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  1. Thanks for that Swiss. Always liked DD. Unfortunately he got a lot of bad press in Montreal because he was placed in a situation over his head.
  2. I thought Ottawa had one too?
  3. Hi,

    I'm new on this forum and I would like to know how to post a new topic ?
    I come from Switzerland and my favorite team, Fribourg, his lucky to have David Desharnais in his team.

    I'd like share with Canadien's Fans a vidéo of the highlights of Desharnais of the last season.

    Thanks for your help.


  4. Best way to deal with scammers and gougers is don't buy it. Stores that have shortages are just temporary, and for the most part are restocking ASAP. Stores like Costco finally got the message and are restricting some product to reasonable amounts. Was good to see them make a statement that they would no longer allow people to return TP and other cleaning supplies. Let them sit on their garages full of the carp.
  5. It's just a question of time before you hear of a family member or friend who has this thing. I just got news of a close friend who lives in England and is home very ill with it. She is the manager of a retirement home and has been trying to restrict visitation only to be met with resistance every step of the way. Engand is way behind in dealing with this virus and is quickly heading into another hot spot similar to Italy. Their PM just hasn't taken this serious yet.
  6. I remember my parents stocking up for Y2K. Took them years to eat all that carp. I think they ended up donating a ton or two to boot. BTW,,,,, that vegan TP is 49 cents a pound and not a cabbage. Put your glasses on.
  7. Nice of you to advertise. Only thing missing from that list is your address.
  8. I cancelled mine last week. My Dentist is Chinese and he cancelled on me the week before because he was sick. Don't know where the hell he's been or who's mouth he's been working on but i'm not taking any chances. It can wait.
  9. Some stores are experiencing panic buying early in the day but I find if you go later, just about everything is readily available. Went to Sobey's about an hour ago and the store had maybe 30 to 40 customers total and everything looked well stocked. No lineups at registers to speak of. Expect a run at the stores tomorrow because there are some Gov. payments out by then from what i'm told. Not sure which.
  10. The 19 is based on the year it was detected.
  11. That's two years in a row of messed up holidays for me now. Had a daughter move back home last year after a messy breakup and cancelled. Tried to make up for it this year by booking two holidays and once again cancelled. I think i'm jinxed.
  12. Yeah officially cancelled today. Every day that went by in the last week saw my odds of going dropping quickly. The strip is pretty much shut down now anyways. Also had a cruise planned this summer for Alaska. Cancelled that 2 weeks ago.
  13. That i agree with. If were shutting off borders then why are Americans exempt? My daughter went to Ohio for 2 days last week and is self isolating as recommended. Double standards are insane here and the US.
  14. Once you develop symptoms it may be life threatening for you and your spouse. You need to make the necessary adjustments now to protect yourself and anybody else you may be in contact with. Be safe not sorry. It's not fear mongering but awareness needs to be out there,