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  1. The fact Kelly wrote the article means I probably wont read it. But I dont disagree with the title - I do think it will be a dog fight to make the post season. Honestly though, aside from 2 or 3 teams in each conference i think thats true of almost every team in the league. Parity and the Cap have meant very very few teams are truly elite any more. I think we will do better than some pundits believe but worse than MB is hoping. I believe it will be enough to make the playoffs, but only just.
  2. Galchenyuk i dont think there's any way he would. Wasnt he available on waivers at once point? Domi... very unlikely but you do have to wonder about changes in philosophy - remember that Ducharme was here for Domi's 72 pt season.. he and Julien may not have agreed on Domi's worth.. so i think there's a VERY slim chance he would be interested, but who knows. Maybe he appreciated Domi even less than Julien. I think at this point we have an enviable amount of depth at wing but a few major question marks at centre. Unless they are certain Domi could be a quality centre (dont think they are) It would be much more prudent to try to get a guy that slots into our depth somewhere around/between JK and Evans.
  3. Uh, i think you missed Gallagher and before him Ryder. Not sure if there was anyone before that (since Dahlin) but I know those two were finalists.
  4. 20 years old. 10 regular season games, 4 goals, 5 points = 33 goal pace in full season. 20 playoff games, 4g, 8a 12 points = 50 point pace over 82 games.... Kid is going to have a big seaosn, mmw. He and Suzuki (+ either Anderson, Toffoli or even possibly Hoffman) will form a lethal top line - probably the best we've had since Corson - Koivu - Recchi. My bold prediction is: 32g, 65pts for Caufield. He will win the Calder. Suzuki will score 25g, 55a for an 80pt season.
  5. Unless they think he could be a centre. I guess there's a possibility that Ducharme and Julien disagreed on whether he was a winger or a centre? Its possible, although I agree, very unlikely.
  6. This is Eklund so... huge grain of salt: The Jackets are looking for a new home for Max Domi, and I am hearing Montreal may have interest in bringing him back to the Habs. Talks were described to me as “exploratory” but safe to say there is a mutual interest there. Its an interesting idea if they felt like he could play centre further down the lineup. Then you have Suzuki - JK - Domi - EvansOf course the Yotes would likely want a moderate asset for him (maybe a pick + prospect) but considering they left him exposed at the ED I doubt they think they can get much. Toffoli - Suzuki - Caufield Hoffman - JK - Anderson Drouin - Domi - Gallagher Not a bad top 9 and you still have Armia, Lehkonen, Byron, Evans, Perreault, Paquette, Ylonen and Poehling to round out the bottom line (although 1 of those may have to go the other way in a deal).
  7. I think a lot of the time we're drafting high celiing risky players because those "good enough" guys are mostly pretty easy to acquire via trades or even free agency (see Toffoli, Anderson, Hoffman etc). But if you can somehow snag a top pairing/top line guy at a point where he shouldnt be available, I take that chance. Caufield and Romanov are both good examples of guys who look like they will be much better than where their draft position suggests... Agree on all of this. JK could still be the best player from his draft year. Yes, he's behind Tkachuk and Svechnikov right now (he's still top 5 in scoring from his draft year) and some people might say Quinn hughes is better but when you look at the complete package, im not convinced. Tkachuk is absolutely brutal defensively. He'd be pasted to our bench. Hughes is also not great in his own end. So its not all points. JK is still but there. Sure but there are very very few players who can do this. You are much more likely to acheive success by spreading talent across your lines. So rather than an elite centre & two middling wingers, 3 quality forwards *should* give you more success. Anderson should have better linemates this year - as should all of our top 9 tbh. Assuming we dont trade for a top 6 centre, I think JK will get good linemates and Im actually cautiously confident he will have a break-out season this year.
  8. I also assume they will try him with Savard first which, on paper, looks not so great. But then Id actually much rather see Chairot further down the lineup. Despite how good he was for stretches in the playoffs, its unlikely he can or will replicate that in the regular season. Im still hoping we will trade for someone for our top 4 but assuming we dont (and assuming no one like Norlinder or Brook or Guhle or someone blows the team away in camp) I would do: Edmundson - Petry Romanov - Savard Chairot - Wideman Kulak I assume they will actually be close to that but with Chiarot and Romanov flipped, which imho makes 2 pairings weaker.
  9. I suppose they didnt have any real choice with Kreji leaving but he's gonna be 39 in the last year of that deal.. could be a bit risky. Mind you, he looked great last year although injuries are becoming more common for him - he hasnt played a full 82 game season in his career, hasnt played more than 65 in a season since 2016-17
  10. For sure. Its odd. 28 seasons, 7 playoff appearances... on paper they've had some great players but are usually a 4th or 5th seed... I do think they will be good this year but it wouldnt surprise me at all if they werent.
  11. Really surprised he hasnt hung them up. I mean i could understand if you kept upping with your long time team like if he had stayed in SJ but Toronto & now florida? Dude had 2 NHL seasons under his belt before Kotkaniemi, Caufield or Suzuki were BORN. Its time to retire Joe!
  12. I agree with that logic on a guy like say, Kulak, but with young guys like JK and Romanov I think MB actually views them as more or less untouchable (except for an elite Eichel type player in which case no one is untouchable). I genuinely think the team believes they are helping players when they pull them out of the lineup or give them easier minutes. I think they view these guys as important, core pieces, but they worry they aren't quite ready for the really tough assignments yet. Its an old school mentality but, like a lot of this team's thinking, we're a bit behind on the times on this one imho.
