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  1. I wouldnt read too much into it, as players are being evaluated, some are injured etc but just FYI these are the lines to start camp: Team Red Jonathan Drouin - Christian Dvorak - Josh Anderson Rafaël Harvey-Pinard - Jake Evans - Joel Armia Joshua Roy - Jean-Sebastien Dea - Danick Martel Michael Pezzetta - Jan Mysak - Lukas Vejdemo Gabriel Bourque Kaiden Guhle - David Savard Mattias Norlinder - Ben Chiarot Corey Schueneman - Chris Wideman Terrance Amorosa - Charles-David Beaudoin Jake Allen Michael McNiven Team White Tyler Toffoli - Nick Suzuki - Cole Caufield Artturi Lehkonen - Ryan Poehling - Laurent Dauphin Matthieu Perreault - Cedric Paquette - Alex Belzile Brandon Baddock - Jean-Christophe Beaudin - Alexandre Fortin Alexander Romanov - Jeff Petry Brett Kulak - Gianni Fairbrother Xavier Ouellet - Cory Goloubef Louie Belpedio - Amber Xhekaj Cayden Primeau Kevin Poulin Does make you wonder if the plan is to start Suzuki & CC with Toffoli (not Anderson or Drouin) and whether Poehling is likely to play a checking role (lining up next to Lehkonen - although in fairness, not a lot of scoring wingers on that squad after Suzuki's line). I like the idea of Romanov - Petry although Im sure thats a placeholder until Edmundson is back.
  2. Yes. We'll squeak in. I think we might win a couple of rounds too. Will Weber be back for the playoffs? Possible.
  3. Its a huge problem everywhere - not because of the media so much but social media which allows anyone with a keyboard, a platform. People make ridiculous claims and others will blindly follow along with little to no attempt to research the claims themselves. This of course leads to more and more of this misinformation spreading. Right now however, the stat is that 8 Republicans are dying of Covid to every one Democrat so i guess it is what it is. The problem is that those who chose not to be vaccinated seem to think its akin to choosing not to wear your seat belt, which it is not. Vaccines are NOT 100% effective. They slow the spread, the slow the impact but they are never 100%. Both my kids had chicken pox vaccines, both got chicken pox. It is what it is. With Covid, an 80 year old person who is double vaxxed means they are at the same risk as a 50 year old who is not vaccinated. So by choosing to not get vaccinated you are endangering those responsible seniors and immune compromised who did in fact do the right thing, while you did not.
  4. At least 8 games and $400k he'll forgo for this decision.
  5. Lou has said he wont be participating in camp, playing on the main roster - and possibly not even allowed to play for the AHL affiliate. "Anyone who wasn’t vaccinated wouldn’t be participating and we will find somewhere else for that player to play."
  6. I mean, he has a herniated disk in his neck - you would think the sabres might handle this a bit more deftly... very odd. They are going to completely destroy his value before they move him...
  7. Yeah i thought that was odd too. "Failed physical" made me think of these guys.
  8. Agree, Positionally, he reminds me much more of Weber. Not sure if he has the same offensive inclinations but Weber didnt show that in juniors either so who knows. I think the Gill comparisons come from his frame. Big, tall and lanky. Otherwise, i dont see much in common tbh.
  9. Kind of figured (or at least hoped!) it would go that way. A little education goes a long way - I assume he was allowed to give them his concerns and they could explain the risks (and potential career risks) of not getting the jab.
  10. I say yes. I think this team will be better than many think.
  11. For sure. And i mean there's dozens of different vaccine manufacturers, so not all 2.5b of those are the same ones - although there are only 4 basic "types": whole virus protein subunit viral vector and nucleic acid (rna and dna) Even breaking them down, thats 10s - even hundreds - of millions of each type in arms of people for nearly a year. Most clinical trials are done on thousands of patients, not hundreds of millions. I can understand vaccine hesitancy in the early months but now?
