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  1. Something I would almost bet money that Snow would do: Pacioretty - Weber for Tavares - Leddy Dont think MB would. It would give Snow a Big-Name player (Weber) in return for Tavares, which is something I *think* he will insist on. Would give us: Lehkonen - Tavares - Radulov Byron - Galchenyuk - Gallagher Danault - Plekanec - Shaw Carr - Mitchell - Flynn Leddy - Petry Beaulieu - Pateryn Markov - Redmond Would definitely change the makeup of the team. Down the middle we'd have the strongest group since 1993/94. If you buy into the idea that Centre is the most important position after Goal, that would be a very interesting play. Cant see MB moving the man-mountain though. It would make us weak on the left although you could possibly flip Plekanec (and give Danault his slot) for a top 6 LW.
  2. Its an interesting thought. Tavares - Leddy for Pacioretty - McCarron - DD- Markov - Pateryn - 1st The isles get more depth and probably see an immediate reward in terms of a more competitive team short term. McCarron has the potential to be a top 6 centre while Pacioretty and DD can step in right away. On the back end they get an elite PP quarterback and a young up and comer. With most teams I dont think you could move a bunch of mid and lower tier players for 2 top end ones but with Garth Snow you never know
  3. i think you'd have to basically ship out the whole team. Pacioretty, Galchenyuk, Beaulieu and a 1st probably. Or maybe just Carey Price straight up. In another rumor, there is some noise coming out of NY that Tavares may actually be available. The thinking is, they've done such a poor job building around him that he may not have any interest in resigning with them next summer (he's UFA in 2018). So, if they have a legitimate feeling they cant resign him then they may well try to move him for assets. I wonder what it would take. I think you can bet dollars for donuts Patches would be part of the deal. Not only is he a high profile goal scorer, he's from the area and the isles have inquired about him before. Im not sure how much more we'd need to add though. Would NY be interested in a package of parts (ie, 3 or 4 players) or would they want Patches + another high end player + 1st. Either way, if Tavares is available, Im doing everything I can to get him. To be honest, anyone not named price (and probably Galchenyuk too) is probably available for Tavares if i am GM.
  4. The one thing that I still cant understand is why Weber's +/- is so much better than everyone else on the teams. No one has been able to explain that, or the reason why he went over a month, playing 1/2 roughly a game every single night without having a single goal scored against at 5-on-5 while he was on the ice, if his advanced stats are so bad. Maybe some of it is the Narrative (look up any 1/3 or 1/4 mark Norris trophy predictions and Weber is the guy) that the media and fans buy into - that players do too. They see "the man mountain" and think they have to make some crazy move or perfect pass to get past him & then flame out. I dont know.
  5. Eklund has us in on Shattenkirk, Doan and Iginla. Its Eklund, so its probably rubbish, but my thoughts: - Shattenkirk - an appealing player but he's not great defensively and he's going to cost a lot. the only way the blues move him is if they get quality up front - can we afford to move that? He's proven offensively but do we need him? Weber, Markov and Petry are all good offensive weapons and Beaulieu probably has the skills to be one too if we gave him the chance. Id probably pass unless the blues were giving him away, which they wont. - Doan - not interested - Iginla - an interesting one. On the one hand he's not going to make a massive day to day difference but if you could get him for a little at the deadline then he's an interesting guy to have on your roster going into the post season. Seems way too early to be talking about acquiring him though. If we did get him I would worry that MT would overplay him. If i was MB id still be pushing very hard for RNH who i think is available and would help this team enormously, especially after Galchenyuk returns, giving us an awesome 1-2 punch.
  6. Yeah i mean at the end of the day PK is gone. Weber is a different type of player and, love him or hate him, he's ours. I actually do think he fits in better with the way MT coaches this team than PK did, but of course i dont think MT should be coaching this team, so there's that. There was a huge difference in talent between PK and the rest of the team -no one has really looked out of place next to Weber because he plays a simple game and has good positioning. My biggest beef is, and will always be, the return on PK. Even if you buy into MB's belief we needed Weber more than we needed subban three things were vastly in PK's favour. These are factual, not based on stats (advanced or otherwise) and variables that require analysis: - 4 years younger (and less wear and tear) - Already won a Norris trophy (albeit Weber has more nominations) - Nashville called us looking for PK, not the other way around. All of these things add up the fact that it should have been Weber + _______ for PK, not a one for one. It pains me we didnt at very least get a 2nd rounder or something to offset the deal. The way Timmins drafts that could be a top 4 dman down the road anyway. Even if Weber leads us to the cup and wins Norris trophies here, the deal was lopsided in Nashville's favour at that time & therefore MB did not get enough of a return.
