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  1. Buffalo and Florida both leading in their games. Unfortunately the Sens are trailing in theirs.
  2. Intermission guys saying that the Habs would listen to offers for Benn and Schlemko but doubts the Habs would move both. Hell,,,, i'd move both and send out thank you cards if anyone was willing to bite. Throw in Alzner as a bonus.
  3. I'd be tempted to give them another if they take him back
  4. He should certainly be on the list of guys MB is ONLY allowed to dump without needing approval. Molson's directive,,,,, you got him you dump him
  5. I see that CJ benched Schlemko tonight. I guess that sends a message as to where he stands on the depth chart.
  6. Hope they charged him scalper prices.
  7. Stupid ref making weak calls like that.
  8. That was good for Pleks value,,,,, now,,,, get rid of him before he does it again.
  9. They need to assign Peel and Lee to all our remaining games.
  10. This could easily merge with the jokes thread but here goes. Trumps latest brainstorm,,,, let's arm the teachers. Just what a frustrated teacher needs,,, a gun. Does he stay up all night thinking of stupid things to do?? Unfortunately I don't ever see Americans giving up their guns. As long as the NRA is writing those checks, politicians will never let it happen.
  11. Bad feeling about this one unless we succumb to the rookie goaltender jinx.