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  1. Thornton on why he chose the Maple Leafs: 'I need to win a Stanley Cup' Hope his next team grants him his wish
  2. Couple years from now and nobody will remember. Nobody brings up Kavanaugh (spelling) anymore.
  3. It's hard not to dismiss that thought. There seems to be so many people enthralled with this guy that it certainly wouldn't surprise me to see him rally the nuts among them to do something stupid. I'm not saying all his supporters would take up arms but there's probably a significant enough batch of them, that take every word out of his mouth as the gospel truth, that would rise up and cause disturbances. Look at the nutcases that planed that kidnapping in Michigan. It's surprising how many mindless people are out there. You need only watch the maskless ones attending these Trumpfests to hear him repeat the same baseless crap over and over again without actually discussing what his plans are going forward. Brainwashing at it's best.
  4. Still not too late to move Reilly and bring in Chara.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up.
  6. Surrounded by his Proud Boys
  7. https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-canadiens-forward-jesperi-kotkaniemi-to-be-loaned-to-finnish-club-1.1539380
  8. Good deal by the Sens on Dadanov. Perfect term at decent money for a 25 goal guy.
  9. Their GM also mentioned there's not much appetite for playing in empty buildings as a lot of teams won't be able to bare the financial hit. He even hinted at a later abbreviated schedule in Feb.
  10. The Vegas owner hinted to expect an all Canadian division with the border not expected to reopen anytime soon.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me to start the season with a 21 man roster. Laval is pretty close so a call up wouldn't be hard unless we're on the road. Gives us one spare body ( probably defense) and if down the road someone gets hurt and goes on the IR it allows us to bring a couple guys up without going over the Cap. Probably not ideal for CJ when he wants to send a message to a player by sitting him a game, but that's his problem.
  12. Gally pretty much eats up the savings we get on the Alzner buyout so somebody likely playing his last year as a Hab. We open up a bit more on the savings with Allen but that's not going to be enough to keep the whole team intact. Petry's new deal also kicks in.
  13. He's only a day late. Watch for tomorrows thread about him signing a new deal.