  7. Eklund has us listed as the "strongest buyers in the east" in a ranking of all 16 teams. Its actually kind of funny because while i think we *might* still try and land a top 6 player I actually think thats about it. Bergevin's already got lots of bottom six and bottom 3 dmen depth. Acquiring top 6 forwards or top 3 defensemen usually means breaking up key parts of the team so unless he can snag an impending UFA (and none are very appealing) for picks or prospects I dont see him toying with the chemistry of the team. I still think there's a possibility for Emelin + ____ for RNH since i think Emelin is over his head on the first pairing (despite playing very very well this year) but i dont think MT trust anyone to replace him (even though i think we have better options already). Time will tell but i actually think we're going to make (at most) one trade or none.
  8. You should expect weak goals from every goaltender. Its just a fact of life. No matter how good your positioning, reflexes and skills are, every now and again you're going to overshoot a shot or zig when you should have zagged. That goal (the first one) was just a weird shot - by all accounts he was going to the right, Carey played it like he was and somehow it went left. I bet you if czarnik was being truthful he would tell you he didnt plan for it to go where it did. If you look back at the greats, they all let in bad goals. Roy let in at least 2 goals, maybe more, that were scored from behind the oppositions blue line - the other side of the ice! Luongo, Hasek and Belfour all let in goals from the neutral zone at least once. Heck, Brodeur scored on himself in the finals one year (2003 I think?). Its life. You give a goalie that many minutes & he's going to let in some softies. Overall Price is still the best in the world.
  9. You know i keep hearing this but then why is no one else on the team +16? Most of our dmen are +4 or worse - the only 2 higher are Beau & Emelin, the two guys who have spent the most time with Weber all year. Look, i dont put a ton of stock in plus minus, i understand its a flawed stat (as are a lot of advanced stats, although I agree they are often a better measure) but at the end of the day Weber and Subban are both elite defensemen. They will both be fan-selected allstars. They will both probably be 1st or 2nd team all star. Both may well be Norris trophy nominees (and one might win). The problems that remain are: 1) did we need to move one for the other 2) are they really even value since one is 4 years older (should we have gotten more) 3) which will/would help our team more I think years will go past before we can really answer either. Im totally fine with Weber on this team (although the past 4-5 years when ive been making up trade proposals not once did i ever consider moving Subban to get him!!) but i do worry about 3-4 years down the road.
  10. Its too bad Petry-Markov were the guys on the ice. I think any other pairing would have probably finished the job for Carey after that first initial blocker punch.
  11. Absolutely i would but i dont think Edmonton would. Maybe Plekanec-Emelin for RNH (Which I would also do).
  12. Eklund will. It will be am E4 we're in on him. After all, 4 people have talked about it in this thread. Isnt it awesome to be a "source" ?
  13. Ugg. So the question now is: Does Bergevin make a move. In theory, as long as we can play decent hockey while Galchenyuk is gone, and this injury forces a trade, maybe we head into the post season a stronger team with Galchenyuk - New Guy - Plekanec - Mitchell or Danault as our centres. It may be a blessing in disguise if Bergevin is forced into getting a top 2 centre vs. adding a guy like Hanzel or something at the deadline. I would really love to explore the RNH angle. He's underperforming and Edmonton has enough of a a surplus of talent down the middle to make him expendable. I really think a combination of Emelin + ______ would do the trick. Im not sure what the_______ would be but my guess is a decent prospect like Scherbek may do the trick. Edmonton has purportedly coveted Emelin for a while.
  14. I hate to see anyone get hurt but DD out may force MT to give some young guys a chance, especially with Galchenyuk out. The problem is that most of our potential call ups are hurt too. Sounds like McCarron may be ready though so I wonder if he gets a chance, especially with Hudon still injured too.
  15. Yeah any of those 3 are appealing to me. RNH is probably the best fit for us - he'd be a great 2nd line centre and I think we' could get him for a lot less than the other 2. By all accounts Chiarelli still covets Emelin highly. Now that MT believes he's a 1st pairing dman (lol) maybe we can do it straight up! Either way I think he can be the main part of the package for RNH. Duchene would be a phenomenal addition and give us one heck of a 1-2 punch but Im not sure we can pull it off without giving up a lot of prospects. Tavares is obviously an incredible player but I think we'd have to blow up the team to get him. With either Duchene or Tavares I think you can kiss the prospect of resigning Radulov goodbye. We may still be able to keep him if we got RNH.
