. Its probably more likely Markov plays but its still not a guarantee. Even with our injury woes I expect Galchenyuk to sit at least a game or 2 more. I hope Scherbek makes it in & impresses so we can turn Farnham into a farm-hand.
  7. He definitely regressed for a while there but the injuries didnt help & he was having trouble adjusting too. He's looked a LOT better this year (in the limited action ive seen) and the points seem to reflect that. Glad to see he's getting a chance. Will be interesting to see how he responds to the NHL speed and size.
  8. The break definitely seems to have helped Weber recover whatever injury he was playing through the past little while. Looked a lot better since the break. It would be nice if he stopped killing our players with his slapshot though...
  9. Maybe - but unless we send picks/prospects - or an injured player - we're still going to be adding a player(s) and moving another(s) off the roster. I could see him picking a guy off waivers or maybe trading a mid level pick for a soon-to-be UFA. There arent many teams out of the playoff race though so it would be tough to pry away a player for picks at this point. You could most likely get a washed up vet from a struggling team (Iginla, Gionta, Vanek or Jagr) but i dont know if thay would help much more than just bringing up a guy like Scherbek etc. I think he would be hard pressed to make a good "hockey trade" at this point though - too many players on our IR for him to be able to play with much.
  10. Assuming MB is not working on a big trade to bring in a guy like RNH, I have a feeling, once everyone is healthy, we'll see a lineup like this: Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov Lekhonen - Danault - Gallagher DD - Plekanec - Shaw (insert young player here) - Mitchell - Flynn I think Danault may have jumped over Plekanec in our depth charts - or at least in MT's eyes.
  11. Yeah i saw that. Very good vision & not terrible size. I am really surprised they gave up on him so early.
  12. im still kind of surprised he didnt find a home in the nhl. at 32 Id think he still had something left in the tank and his defensive game was always underrated.
  13. This cant be said enough. Saying a player isnt a leader is a bit like saying an assistant coach is good or bad: we really have no idea. Even if you see things that make you think "what a leader" you're still only seeing part of the story, for all you know the 'leadership skills' are combined with arrogance or some other negative. At the end of the day we have to assume if the players voted Patches captain, they respect him. Management may think Weber would be a better leader but good on them for not taking away Pacioretty's C because he did earn it, from his peers.
  14. How can you tell the difference between 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th?
  15. Right, but he only ever wanted a year or 2 at a time. It made so much sense at the time, especially when we had basically no right wings. The first time was pre-Gallagher remember. I think Gio was our only legitimate top 9 right wing. Now its 4 or 5 years later & the risk can only be worse than it was then. Id put MB's likelyhood of signing him at like .05%. Maybe, if florida would trade him straight up for DD (Why would they?) then Mb would take him as a rental but for whatever reason he (MB) just doenst seem to see Jagr as a fit here.
  16. The problem is, he (Jagr) has said this for years and in fact a few years back I think went as far as to actually call the team himself (well, his agent) to see if they wanted to extend a contract when he was UFA. We've said no every time. I have NO IDEA why not. Since we were first linked to him he's played about 300 games and has about 240 points.
  17. Seems only fair. i mean last year we went on about how the team was no good without carey. Now we'll see how good carey is without the team. Lol. This (the injuries) has to stop soon, right? Benoit Brunet isnt the head of our medical staff or something now is he?
  18. Agreed on all points. Yet another reason to trade Emelin now while we can
  19. I still think we could possibly get RNH straight up for Emelin. That would bridge the gap between Galchenyuk and the rest of our centres and give us: Galchenyuk-Nugent Hopkins-Danault-Plekanec-Mitchell. Not too shabby. We could potentially turn around & move Plekanec or DD for another defensman although you wouldnt get much for either. Maybe a long-shot prospect like Meloche or Mironov from Colorado. Not sure what teams would be looking for either a DD or a Pleks though. Maybe you could get an impending free agent for one - like Brian Campbell or Franson.
  20. Hopefully the break will help Weber. Im 99% sure he's been playing hurt. Its been speculated for a while but in the last few games especially he didnt take shots or hits he pretty much always would take in the past.
  21. Im with you here. Im quite surprised we've been able to be as competitive without Galchenyuk but if this were to go all year I think it would be very bad. Imho the importance-ranking of players would be: Price (by a huge margin) Galchenyuk Weber Radulov or Patches (it would hurt to lose one, it would kill us to lose both although maybe we'd finally give some younger players a chance) Petry Markov or Emelin or Beaulieu (i think we could hobble along with an injury to oen but not all 3.
  22. Fair assessment. For me, I still value Weber more than Petry because I think he's still got the tougher assignments (ie if Petry played that #1 role I do not think his numbers would be as good as they have been) but its never going to be a provable arguement, it would always be speculation. I think its clear that they are both very important to the success of this club though. I think we both agree that PK is a better player right now. They are so different that I think some people find it difficult to compare them - and i do think Weber fits our system better than PK did, but our system is flawed. I will always consider this a trade we lost - even if Weber brings us the cup or outplays PK - simply because i think that at the time of the deal PK had more value & we should have gotten more for him.
  23. Agreed. That said, if this is Carey going through a 'slump' it shows you just how good he is.
  24. Well, and he had pedigree. He was drafted 6th overall - he was expected to be a high end starter, its just never happened for him (yet at least - some goalies, ie hasek, thomas, didnt start dominating till their late 20s early 30s)
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