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  1. Well,,,, he's on the right track, because any Hab fan knows it will be more then 10 based on the hint that was left
  2. They likely qualified him at League minimum on a 2 way deal. Unless they move him as part of a deal i can see them letting him walk. Sure don't see a spot for him on this roster.
  3. Few weeks left to make a decision on our only remaining RFA. That one should be interesting. Not surprised that this deal is similar to Armia's. With the kids knocking on the door it makes sense not to tie our hands when the big decisions need to be made down the road.
  4. Start a go-fund me page for a dish washer.
  5. Naw,,,, he's a motorcycle engine. Check his avatar.
  6. I knew you'd get it before kinot.
  7. Here's another tough one, but i'll leave a hint. Of the 16 wins required to claim the Stanley Cup in 1993, how many did the Canadiens win by a one goal margin? Hint: that was also the year we set a record for most overtime wins.
  8. Anybody else want to take a shot?
  9. If Marner get's his 10+, i can't see how they fit Gardiner in. I think they have about 13 mill now and doubt very much Gardiner will play for 3
  10. Yeah,,,,i can see term being a big sticking point with his injury background. Two years is all i would be comfortable with. Gives us time for maybe Romanov to step up. The absolute longest i would go would be 3 but i wouldn't be thrilled with it. I'd still rather pass all together.
  11. Reasonable deal, seeing as we're not buying up any of his UFA years. I expected between 2 and 2.5 so that's close. I suspect Lecky will be in the same ballpark.
  12. Yeah it was Jablonsky. Is that how you spell it? Pretty sure that's the nickname he had too,,,Jaberwocky.
  13. We have awesome scouts on this board. You should be good.
  14. You would think eh I can't remember Red Light playing any home games. The fans would have killed him. Obscure name. Try again.
  15. Who replaced Roy in net in his last game as a Hab? Yes,,,, i actually remember this.
  16. And one more Only two Habs have ever scored 60 goals in a season. Who were they?
  17. As long as we're on trivia,,, here's one for you guys ( no googling allowed). The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Los Angeles Kings in 5 games to win the Stanley Cup in 1993. Who scored the cup winning goal?
  18. Why would you think older members would do well? I remember a lot of those events ,,,, I just don't remember the details.