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  1. Started this thread on request from a member (xxdocxx) Now that Aho is off the books and we have our picks back, what's next for MB? Are we done or is another offer sheet in the works? Will we simply concentrate on our own RFA's at this point?
  2. It does have a smooth sound to it. Welcome to the board.
  3. I would hope any trade with the Jets is accompanied by a signing. I can't imagine any other scenario.
  4. Yeah,,,, that plus the fact we have way too many eligible roster bodies at this time. Add in the kids looking to make the team and we have a lot of decisions to make.
  5. I hope they don't take the whole week to decide
  6. Meh,,,, If he ends up in Laval it pretty much is a wash on the Cap.
  7. This plus I read somewhere that new season ticket subscriptions increased by 3000 for this year, I would think you would want to build on that and not tear it down.
  8. Wouldn't that be Karma? Love it.
  9. They can go 10% over the cap during the summer. It will piss them off having to pay him that much to keep him though, no doubt.
  10. We all know his old saying,,,,, "You can't have enough D". He's never mentioned quality
  11. The Canes received the offer at 2:40 p.m. if I remember right
  12. I'm thinking MB might still make a move on Dzingle to try and replace Shaw's production.
  13. I think our more to come will be at the trade deadline now,,,, possibly another middle pack forward this summer. If we're in a playoff spot he might try to beef up,,,, otherwise, look for him to take on Cap space for picks type deals. MB has become predictable.
  14. I admittedly don't know much at all about Chariot but I've seen enough of Gardiner to know that i'm happy we didn't commit to what he's rumoured to be asking for. Five to 6 years is well beyond what i'd be comfortable with and rumour is he wants the full 7. Don't think any team will give him 7. His opportunities are drying up by the day as teams fill their rosters. I think he should can his agent if he doesn't get at least 5 years now, because somebody may have bit if that was his original ask. Three years is all I would have offered and preferred 2. If he had taken 1 I would have given him his 7 mill. Two years i'd go 6M and if I had to go 3 it would be 5M at most. Not interested beyond 3.
  15. I think the biggest problem is his demands are not relative to his skills.
  16. 6'3 220 pounds,,,, likes to hit and blocks a lot of shots. Not sure how well he skates but if he does end up being paired with Weber, that's gonna be one big pairing of bodies.
  17. Don't know much about him but if it keeps Gardiner off this team that may be a blessing in itself.
  18. Doesn't look like GM's are convinced about those numbers. His offense is exaggerated IMO. Most of his points came as assists, and with the forward group the Leafs have, you can see how quickly those can be inflated. He only had 3 goals If i'm not mistaken.
  19. It's not that he's slow footed,,,, he has average speed IMO. Don't see him getting faster 3 to 4 years down the road and that could be a problem. I don't find his reaction time to be top line worthy. I can't help but envision all the times he gets beat on plays,,,, and being in Leaf Nation, I see them over and over in the media. Mete bailed Weber out a number of times last year with his foot speed. Don't see Gardiner in that role. As I mentioned,,,, I see him as a better pairing with Petry.
  20. To boot, I don't see him as that much of an upgrade (if any) on Mete. He's better offensively ( Mete is snake bit) but Mete is a better skater and in my eyes better defensively. Weber needs a guy like him to counter his lack of foot speed. If we did sign him I see him as a better option with Petry personally The problem is that we're searching for an upgrade on Weber's left and not Petry's. Do we really want to pay that much for that long, for an upgrade on our 2nd pairing? To be honest,,,, I don't see Gardiner as being that much better then Benn. He can play great for stretches and look totally brutal in others. If you know any Leaf fans, go ask for their opinion. You would be hard pressed to find many of them upset about his leaving.
  21. The telling sign and a big red flag is that he hasn't been signed yet. He's one of the only LD available in the UFA market worth considering, and here we are four days in and nothing. You would think teams would line up in this situation when we all know D is always in demand. Sounds like he's either priced himself right out of the market or GM's out there are really leery of this guy. I know I am.
  22. Not everyone hates the thought. I think it's pretty much 50 / 50. I'm in the hate it half because I don't believe for a second that he's a 1st pairing guy. To me he's at best a second pairing flawed D-man with a questionable health issue (back) who's going to demand 1st pairing money for ridiculous term. I keep thinking this is going to be a Komisarek 2.0 signing. It's a hard pass for me.
  23. Ken Warren of The Ottawa Citizen writes that "speculation is" the Canadiens could circle back and work on an offer sheet for Tampa Bay Lightning centre Brayden Point. TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun reported Monday that the Canadiens first discussed an offer sheet scenario involving Point before opting to pursue Aho, believing they would have a better chance against the Hurricanes. Point, who led all restricted free agents with 41 goals this past season and posted 92 points in 79 games, is also represented by Aho's agent, Gerry Johansson. To tender an offer sheet Point, the Canadiens would either have to sign him to a deal with an average annual value above $10.56 million, or wait until the Hurricanes officially match Aho's offer sheet, freeing their 2020 draft picks. The Hurricanes have until Monday to register Aho's contract. According to CapFriendly, the Canadiens have $11.8 million in cap space with restricted free agents Artturi Lehkonen, Charles Hudon and Joel Armia in need of new contracts.
  24. Yeah,,,, just sour grapes looking to save face in front of their fans. No biggie. We may have been used but saying we were played is a stretch. More likely they were claiming poverty with Aho's agent and left him with that impression,,, which he related.
  25. I'm with you. Takes two to tangle and our guy doesn't dance well with others.