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  1. So,,,,, Trudeau admits to and issues apology for the black face incidents. Can't help but think what Trump would have done in this instance. FAKE NEWS
  2. This could easily merge with the jokes thread but here goes. Trumps latest brainstorm,,,, let's arm the teachers. Just what a frustrated teacher needs,,, a gun. Does he stay up all night thinking of stupid things to do?? Unfortunately I don't ever see Americans giving up their guns. As long as the NRA is writing those checks, politicians will never let it happen.
  3. I think CNN and Fox would go broke without Trump.
  4. Add in the fact that our PP was a rotating door of players last year and despite that we saw the same results. Seems to me it's the strategy that's flawed and not the players being utilized. I agree we likely are seeing only a half roster at a time but i'm not seeing any difference in our approach.
  5. Five more of these things until the real hockey starts.
  6. Julien has already said that anybody who played last night will not play tonight.
  7. The issue with placing that many vets on waivers would be available spots in Laval if all teams pass. I think there's a limit if i'm not mistaken. Trades are always possible but these are all borderline NHL'ers were talking about, and a lot of teams will be looking to dump similar players. If we just buy them out, I assume it all counts on the cap.
  8. Other major or minor sports discussion.
  9. MB hedged all his bets by loading up on players this summer. We'll see if he has the fortitude to make the big call by dumping one or more of those pickups for a prospect if they look ready to crack the roster. IMO they'll have to be a clear cut above the veteran to get in there. Even a guy like KK isn't a given at this point. We saw what happened with Mete last season being sent down, and I wouldn't put it past them to do the same with KK if he slumps. Might take a rash of injuries to see these kids in Montreal this season.
  10. No repeats tonight. Canadiens players who suited up in New Brunswick will enjoy a day off on Thursday and won't be in uniform versus Florida. Julien will put the rest of the group through a morning skate at the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard beginning at 10:30 a.m. That's when we should have more information on the Habs' lineup.
  11. If i'm not mistaken Charlie would need to clear waivers this year to be sent to Laval although I doubt there would be much interest. My guess is they just want to make sure it's the right move before giving up on him. Pretty sure the plan is Primeau and McNiven on the farm so it's Kinkaids job to lose behind Price.
  12. You would think that the kids fighting for a roster spot would be chomping at the bit to stand in front of that net and fight like hell for that dirty goal. Watching last night, one can only conclude that this coaching staff wants nothing but perimeter play.
  13. PP looks every bit as bad as last year. I know I know,,,, it's only preseason. Not much to see tonight. Couple nice plays but otherwise,,,, meh.
  14. Should see some serious cuts after tomorrow's game.
  15. Heard a good one (within forum rules),,, please share here.
  16. I did see some improvement in Hudon's game. Not sure it's enough to earn a roster spot but we'll see. Also nice not having to witness endless back and drop passes from JD.
  17. Labour peace for another couple years as the players declined the option of re opening the CBA
  18. Yeah,,,,, I have the feeling they're not going to play a 23 man roster this year. Not a big issue with the farm team being in the same city but their flexibility is down to zero. They'll need to be cautious when they or their farm team is on the road.
  19. Going to miss the game live but i'm taping it. Going to watch it before reading about it in here.
  20. Maybe the new plan is to load up on right D and develop a game plan that pushes all opposing players to that side of the ice.
  21. That's because everybody on the planet knows he's not an NHL quality defenseman on any pairing. Waste of a roster spot when they could be having a better look at one of the kids.
  22. Out with the old and in with the new.
  23. P.M. a mod. They have one of those.
  24. I understand what your saying kinot. My point is that we'll likely see just as long a list over the next 4 years with whoever gets in. They're all the same. These guys are there simply for the money (pension). The weed heads are happy about this guy though, so he'll likely get another 4 years, just like the gun totters in the States will give their buffoon another four years.