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  1. We're one of the most offensively challenged teams in the League and here we are trading 20 goal players for 10 goal guys.
  2. No sweat guys. Byron will fill the bill. After all,,,, he has all this experience now, unlike a guy like Chucky.
  3. Thanks for the restless night MB. Tossed and turned all night and now on the computer at 4 a.m. I usually try to see the upside in a trade as time goes by. This one is a pure disaster. Did MB suffer some type of head injury and made this deal from a coma induced state in his hospital bed? Going to take a long time to get over this one. Eller made him look like a fool this season and Chucky just might make him look insane going forward. Now to boot we have to see Domi's face in the stands at the Bell. This just gets worse and worse.
  4. I can't wait to hear the presser where MB rolls out his rolodex full of clichés to justify this one. Grit character and attitude.
  5. Heaven forbid, Shaw will be a Hab as long as MB is in charge. Count on it.
  6. That would require some forethought. This GM is devoid of any sense what so ever.
  7. I'm so disgusted. So much for a good nights sleep. Any other Russians on the team that need to pack a bag?
  8. The NHL needs to extend the drug testing to management. I know someone who would fail.
  9. Who's next on the hit list Bergevin?
  10. Why not give him 8 years at the max? Nothing this guy does surprises me anymore. One idiotic move after another. If i'm Molson i'd be looking for my barf bag right about now.
  11. I was disgusted with the PK trade and now this twit follows it up with another bonehead.
  12. What a joke of a trade. How does this GM justify being employed? What will it take to send him packing?
  13. MB's record in the UFA market is the least of his problems. His biggest issue in the past has been his hiring practice and his inability to fill gapping holes in the roster because you know,,,,,,,,, trades are hard to make.
  14. Yeah no kidding. Let's cork up those maple trees too.
  15. Time to build a wall