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  1. I'm thinking the same but let's wait for Cenner to make it official. I imagine their winning % is tied and nobody picked up a star so the tie breaker # is likely the difference.
  2. You deserved it my friend. Win it for the gipper.
  3. No points scored so it goes to the tie breakers for your series. I'm out, so congrats HRF. Good luck in the final.
  4. I'm now assuming i have that tie breaker without needing this game to go to OT, if indeed CH's math was incorrect. If not,,,, then i just flushed myself without any help. Good luck HRF.
  5. Well i'm going with the opposite of HRF obviously. If for some reason he doesn't pick, then i'll go with the underdog Sens.
  6. Preds series went 6 games and Pens will go 7. New British math 7+6=11 ?? Looks like i'm in the toilet waiting for somebody to push the handle. I'll wait on my opponent to determine my fate. Good luck HRF.
  7. Pens in OT tonight.
  8. Monday Ducks
  9. Pens in OT for me
  10. And i'll take the Preds.
  11. Hindsight. Ducks tonight.
  12. Awww damn. Just got home and forgot to do my pick today. Was going with the Sens too. Aw well.
  13. I'll go Ducks just to be different.
  14. I'll go Sens