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  1. Other major or minor sports discussion.
  2. I don't follow the Juniors at all so it's tough for me to comment on today's picks. Our #1 looks good from the little i've seen of him, and our 2nd rounder looks intriguing. The kid scored highly in the combine ( #1 in some portions) and from what i've read, seems to be a probable NHL'er. The others i know zip about.
  3. Let's face facts. PK was traded simply because Therrien hated him from day 1, and MB chose his coach over the player. That's my opinion and i'm sure many others will agree.
  4. This could easily merge with the jokes thread but here goes. Trumps latest brainstorm,,,, let's arm the teachers. Just what a frustrated teacher needs,,, a gun. Does he stay up all night thinking of stupid things to do?? Unfortunately I don't ever see Americans giving up their guns. As long as the NRA is writing those checks, politicians will never let it happen.
  5. #138 Frederik Nissen Dichow G
  6. #131 Rhett Pitlick LW
  7. Just beat it out LOL
  8. #126 Jacob Leguerrier D
  9. Our picks are coming up soon.
  10. Well,,,, we own the 5th round so,,, if there's one out there we should get him. LOL
  11. Makes sense I guess. Extra trade chips. Glad it wasn't for another 5th this year.
  12. Also a question of finding a team with the Cap room without having to take back salary.
  13. No idea. Hopefully exchanged with next years pick because we already have a ton of 5th's
  14. Looks like we traded the pick to SJ
  15. Of course we're next and they go to commercial
  16. Pick 108 coming up soon
  17. We get 4 picks in round 5 but I won't be sticking around that much longer.
  18. Vegas loading up on Russians because they know Russians like to gamble and Vegas is alluring to them.
  19. Loading up on D
  20. Every time our pick comes up, they go to commercial. Piss me off.
  21. At 77 we go with ,,,,,,, Gianni Fairbrother
  22. 3 picks away
  23. Shouldn't be doing commercials. They come back and 3 guys have been picked.
  24. Mattias Norlinder,,,, another D