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  1. Anybody cancelling upcoming travel plans??
  2. Probably do a conference call draft if things aren't under control by then
  3. Yeah,,,,, have a round robin tournament that all teams that weren't in a playoff spot qualify for,,,, then they add another best of 3 followed by a best of 5 for a couple rounds leading to a best of 7 final. They can get that done in August,,,,right??
  4. New website is up. http://www.rocketlaval.com/en/
  5. Is that a virus killer????
  6. It will have to be virtual poker because they can't have guys sitting too close together.
  7. AHL should be next to announce end of season.
  8. I guess the Stonely is officially cancelled. Pity,,,, i was looking forward to my comeback and eventual crowning.
  9. Some teams have played more games then others, so that would have to be taken into consideration.
  10. Conference call at 1:00 to decide next step.
  11. Expect an announcement soon.
  12. I figured NY is next on the list to cancel games or play in empty arenas. That includes the Islanders Rangers and Sabres. Florida should be right behind them. Just a question of time before the whole League either does the same or shuts down IMO.
  13. Princess Cruise cancelling all cruises for the next 60 days.
  14. Nashville vs Toronto: Preds Buffalo vs Montreal: Montreal Philadelphia vs Tampa Bay: Flyers Carolina vs New Jersey: Carolina Detroit vs Washington: Washington Pittsburgh vs Columbus: CBJ Florida vs Dallas: Florida NY Islanders vs Calgary: Calgary
  15. That's where it's leading to IMO.
  16. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have virus. Picked up shooting a film in Australia.
  17. Charlie left practice with an injury today
  18. Superstore. Tons of it still in stock there but it was at full price. No sale.
  19. Suspending the NHL season would be one way of ending our misery.
  20. NBA just suspended their season. Trump bans travel from Europe except the UK
  21. Just saw that. My bet is New York is next on the list followed by Florida.
  22. Just got back from the grocery store and some moron had 12 packs (40 rolls per pack) of TP in his buggy,,,, nothing else. Unbelievable.
  23. KK is also done for the season.
  24. He deserves to be sent back. The nerve of him showing energy and drive. Damn rookies trying to upset the tank.