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  1. Weal was out last game because of Flu. Maybe still hasn't recovered
  2. Detroit vs Buffalo: Buffalo Anaheim vs Montreal: Montreal Pittsburgh vs Tampa bay: Tampa Bay Las Vegas vs Florida: Florida Los Angeles vs NY Islanders: Islanders New Jersey vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Colorado vs Ottawa: Colorado Carolina vs Arizona: Carolina
  3. Should I just lock the other trade deadline thread?
  4. Refs did their utmost to get the Leafs back in that game with the late bogus call resulting in a PP goal to make it tight. Sure didn't see any infraction there. Then they don't call the obvious boarding before that fight. Leaf coach crying the blues but they got the late breaks IMO. Deserved loss,
  5. I would have no problem moving Petry for a good deal, because as you said we have cap concerns to deal with down the road ( as do all teams). I wouldn't consider trading him and him alone a sign we're tanking, but just good asset management. Is MB capable of that?
  6. The way i see it is that there is maybe 2 to 3 elite teams (not unbeatable but tough) and the rest are pretty much in the same boat parity wise,,, so even the so called bubble team can be viewed as a contender. Don't see that much disparity between teams rated 4th to 16th. We're a long ways off from being that elite team, so not fully convinced that tanking for one year and selling off is a recipe to get us there. Many have tried that formula and none of them stick out as having succeeded long term. In this day and age you need to flip things around quickly and find that winning combination. Some times it can be done in a couple years (trades/signings) but after that you really need to luck out on your picks panning out. Unfortunately i have little faith this management team is capable of delivering on either strategy.
  7. This flu bug going through the team could be a big issue. CJ noted that some guys had to leave the bench on a couple occasions during the game because they weren't feeling well. Could see a few more scratches and call ups for next game.
  8. I realize our playoff hopes are hanging on a string but i'm not 100% in the tank camp yet. I would be on board if the organization layed out an obvious plan to do a quick turnaround of 1 to 3 years,,, but bargain bin has always been a bandaid GM since he's been here, and until he's gone I expect more of the same. There's still a few nails to hammer in before I officially bury this team. It's a Jekyl and Hyde group we have this year and the good guys are still capable of hanging with the best but when we're bad we're terrible.
  9. Would be nice to get an update on JD. That initial estimate of 6 to 8 weeks is starting to look more and more like the Price situation from the past.
  10. 0 power plays on the poll for anyone keeping track. One shorty for us though.
  11. That's going to be a win for us. Love to burst their bubble. I don't care if we lose every other after that ( except the last game)
  12. OT is just what this game needed. Prolong the agony.
  13. Refs are obviously all in on the tank.
  14. Canes and Sabres are getting spanked tonight
  15. Why does it always feel like a 6 period game when we play these guys? Them and Buffalo
  16. Pull him now and go for another goal.
  17. Can we tank without playing the most boring team in the League?