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  1. Oh sure,,,,,, let me do all the heavy lifting.
  2. Friday, November 24th Pittsburgh @ Boston NY Islanders @ Philadelphia Tampa Bay @ Washington Edmonton @ Buffalo Vancouver @ New Jersey Detroit @ NY Rangers Ottawa @ Columbus Toronto @ Carolina
  3. Played a decent game. We may have to do a player thread for him if he gets another shot. Where's kinot at ??
  4. That little stick twirl of Turris likely faked out Niemi.
  5. Chucky not getting that 3rd shooter over Max is pretty baffling.
  6. Don't forget our secret weapon,,,, Deslaurier.
  7. Another 3 point game tonight???? Seems to be a Patyrn. Oops ,,,, wrong team.
  8. If Tampa had the grit we have i'm sure Sergachev and Drouin would stink there too.
  9. Lots of 3 point games tonight. Can we hope to match???
  10. That should get us as many points as the last 3 games.
  11. Asking him if he wants to do the Christmas video with him again this year???
  12. My memory is nowhere good enough to remember ancient history.