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  1. You must have seen the only 2 minutes he played well Arch.
  2. Yannick Veilleux https://www.nhl.com/fr/canadiens/news/contrat-dune-saison-avec-lattaquant-yannick-veilleux/c-290457882
  3. Heads up. Upgrade on it's way. Don't know when exactly.
  4. The massive slump we had later in the year pretty much neutralized any of that advantage. I'd much rather see a consistent team then a streaky one. We might not win 9 in a row but we're least likely to lose 8 out of 10 either.
  5. Signé le 6 juillet un contrat d'une saison, à deux volets.
  6. #40 Charlie Lindgren
  7. I'm OK with this, but I have a feeling we won't like the details if we're in a bidding war.
  8. No more or less of an upgrade if we're comparing with Markov at this stage of both players careers. A lot cheaper option though. Neither is an answer to playing on our top pairing but if Markov comes to his senses I suppose they could share those minutes. He'd have to really scale back his expectations to get it done at this point. Looks like he's walking.
  9. The latest rumour I've heard is that an ECHL team offered Jagr a job (jokingly) and that he said he had not been contacted by ANY NHL team to date. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/florida-echl-team-offers-jaromir-jagr-roster-spot/
  10. Most definitely. Literacy is quickly becoming extinct. You have to text people to get their attention these days, because they don't read signs.
  11. I'd certainly scratch the Preds off that list. Their stacked on D and i'm still surprised they picked up Emelin. Edmonton would only go for a one year deal.They'll be Cap hurting when their two star forwards deals kick in. Yotes are on that self imposed lower Cap. Other teams you mention are possible fits but i thought the same about the Flyers and they shot that down pretty quick. I think Marky really wants to finish his days as a Hab so somebody will need to step up big time and meet all his demands. If MB can come reasonably close, i think he stays.
  12. That's an interesting observation. Not sure if Drouin has ever been used that way. Any idea if he has?? Pleks could be an interesting guy to use back there also, if Marky signs elsewhere. Good defensive guy with a decent pass.
  13. Teams still in the market for a 6 million dollar D-man, of his age, with Cap room, are likely very limited. I can't think of any myself. I have a feeling we'll sign him on a one year deal around the 5 mill mark.
  14. I travel to that area every week to visit my mother in Welland. That 406 highway always has weird things happening. A couple of months ago i had a guy coming right at me in the fast lane. I doubt he even knew he was going the wrong way on a major highway. He still had at least 5 kilometers to go to get off,,,, likely up the wrong ramp. Maybe the guy was fresh off the plane from England.
  15. Kovalchuk off the market. Just signed a 1 year deal in the KHL. He's a UFA in both leagues next summer.