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  1. They have a soft schedule the rest of the way though,,,, 4 of 6 at home with 2 vs the Rangers and 2 vs Detroit.
  2. 100% Price gets the net tomorrow. No way Niemi plays another game this year unless we've clinched.
  3. Not on your life. CJ likes his job.
  4. Safe to say the goalies won't be in the stars tonight.
  5. Big win. Absolutely couldn't afford to lose this one. Tomorrow is huge if we have any hope of that 1st wild card spot.
  6. Domi is on an empty net streak. I call him for the goal.
  7. Talk about a slow whistle on that offside.
  8. Get to kill 2 minutes on the clock now.
  9. No. Thought i'd be home sooner.
  10. It's 1-1 when I leave to come home and it's 4-3 now. Missed a ton.
  11. But we haven't beaten them yet this season.
  12. Going to miss a chunk of this game because of a dinner thingy. Hoping to come home and see us with a decent lead.
  13. Too funny. Just got a reply to my email about the forum being down,,, Hello, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. In order for us to answer you adequately, we will need more details in reference to your request. (Example: what forum are you refering to? Where is that forum hosted? Etc.) Please contact us with more information by replying to this email or by calling us at 1-855-310-2525.
  14. I give the fans some kudos over there. I've been to multiple games in Buffalo wearing Habs gear and i've never been hastled once. They don't seem to mind Hab fans at all. It's Leaf fans they despise, and rightly so. As for the rest of the city,,,, not much to like. Brutal winters ( snow wise) and not the most scenic to drive through. I like the airport there,,,, nice and easy to navigate, unlike that zoo in Toronto. I'd still rather go through Buffalo then that parking lot they call Toronto.
  15. Every bit as replaceable as a Kinot. Your living proof.
  16. Sat. Yotes @ Jersey NYI @ Philly Ottawa @ Oilers NYR @ T.O. Sabres @ Habs Bruins @ Florida Minny @ Canes T.B. @ Blues Pens @ Dallas Wings @ Vegas
  17. got one. Armia will be planted on our PP for the rest of the year now for sure.
  18. Gotta give some kudos to Thompson on his effort last night. The whole team showed up, but some guys just stuck out, and he was one of them. Also liked the effort from Lehky. Still snakebit but not from a lack of trying. He needs one bad. Had about that Gally?? What a goon.