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  1. And your surprised??? I see this force fed love in on a daily basis here. Cherry just happens to be their head cheerleader. He even dresses the part.. Enough said.
  2. I'd like them out ASAP but even if it takes 7 and these two teams beat the daylights out of each other,, then i'm OK with it. As I've said before,,,, at least one of these two teams will be golfing by the end of the week. I'd prefer it to be the Leafs .
  3. That was a good OT period.
  4. Not 1 but 4 articles on TSN about the Leaks line changes tonight.. Please end this tonight Boston.
  5. Actually 3-1 but whos keeping track?
  6. And this is a pretty good summary of what fans of other teams put up with in Leaf Nation.
  7. And the press just feeds on it which is why it's so nauseating being force fed their propaganda on a daily basis. After they get knocked out we'll still be hearing about it until after the Cup is awarded. God help us if they ever win a Cup again.
  8. I'm getting the same here. Delusion is the motto of Leaf Nation. They didn't even deserve to win game 3 after that made up delay of game penalty that gave them the 1st goal and the momentum.
  9. What's the big hockey news highlight out of Toronto today you ask?? Matthews tops list of NHL's best-selling jerseys God i'll be happy to see these guys on the golf course.
  10. That pretty much sums it up.
  11. Kadri back next game and hopefully Bergeron for the B's. I'd love for somebody to cream that little jerk against the boards Saturday. A little icing on the cake.
  12. I'm surrounded by them here. Been getting quieter game by game. Couple blowhards were bragging about game 3 but they'll be back in their holes come tomorrow. Love it.
  13. Hoping the Bruins end it this Saturday. I'm serving up a lot of crow to all those claiming they were a shoe in for the Cup this year. I was laughing back then and i'm still chuckling today.
  14. Grave is dug and I volunteer to fill it in.