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  1. Not pointing at you specifically but ive heard a lot of people mention the loss of Hamilton but no one seems to be talking about the addition of Deangelo. Dont get me wrong, Deangelo is a headcase and potentially a locker room problem but the guy is uber talented on the ice. He has almost identical offensive stats to Hamilton and actually better than Dougie at that age. It may be a colossal fail but its not outside the realm of possibility that they dont feel the lost of hamilton that much. This is the real question I have. "What are they thinking?" Maybe they want to convert him to a winger & have some sort of Finnish line with JK - Aho - Teravainen or something. Who knows. I certainly agree that while its incredibly unlikely he lives up to that $6m contract, its even less likely he'll do it as a Cane fighting for ice time with that group. I feel like MB's first choice is to take the 1st & 3rd and flip them (maybe with a winger or even players + more picks) and get a true, young upgrade over JK. I dont think MB will be happy with this deal. Not just for the ramifications on the team's cap but also because it makes him look foolish & we know he does not like that.
  2. If i had to bet, I would say the most likely scenarios will be: Option 1) 25% - we trade with carolina, so they keep their picks but we are compensated with players. I think Trocheck is the most likely candidate, with maybe a prospect coming back. Its possible they bite on a guy like Suzuki or Jarvis + but its tough to say. Option 2) 35% - we resign JK - but then probably make his life a living hell and unless he just explodes next year we probably lower his value so much we wish we got that 1st and 3rd for him. Option 3) 25% - we dont match, we take those picks & package with with a winger & get a replacement (hopefully upgrade) over JK. Option 4) 15% - expect the unexpected.
  3. interesting to revisit Tom Dundon's words 2 years later:
  4. Same. If he can make this move, then im ok with losing Kotkaniemi (we would have lost him anyway in a deal for Eichel or similar) but to lose him for picks when we just went to the cup finals and have guys like Price and Petry at the end of their windows makes zero sense.
  5. I think a lot will depend on whether we then turn around and sign him long term. As i mentioned above, I dont think we could offer an extension (at least not publicly) till January but we then turned around & resigned him for 5 years at $4m per, the $6.1m aberration feels a lot less painful. I wonder if MB would even try at that point?
  6. For those questioning whether it would be tampering for the Canes to have a multi year deal in place after this one: Restricted free agents are essentially just the same as UFA. Once their past contract is up they are free to negotiate with any other team, in any way they want. The only difference between RFA and UFA is that the original team has a chance to match. Ive never heard of a player signing a 1 year deal & then immediately signing an extension but there's not anything technically illegal about it. They may have to wait until January 1 (I think thats the deadline for 1 year deals to sign an extension) but Its not tampering because all RFA are free to talk with Rival teams after their last contract is up.
  7. I also felt this way at first but the more i hear about how the canes went about it, i actually think it was a pretty shrewd move -definitely with plenty of risk - but its essentially the opposite of an UFA signing. You sign a guy based on potential not based on past glory. Of course this also only works if the rumors that he will take a long term deal at much lower AAV are true. I think MB will do everything he can to flip those picks. If he cant get a suitable replacement then i think we do match it but i really wonder what that means for JK going forward. Dude. He's 21 years old. He just played 3 seasons at 975k and a team offered him $6.1m while MB was purportedly offering $2m. He'd be crazy not to take that deal. Add to it the fact that the hurricanes have like 7 other Finns including arguably the best Finnish player in the world... You cant blame JK. This one was on MB (for not locking him up sooner) but also a very interesting (risky but still smart) play by Carolina.
  8. Absolutely! But that requires MB to take his licks and swallow his pride. Do you see that happening? Im not sure i do. When the deal was announced i was like "What? $6m???" But if you see it as a signing bonus & then he signs his next deal for say 4 or 5 years at $4m per, its not really a huge deal when you average it out. It was actually a really smart play by Carolina, although I think all the petty stuff was very childish.
  9. The other thing of note is that, according to Friedman, Carolina and JK have had talks about a longer term deal. This season would not be the benchmark, but rather a "signing bonus" - a longer deal would probably be in the $4m range i would suspect. If MB matches he has to try to mend bridges and get us to a position where that's on the table. Once again it seems like his hardball "Take it or leave it" deals are hurting us.
  10. Apparently MB has been calling around offering Carolina's 1st and 3rd to see what that will bring back. Id hate to lose JK but if we could somehow use that 1st & 3rd plus a couple of other assets and grab a guy like Eichel, I could live with losing him.
  11. Haha! That would be funny. Although doesnt help our centre issues.. .
  12. Ultimately what MB does is going to be based on whether they believe JK will have a $4.5-5m (or better) season. Last year he was good value at under $1m. This year he likely would have gotten $2.5-3m in a bridge. If he has a breakout year I dont think its unreasonable for him to play at a $4-5m level. I think its incredibly unlikley he's a $6m value next year but if he's close, at his age, it is what it is. As others have pointed out, we'd have to qualify him at $6.1m next year but that doesnt mean we couldnt offer him a 6 or 7 or 8 year deal at slightly less than that. Its going to be interesting to see what MB does. I fully expect him to wait the week or close to it. I think we will resign him but part of me would love to see what a mess Carolina would be if we didnt match. Aho at $8.4m Kotkaniemi at $6.1 Staal at $6m Trochet at $4.75... thats roughly $26m for your centres, with only 1 being truly elite...
  13. you cant trade a player who signs an offer sheet for 1 full season. He will be either a Montreal Canadien or a Carolina Hurricane for the upcoming season. There is one possible caveat - we can still 'trade' him to Carolina (technically he's their property right now, we just have the ability to match) but presumably the deal would be for less than a 1st + 3rd because thats all they have to give up for him now.
