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  1. Impressive game by Kincaid.
  2. At least when he was on the point last year he had nobody to drop pass to ( other then Price). On the half wall all he did was feed the D and telegraphed it every time. He was bad anywhere they used him with the extra man.
  3. Toss up for me who you don't want to see on the PP. Drouin or Armia
  4. Fixed that for you.
  5. I love these kids making it tough on management. Peca looking over his shoulder me thinks. Another PP goal
  6. What was i thinking? I do like the movement so far tonight. I think i actually saw guys going to the net. Refreshing.
  7. Two PP goals in one game???? Is this the twilight zone??
  8. Thanks I think the Sens are changing up for the 3rd
  9. Let's hope what we're seeing is what we're going to get. Will be nice not seeing a rebound machine in net. Niemi was terrible last year. Pretty much killed our playoff hopes on his own
  10. Is he getting the whole game or is Primeau getting the 3rd??
  11. Kincaid has looked pretty good.
  12. I'm glad that wasn't Price taking that abuse.
  13. Another tough cut . Some of the vets better get their butts moving. Guys like Armia have been invisible, but it's still only pre season.