  13. I dont know man. I have watched a lot of Pettersson, living out here in BC and I would say offensively he's a big step up from JK. I like Jesperi,but EP is a more offensively gifted player than Suzuki even. Ideally, sure, id love to get him AND retain Suzuki and JK but i dont think thats realistic. You acquire a team's top young centre, you're going to have to give up one of yours. Im sure its moot - i dont actually think MB would move JK for anything less than an eichel type player, but its interesting to speculate about.
  14. Personally, Id do that deal, understanding that he's not as well-rounded a player as someone like Eichel but - as you mentioned - injury concerns are a real factor with Eichel. I think Vancouver might consider it. They'd likely be more interested in JK + Guhle + 1st but we 'd have to give up some salary too (Byron?)
  15. Its pretty much the dictionary definition of political persecution. They dont like his politics, they rescinded their job offer, thus, punishing him, purely based on his political leanings. Im not saying the leafs are wrong - from what I can tell, i wouldnt want him working on/with my team either - but I find it interesting that in his case he lost his job because of what he had "liked" online - not even because of what he said or reposted.
  16. Interesting idea. He makes $8m a year for the next 5 years... obviously thats way overpriced but if they retained, say, $3m per... id be interested in him. At $5m he's an upgrade on Danault and I dont think he'd be bad value at that price. I dont think he'll come close to his PPG season in Col, but I could see him being of use to us. Maybe they swap him for Byron + Pick. Or, you try to get them to retain the full max allowed (50%) and we give them back Weber. Then there's a huge weight off their shoulders with regards to recapture penalty if Weber retired. Obviously the only way MB does this is if he's 100% sure Shea is done. Even then he probably stays on the LTIR so no real worries for Nashville but this way they would control their destiny more.
  17. Id be really shocked if we were in on Johnny Hockey. One year away from free agency... just doesnt make sense for us unless its like some odd deal like Byron + ____ or something. Cant see us being remotely interesting based on what I expect they'd want for him (plus the flames would be much smarter to wait till close to the TD to move him)
  18. This one is a pretty interesting one because it seems like, Dusty Imoo actually never said, tweeted or even re-tweeted anything controversial. This backlash seems to be entirely based on his "likes" on twitter. Don't get me wrong, he's liked alot of very questionable posts, which certainly would lead one to believe (based on the sheer number) that he believes this stuff, but It seems like its a bit 'unfair' to persecute him simply because of his interests. I mean its well within their rights for the maple leafs to back away from him but its odd since it appears he's never been vocal in the media or social media about this stuff, as far as I can tell...
  19. Minnesota is a team Id be talking a lot with right now. Their cap is a mess and they are in some serious trouble. Right now they have about $20m in cap space - BUT - Kaprizov is asking for 1/2 of that ($10m) and apparently has offers from his old club in Russia for even more than that. 1 elite year (and the Calder) under his belt, but thats a very hefty price tag. Even if they bridge him with a "show me" deal you have to figure he is going to get $7-8m So that leaves only $12m in cap space - 9 forwards, 6 dmen and 2 goalies signed. They'll be fine this year but the bigger issue in Minny is the "dead cap" they have to worry about with the Suter and Parise buyouts. $4.7m in dead cap this year but a whopping $12-14.7m for the 3 years after that... I think they are hoping the cap goes up but it ain't going up that much imho. I wonder if you could entice them with picks and young, cheap players to acquire a guy like Matt Dumba or Jonas Brodin... i think there's an opportunity there, this is a team that is going to be in some trouble very soon unless they can find some cheap depth...
  20. For sure. I think that when you get a bunch of the "best of the best" together, the most important thing is going to be keeping egos in check. I mean does a McDavid or a Crosby or a MacKinnon really have anything to learn from the coach? Probably not. Cooper has been used to leading a very talented group so he should do well in the role.
  21. Well i mean he did give them that brilliant pass in OT...
  22. Yeah, from what I understand, the Sabres are looking for an insane haul for Eichel. He's an elite talent - maybe a top 5 centre in the league, just in his prime, but if the rumour that they want Suzuki + JK + ______ is true, then absolutely positively, no thanks. If JK was the main part of the deal (say, JK + Guhle + 1st or something) I can live with Eichel - Suzuki - Evans - Pacquette/Poehling because even though our bottom 2 lines are so-so, our top 2 lines would be oustanding. If you could acquire Dvorak for wingers + picks, that may actually be even better. Now you have Suzuki, Dvorak, Kotkaniemi, Evans, Poehling and Pacquette down the middle. 5 of those guys are either just hitting their prime or not even there yet. Sure, you dont have the top end talent like Eichel but you have 3 guys who are all arguably top 2 centres. Id be down for that. It also keeps MB's nice little "salary hierarchy" with no one (but Price) making crazy money meaning we can spend throughout the lineup.
  23. would definitely make us better down the middle. I would feel more comfortable heading into the season with Suzukui - JK - Dvorak - Evans. All young but some experience between Dvorak, JK and Suzuki. I worry that JK would get pushed down the 3rd line but i guess better that happens for another young player like Dvorak than if we signed some 32-35 year old vet.
  24. omg. and this is why the oilers are not going to be good for a loooong time. I like Nurse. He's a great player, id love to have him on my team but he's now the 3rd highest paid defensman in the NHL. Karlsson (11.5) Doughy (11) and then Nurse. Josi, Makar, Hamilton, Pietrangelo, Heiskanan etc etc etc. All make less per season. Nurse has ONE elite season - and even that is questionable when you figure he had 36 points in 56 games while playing behind an offense led by McDavid and Draitsaitl. Petry had 42 points in 55 games last year playing behind an offense led by Suzuki and JK. imho he's a $6-7m defensman at this stage. Thats a huge overpayment to lock a guy up long term during a flat cap.
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