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  1. I hope not although i suppose it always depends what the cost is. If we're shipping DD the other way, fine but i wouldnt want to give up anything of value for him. I do wonder why DLR was sent down but McCarron and Carr were called up AND Gallagher looks like he's almost ready to return... so we sent one down & have 3 back... make you wonder if we're planning on moving some forwards?
  2. And one speaks french too! That was the biggest argument i heard against firing Therrien last year since our coach must be french, there were no better solutions out there. Now, with Julien available, there are no more excuses.
  3. The thing is though, with this roster, we should be. We have the most complete team we've had since the early 90s - with maybe even a better defensive core than we had then. And yet, we look horrible almost every night. If our top line (a bon efide 1st line) doesnt score, we lose (despite having some very good players on the second and third lines). This team needs a shakeup, badly. A good GM would say that now is the time to get rid of Therrien. But considering we didnt do it last summer when 99.9999% of GMs would have done it, i dont think we will now.
  4. Yeah, that seems reasonable. Gah.
  5. Honestly, i think if you remove his foxhole buddy from the equation, MB becomes a much better GM. Almost all of his questionable moves seem directly related to how Therrien deploys and evaluates his players.
  6. I suspect you'll see a guy like Gio, Iginla or even Jagr join the squad. I dont have a huge problem with any (as long as we arent giving up much and Therrien doesnt over-rely on any) but I do think we need more than one of those additions at this point.
  7. im still hopeful he can turn into a dominant player but if the right deal comes along, with McCarron being a key piece, id certainly listen.
  8. The Bruins just fired Claude Julien.... does MB try grab him as yet another assistant?
  9. Agree with everything you are saying but you know as well as I do that the fox-hole buddies will protect gold ol boy like Shaw over a figure-skater like Beau any day of the week
  10. Quite possible. Emelin is "proven" according to some while Gostisbehere is still essentially a work in progress. Id jump at the chance because if we agree that Weber and Petry are bonefide top 4 dmen Id be absolutely shocked if we couldnt find 2 other top four between Beau, Ghost, Juulsen and Sergachev.
  11. The optics on Ribeiro are that he's a cancer though. Ive never heard a single bad thing said about DD as a team mate. Rightly or wrongly I think a LOT of teams would worry about adding a guy like Ribiero. If the price was low enough on DD (say a 6th rounder) i suspect he would find a new home fairly easily.
  12. Totally agree. Lets just hope that the "big moves" arent Hanzal and Iginla.
  13. Named as the team's LGBTQ ambassador. Kind of surprising after the kerfuffle in chicago a while back but good on him for stepping forward on what cant be an easy issue for those who feel like outsiders. http://www.outsports.com/2017/2/2/14486998/nhl-gay-lgbt-ambassadors
  14. Ugg. Claimed by Colorado. I guess the gambling finally bit us.
  15. So if im Marc Bergevin, I am looking at my roster approaching trade deadline & thinking about the holes. Right now we're looking better across the roster than we have in quite some time but we still need to fix some areas. Here is how i would evaluate our roster (assuming everyone is healthy): Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov - The best 1st line we've had since the early 90s. No complaints whatsoever with this trio Lehkonen - Danault - Gallagher - A bone fide #2 line. Its still a relatively small sample size for Danault and Lehks but I think both are pretty safe bets Byron - Plekanec - Shaw - Plekanec is not great value anymore (deal with him this summer) but for now he still provides great defensive ability on the 3rd Carr - Mitchell - Flynn - McCarron - Scherbek - Take your pick, we have no problems putting together a decent 4th line. _________ - Weber - To me, this is our #1 biggest hole. I love how well Emelin has played this year but I do not think he's a 1st pairing guy. Beaulieu - Petry - A really solid second pairing. No complaints. In many ways they are 1b in how they are used. Markov - Nesterov - Very solid 3rd pairing. We also have plenty of guys (Pateryn, Barberio, Redmond etc) who can step in if need be. Markov is still a PP beast. So on paper our roster actually looks pretty good. That #2 dman position still scares me though. I am pretty sure MB and MT are planning on going into the post season with Emelin in it & I dont think thats the right play. The problem is, who can we realistically get to fill it? Can one of our guys (Beau?) move up & fill it? Or do we trade someone? If so, who? We have a nice balance across the roster. A few things I wouldnt be opposed to trying: - Acquire a #2 centre, move Danault to third. This would most likely require moving a defensman so we may end up weakening our back end but it may be worth it. If you got say, RNH for Emelin / DD / 1st you would have a much stronger centre group (although I am confortable with what we have now) but will our d-group be weakened? - Acquire a #2 defensman. Presumably Emelin would go the other way because i think he'd actually perform worse on any of the other pairings but you'd have to include something special to get that guy. Sergachev for example. Not sure i would be down for that. Maybe there's an UFA out there. Shattenkirk would be ideal if he wasnt a RH shot. - Acquire another top 4 dman and hope that between them someone can fill that #2 spot. Karl Alzner is a name that intrigues me. He's probably not a top pairing guy but between him, Beau and Markov (Swapping around at PP, PK, 5-on-5 maybe there's a fit. He's UFA this summer so he would probably cost nowhere near as much as a true #2, although the caps may choose to keep him for their run. Will be an interesting next few weeks. I dont expect MB to be idle. He's got the best roster hes' had so far so it will be interesting to see if he can improve on it before the P/Os. Most likely he adds some spare parts (I could see Iginla or Jagr getting thrown into the mix) but you never know, a big move is certainly still possible.
  16. Agreed. He didnt look out of place next to PK even for stretches last year. Im not suggesting he's close to a top pairing (or even a top 4) dman but i think he's better than he's shown. Hopefully he clears waivers & gets a few more chances with the club.
  17. Shaw and DD on his wings. He may want to take some more time off. Lol. Thankfully Muller is keeping him on the first unit PP most likely.
  18. This. Its funny because whenever someone says he's not an elite scorer & we respond with facts like his proficiency over the past 4 - 5 years the response is that he doesnt score 'the big goals' or some sort of nonsense. He's an elite goal scorer. End of story. Heck, If he were playing in the 80s or 90s he'd probably be a 60+ goal guy.
  19. Lets hope we didnt rush him this time...
  20. Good news. Its not that he's a cornerstone to our blueline but having him available for a call up, or on the black aces will be a nice bit of insurance come PO time.
  21. Not too surprising we dont have room for him (we're actually pretty strong from #3-6) but i am surprised MB couldnt at least get a pick for him. Maybe he felt like Redmond would clear & that would give us decent insurance in the minors if there were injuries...
  22. It would have to be a pretty sizable discount because his ideal role would be as a 3rd pairing guy with good PP minutes. 12 - 15 minutes a game at most. As mentioned I would not protect him in the ED so this would have to be a deal he signed after that time.
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