  12. Considering how Covid affected this team last year Im surprised too, but perhaps they feel like their best chance to educate him is to do so in person. Maybe they are hoping they can convince him to get vaxxed. Yeah and more and more true experts - not just people on the interweeb - are saying there's virtually no reason that is valid. If you suffered a severe reaction to the first shot like Anaphylaxis then yes, you have a valid reason but for all those who say "well i have this disorder or this disease" - every association and medical group representing those illnesses and predispositions have said the vaccine side effects are far less risky than the risks of contracting covid and suffering through it AND your disease
  13. Wouldnt be surprised at all if MB considered it. Im not sure how that would affect his trade value to be honest. I suppose if he went to a US based team he would be more valuable since he could probably play up to 60-70 games. On any canadian team he's going to miss at least 30+ games because of the border restrictions/quarantine time. Im not really sure if he has much value tbh. He's a good prospect but i doubt if he's on many teams' radars. That said, maybe Ylonen + Chiarot would bring back a PMD. Who knows. While i dont agree with his decision, It would be a shame to lose him for nothing or a low value return.
  14. Thing is though, most experts are now saying everyone should get vaccinated & the ONLY exception is if you had a severe reaction to the first dose. Can it trigger things? sure. I have had Crohn's disease my entire life and both shots gave me flare ups. It wasnt fun for a couple of weeks but every Crohn's society i have looked at has said the side effects from the vaccine pale compared to the potential risks if you have Crohn's and actually got Covid. Im not suggesting vaccines should be mandatory but when every single expert out there is telling you the risks are greater with the disease than the vaccine, I think you need to stop listening to the conspiracy theorists. Most medication/vaccines have drug trials of thousands or tens of thousands. The Covid Vaccines are now in 2.5 billion people's arms. Sure, we havent had long-term studies but these are not 100% new vaccines. They are based on long established medicine that does have years and years of study.
  15. This is terrible news, if true. I cant see Marcotte (who is the only person reporting it so far) being wrong but who knows. Assuming he's right that is a big blow. The opportunity was there & I still had hopes for Brook. Lets hope its a speedy process.
  16. maas_art

    Your Rant.

    It was a big miscalculation on their part although i guess they would say they are guaranteed 4 more years rather than the 2 remaining they had but once again with a minority govt so pretty much nothing will get done.. Ah life in Canada.
  17. I do like a lot of what ive seen from him. My biggest concern is that - and this is purely based on what ive seen vs. what he's said - it appears as if he caves to pressure from MB. Now, some of that may be based on inexperience and being thrown into a bad situation last year so im 100% willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I actually think this team will be a lot better than many people think. Yes, we've got concerns at centre and on defense but I think they will work themselves out. And I think a lot of that starts with DD & his play/system.
  18. Speaking of Poehling, on a somewhat unrelated note, He, Evans and Suzuki were hanging out at Petry's place on the weekend. This could simply be that Poehling & Evans are friends from Laval or whatever but its not insignificant that 3 established NHLers are hanging with a guy who spent all last year in the minors. I do feel like one of the centre positions is, on paper, his to lose.
  19. Id definitely offer Niku a PTO to see what he could do. I wouldnt be surprised if a different team offered him a contact TBH. He's a great skater and good passer. He's small thoug (well, skinny, i think he's over 6' but really easily knocked off the puck). Not sure MB & co would go for that.
  20. I think the hope is that Josh Brook or Wideman will take the 3rd spot behind Petry and Savard. That means we need a body in Laval. I dont think there's much more to this signing than that.
  21. Who exactly? This team has long lacked top end talent but one thing they do have is depth. Our 4th line is full of players that would play way further up most NHL team's lineups. We can complain about Dhiarot/Edmundson/Savard as not being top pairing dmen but they are top 6 on every team in this league. Its a complete false argument to suggest 1/3 of our team is not NHL caliber. The problem we have is the top end, not the bottom.
  22. Will definitely limit his role. Unvaccinated players most likely wont be able to travel across borders so that would limit him to Canada only games. Also, considering we had 2 separate covid related issues last year (Armia and DD) with the latter coming after he was vaccinated, I could see the team saying "you cant play" unless he gets the jab. A shame because i think there was an opportunity there for him.
  23. Ok but what if you've got an RFA who is asking for too much money? It happens all the time - players go all the way to arbitration. I have no idea what JK's camp was looking for but what if he wouldnt accept less than $4.5m You cant be forced into taking a deal that doesnt make sense and you cant expect an OS like that crazy thing Carolina dropped.
  24. I would agree with that. IMHo the team looks at it like: Petry Edmundson Chiarot Savard Romanov Kulak Wideman This could of course change at training camp (And I personally dont rank them quite like that) and of course guys like Brook or Norlinder or even Guhle (who apparently is having a strong rookie camp) could change some minds...
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