  16. Yeah this loss is going to be very very difficult to swallow if its for any length of time. I suspect MT might try Radulov at centre but that really puts all our eggs in one basket: Pacioretty - Radulov - Gallagher could probably work pretty well but after that you have a lot of worrisome combinations: We would basically have a 1st line and a 4th line with very questionable patchwork 2nd and 3rd lines.
  17. Wouldnt read too much into the limp yet. No crutches is a very good thing. Fingers crossed.
  18. Ugg. There's nothing wrong with Doan & he could still be a useful player but he's completely and utterly not what we actually need. Having said that, if Arizona is simply looking to give him a chance to win (like Boston did with Bourque for example) and they will swap him straight up for DD or something then im totally fine with it. If they actually want some value in return its not a good move.
  19. What an odd analogy. I guess it fits MT though, but weird.
  20. there's rumblings about him being a healthy scratch Its just a bad bad situation. The thing is - and you all know i was a huge eller fan & suggested trading pleks over eller in the past - we really find outselves in a bad situation and would even with Eller here. Pleks has regressed offensively, badly. Eller isnt doing any better in Washington (3 points in 18 games). We need a 45-50 point two way centre - which i dont think either of those guys are at this point. Having Eller would be nice because he costs less, but really Bergevin needs to be finding some sort of a solution for the massive drop off between Galchenyuk and everyone else. We have a #1 and #3 and #4 centre. We no longer have a #2 guy and that is hurting us and our whole second line right now. Could McCarron or Hudon (when healthy) fill on? Not sure but MB needs to be looking long and hard right now.
  21. This. Agree completely. I said at the time of the trade - and still contend - that both are elite defensmen. They play very different styles of game but both, by any logical means of evaluation are #1 defensmen. I actually think that Weber may be a better fit for this team - if for no other reason than we have a huge drop off from #1 to #3. We have no top-notch #2 guy and while Weber seems to be able to play with anyone, i think Subban was difficult for a lot of partners to read. Markov could do it but cant handle those minutes. Everyone else looked lost. Right now Weber has Emelin looking like a top 4 defensman which seems unfathomable to me (although I do want that pairing broken up). One thing I will always contend - and have since the deal is that even if we absolutely positively needed to get Weber on to this team, and the cost was absolutely positively going to be Subban, then we still should have gotten more. its still possible that Weber drinks Oil of Olay like Chelios and will remain good value for 10 years but is very unlikely. Because they are such vastly different types of players it is nearly impossible to compare the two so age difference alone should have meant an added piece coming our way from Nashville. Ive seen this arguement a lot but I disagree that its 100% useless (although i do agree its not nearly as useful as some old schoolers believe). People say that Weber's +/- is totally based on Carey Price but if thats the case, why does no one else on our defense corps come even close to his? I agree that if you compare, say, Markov and Pateryn their plus minus (while 6 different) does not tell the complete story but take a look at our defense corp regulars, there is a massive difference between Weber's +/- and everyone elses. Weber +18 Beaulieu +6 Emelin +6 Petry +5 Markov +5 Pateryn -1 Barberio -1 Hanley -2 The fact that Weber has been on the ice roughly 1/2 the game most nights and yet has only had a couple of goals scored against him 5 on 5 says something too. I believe he is an example of someone who defies advanced stats, mostly because of his positioning. He somehow manages to make the opposition make low percentage shots or plays & that negates a lot of scoring - something that does not & will never show up on the stat sheet.
  22. Its why DD for Yakupov may make sense if St Louis has indeed given up on him. I actually think its highly unlikely Yaks could survive on our team (I dont think MT would give him a chance) but that doesnt mean it wouldnt be worth trying, especially if it opens up DD's roster spot.
  23. According to Eklund we are making it known that Desharnais is available. I'll believe it when i see it (although there seems to be very reliable sources that DD was being shopped at last year's deadline). Logically it makes a lot of sense - he has basically no spot here, but that's been a case for a while so it begs the question "Why now?"
  24. Its sort of crazy that we're even putting him on the bubble. Overall he plays a pretty good even game - and he now has 4 points in 6 games. 3 games last year, 2 assists. 3 games this year (so far) 2 assists. Can he not supplant DD as the small flying frenchman on this team??
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