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  1. Thursday NY Islanders @ Philadelphia Columbus @ Carolina Dallas @ Boston Florida @ Montreal Detroit @ Tampa Bay Toronto @ Nashville Ottawa @ Minnesota
  2. Monty day to day so Charlie gets called up. CJ does intend on resting Price in some of the remaining games, so it's possible he gets a start if Monty doesn't get back soon.
  3. The Canadiens recalled goalie Charlie Lindgren from the St. John's IceCaps on Wednesday, and sent goalie Zachary Fucale to their American Hockey League affiliate. In 45 games with St. John's in 2016-17, Lindgren posted a record of 22-17-1 with a 2.62 goals-against average and a save percentage of .913. Price will start Thursday vs Florida.
  4. Scary, isn't it?
  5. I can't think of another long term contract that has been as team friendly then the one Max is currently on, and yet he still takes grief when he slumps for a week or 2. You would think we were talking about Gomez in here at times. I continually have to check to see if this is indeed the Max thread. Is he due a raise???? Of course he is. Is it deserved??? Find me another consistent 30+ goal scorer that doesn't make well north of 5 mill a year. I'm not against trading him while his value is sky high, but there better be a boatload coming back the other way, that replaces or betters that offensive production. Granted he's not the complete package that everybody craves,,, but for all intents and purposes,,, he's the closest answer to the Crosby's and McDavid's that we have on this team.
  6. That and the fact he's been saddled with vastly inferior partners through his prime years. He's made millionaires out of guys like Komy. Imagine if he had partners anywhere near the quality that Robinson had over his career.
  7. That's more like it.
  8. Ah,,, that's so cliché. I expected better from you. Maybe a chart?
  9. There's already talk of retiring his number. Has he done enough? I would say ring of honour is most definite, and the only strike against him not having his number raised is the lack of a Cup. Personally ,,,, I would like to see it happen. Guys like Marky don't grow on trees and it's almost becoming an impossibility for a player to spend his full career on one team. Some of our own raised jerseys didn't play exclusively for us. Marky has been a rose in the dessert for us during our baron years.
  10. So is your magic number. We're running out of days to catch you. The clinch is in sight.
  11. Wednesday Chicago @ Pittsburgh Washington @ Colorado
  12. Upon further reflection,,,, I guess it would still be possible to clinch on Thursday if we were to lose in overtime/shootout, by getting a loser point on our end and then getting the other 2 points by way of bonus points,,, if 2 are available
  13. Only the 2 if its a win in regulation or overtime. If we lose Thursday we can still pick up bonus points but we won't clinch,,,, even if we get 2 bonus points ( assuming 2 are available).
  14. All the teams chasing us can at best tie us after our next win, and we would then hold the tie breakers, so therefore only the win is needed. The 3 points that we need to qualify is mathematical. It would give us one point more then all the rest. That extra point is not needed if we hold the tie breakers. If we don't get another win, then we would need to get in by getting 3 bonus points.