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  1. MONTREAL -- Following Thursday's preseason game against New Jersey, the Canadiens announced that seven players have been released from training camp. Niki Petti, Yannick Veilleux, Stefan Leblanc, Simon Bourque, Thomas Ebbing, Antoine Waked and Tom Parisi will all now report to Laval Rocket training camp. Earlier in the day, seven other players were released, bringing the total number of players left with the big club down to 46.
  2. Car load. OK if your by yourself, Still cheaper with 4 people.
  3. My money is on a shootout this game. I think we've seen the last of goals scored.
  4. http://www.tsn.ca/talent/why-nhlers-hate-analytics-1.862980
  5. I paid 35 for the CNE this summer so I imagine parking for the Leafs makes that look like a bargain.
  6. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/nhl/canadiens’-shaw-opens-up-about-trying-to-conceal-concussions/ar-AAsaG8h?li=AAggNb9&ocid=iehp
  7. Anyone know if Rogers is carrying this thing??
  8. Watching them would be more then enough punishment by itself.
  9. I fixed that for you.
  10. There are pending updates but the tech guys haven't gotten to them yet,, so i'm guessing the issues are on your end.
  11. Just to clarify,,,,, On former coach Michel Therrien saying in recent interviews that he would be scouting for the Canadiens this season: “Well, it’s not really a scouting position. Michel’s going to spend part of the winter in Florida and he asked me if he could watch some games and give him a pass to watch games. So he’s going to be watching, but he’s not a full-time scout. But on a needed basis, I respect Mike’s position as a hockey guy, so if I need some secondary opinion there’s a chance I call Mike. But he doesn’t have a scouting position.”
  12. No sense any team playing a single game this year. Looks like the Cup has already been awarded to the Leafs. http://www.tsn.ca/video/simmons-why-this-maple-leafs-team-will-win-the-stanley-cup~1206807 Gotta love Leaf Nation.
  13. Not sure I agree. French media for sure, but honestly,,,, I think the Habs have just as many Anglo fans, if not more. I don't think they're naïve enough not to realize this.
  14. Ho hum.