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  1. Just an added note to the above. There`s no way i consider Gardiner to be better then Petry, so i don`t see him instantly becoming our number 2 guy ,,,, unless you were talking about Weber and i don`t see that either.
  2. It`s not that i hate the guy,,,, i hate the fact people consider him a top pairing D-man. He pailled in comparison to Morgan R. in T.O. and i think his ceiling is second pairing at best. I could be totally wrong in how he would fit into our lineup, but for the money and term he`s rumoured to be demanding (and then there`s that wonky back that could have him in and out of the lineup),,, i`m a hard pass. As for passing a physical,,, when dealing with back problems they can seem totally fine one week and you can feel like you need a walker the next. Totally unpredictable, and with the grind of an NHL schedule,,, very risky. I`d be willing to throw his money demand at him on a 1 year deal. It eats up all our Cap but at least it gives us some security next year when maybe Romanov can step in and do the job. The money would have to drop drastically for every added year.
  3. I think i`d like to see how this new guy on D works out before setting my D pairings
  4. Yeah, and it`s a major reason i pass. I don`t consider him an elite first pairing guy to begin with, and he looked pretty brutal late season and in the playoffs. He was struggling and his back issues seemed obvious at that time. Giving this guy term could be a real ball and chain for any team that signs him,,,,especially for the rumoured money he wants.
  5. The OT total is correct but they had more then that. And you would have been correct the first time.
  6. Or Hudon if we sign him and can't trade him.
  7. Yeah,,, at least there's no chance Dlo is in the mix.
  8. We know MB likes to run a press box, so count on a 23 man roster.
  9. Dzingle signed with the Canes. Bargain price IMO and great term (2 years). https://www.tsn.ca/carolina-hurricanes-sign-f-dzingel-to-two-year-deal-1.1336380
  10. Well,,,, he's on the right track, because any Hab fan knows it will be more then 10 based on the hint that was left
  11. They likely qualified him at League minimum on a 2 way deal. Unless they move him as part of a deal i can see them letting him walk. Sure don't see a spot for him on this roster.
  12. Few weeks left to make a decision on our only remaining RFA. That one should be interesting. Not surprised that this deal is similar to Armia's. With the kids knocking on the door it makes sense not to tie our hands when the big decisions need to be made down the road.