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  1. Philly Boston TIE New Jersey Islanders NYI Tampa Columbus Tampa Jets Sens Sens Montreal Vancouver Montreal
  2. I'd say those chances are 100% that Allen gets the net. Can we stay out of the damn box for a change?
  3. Well,,,,, can't watch the damn game so may as well hit the sack. Later guys.
  4. If your not in the damn Leaf area your probably getting it. I'm blacked out.
  5. Looks like i'm blacked out too. They give me the stupid Vegas game. Doesn't look like i'm getting Center Ice either. Damn.
  6. Did you find Center Ice yet? It was unlocked for me last game so hoping it's still available if sportsnet blacks me out.
  7. I like how you covered your bases today.
  8. Waiting to see if i'm blacked out tonight.
  9. Old man Thornton had to leave the game tonight. Barely got hit. Old brittle bones i guess.
  10. Oilers do us a big favour tonight with a win vs the Leafs.
  11. I wasn't aware he had been sent to the taxi squad in the 1st place. I just assumed it was just an administration move to save cap and that he was playing tonight because he still practiced with the same linemates.
  12. Any shuffling back and forth on the taxi squad is only for cap purposes. He practiced on his regular line today so i fully expect him in the lineup.
  13. Hard to Trump that.