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  1. No thank you. Extend the guy another 8 years please.
  2. Lottery tomorrow night. Monday
  3. Same old story line every year led by their blowhard media. Can't wait to read about what Mathews has for lunch next week when they have crap to report.
  4. Leaf fans cried the last few years about having to face the Bruins in round one. Let the excuses fly once again.
  5. The most overpaid overrated team in the League. They don't fail to disappoint every year.
  6. Keefe got badly outcoached again tonight by Torts. So much for the "next one". Who will they try to overpay next?
  7. Our 1st game is Wednesday. Good rest and healing time for Gally.
  8. Gotta sweat out the lottery now tomorrow. PLESE HOCKEY GODS,,,,,,, NOT THE LEAFS (or the Pens)
  9. Once again,,,,,, THE BUDS ARE DUDS,
  10. Might as well throw Anderson on the bench now after giving up that last one.
  11. Let's hope they practiced hitting the empty net.
  12. Oh i want them out bad. I just don't want Leaf fans to get the last laugh.
  13. Still torn up about this game. The only thing worse then a Leaf win would be them getting the 1st pick. Talk about the ultimate suck.