  14. 1 year. He will be either a Carolina Hurricane or a Montreal Canadien for this season - that part is decided.
  15. We cant trade him for a year though, so it will be interesting to see. I think we match but i also think there's a chance we try to follow through with that trade with the Canes - see below. For sure. Cant blame JK. This puts him in a hugely advantageous situation. Its not just $6.1m this year. Next year has to be a min. qualifying offer of $6.1m too. I wouldnt be surprised at all if we do end up trading him. Maybe the deal looks something like Trochek + prospects/picks for JK. I would assume if the Hurricanes were trying to make a move for JK, there was at least the framework of a deal in place. Maybe he didnt really understand the significance of the $20 or maybe he just thought: Im getting offered $3m from montreal - likely for the next couple of years in a bridge deal - or i can get $6m this year and a min $6m qualifier next year... who cares what silly little add on signing bonus Carolina includes.
  16. IMHO if we match JK it will have little to no bearing on Suzuki. Assuming he continues to progress he'll be well about $6m next year anyway and everyone knows this is an offersheet overpayment so.. it is what it is.
  17. yes. If there was any doubt on their trolling, check out their official twitter tag line, which is now in Francais. Agree. No way you can let him go. If - IF - we had the sort of pipeline at C as we do at LD maybe, but we're already going to be thin WITH JK. Losing him would be disastrous for the next couple of seasons. For those who have suggested it, you also cant trade him for Eichel now - he has to stay with the team that signs him for 1 year. So its either Carolina or Montreal. There is ONE other option though: Apparently (according to LeBrun) Carolina has been trying to trade for JK for several days. So maybe Montreal Circles back & makes a deal... not sure what that would look like though. Trochet + Suzuki for JK? No clue.
  18. haha. I still think there's a -30% chance (yes, thats less than zero) AG27 comes back. I think its incredibly slim (maybe 5%) that Domi is considered though. Yeah. I know that advanced stats guys will tell you faceoffs are unimportant but i do think that they play a role. That said, those set plays in Vegas had more to do with our defense's mobility (or lack thereof) - if we had better blockout/positioning, those lost draws wouldnt have meant nearly as much.
  19. I still think MB will try to get another centre. If he doesnt, I think they will look at younger players like Poehling or maybe Vejdemo for the bottom 6. Theres' also the possibility we shift around a winger (pacquette, Hoffman and perrault have all played centre) but I think the problem is that while any of those guys may be fine as a #4 our #3 slot is a bit questionable (and thats assuming JK steps into the #2 slot ok). Right now imho we have Suzuki: Deserves a shot at #1C - i think he'll excel. Kotkaneimi: Deserves a shot at #2C - I hope he'll excel - at worst he'll fall back to #3 Evans: Will probably get a shot at #3. He might be ready but Im still worried he's not a #3 but rather a great #4. Poehling: May get a shot. Because he's still not waiver eligible he may not. I think he may be ready - he had a great bounceback season in the AHL. Better than a #4? Pacquette: Safe choice for #4 if the 3 young guys all handle 1-3. Do NOT want to see him playing higher up the lineup Hoffman: Has played centre but is offense-first. Will not do well at this position for this coaching staff imho. Perrault: Was actually a decent #4 but I dont believe he's played centre for some time Vejdemo: Outside chance at #4 slot but we dont lack options there. Byron: Same as Vejdemo: could play #4, but probably wont get a chance. So, some options - not a bad amount of centres, just lacking guys in higher roles. IF JK can step up to his potential, the whole thing becomes far less of a problem to be sure.
  20. I think the bigger problem with Dano was the term. I think MB would have given him the money he wanted (or even more) if it was 2-3 years but that salary at that term - with a NMC/NTC would have been very problematic in a couple of seasons. That said, down the middle we're definitely weaker right now. I dont know if MB will address that this off season or if they believe guys like JK & Evans & Poehling are all going to progress this season but right now, assuming we dont add another centre, we're going to be in tough. As for Weber, he wasnt very good for most of the regular season so im not sure if we will feel his loss that much this year. In the playoffs, if we havent addressed this and/or he doesnt come back, it could ba big problem.
  21. They might find a home elsewhere in Arizona (they were called the "phoenix coyotes" before they moved of course) or maybe they move elsewhere. I hear Quebec City would like a team
  22. According to Angela Price, Carey did not want to leave Montreal but put himself on the block because he really wanted to save Allen from leaving. Im sure most of that is because of his on-ice play but I imagine him being a good guy makes it an easier decision for Price to do that...
  23. The vaccine proof i get but the 'negative test" is a bit odd. A test that day? that week? I wonder how that works...
  24. We've got possibly the best winger depth in the league... Sure, maybe not elite franchise wingers but we've got guys on our 4th line that would be on 2nd/3rd on several teams... but our centres are definitely a question mark. I would be comfortable with: Toffoli - Suzuki - Caufield Hoffman - Kotkaniemi - Anderson Drouin - __________ - Gallagher Lehkonen - Evans - Armia Extras: Perrault, Pacquette, Poehling, Byron (IR) Honestly Im comfortable with every winger on that list and Suzuki & Evans in their roles. I worry a little about Kotkaniemi in 2nd line spot but I do think he's capable, just not sure if he's ready. But that 3rd line... I dont want Evans there, I dont think Poehling is ready and i think Pacquette is also unsuited. I really think we need to add a quality centre. Someone like Dvorak would be ideal but i dont know what the cost would be. Maybe exploring a guy like Casey Cizikas would be worthwhile as a short term solution - although I assume he wants a multiple year deal (I doubt it would be expensive, so he would be tradable).
  25. Your memory isnt what it used to be. Are you sure it wasnt 8-9 months ago?
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