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  1. We let them win tonight. Didn't want anybody to top our 8 game losing streaks.
  2. Well,,,, at least somebody gained ground on the Leafs tonight. Night all.
  3. Let's pull everyone for the last 3 minutes. We may stand a chance.
  4. Oh Carp. I thought we were wearing the red jerseys tonight.
  5. OK,,,, you can have every cent it raises. Don't hold your breath on the holiday.
  6. Can you throw in a few Cousins??? Collector items now.
  7. I'm game. Set up the Go Fund me.
  8. Too much glare on the TV when i'm watching from the bedroom. Also not wearing the readers so it's dark and blurry.
  9. Copper. I'm typing in the dark here.
  10. Yeah. Nice snipe.
  11. Well that's what happens when Quillet in too many goals
  12. When Hudon't show up things go Wealy bad
  13. Damn that kinot.
  14. I'm seeing 4 versions.
  15. Another wasted 20 minutes of my life.
  16. Shooting for 29th. Team goals are important.
  17. Weal's gonna need a break after this one. Good thing golf season is just around the corner.
  18. Never seen it. Have to check it out.
  19. Hudon''t say?
  20. Comedy??? Gameshow??
  21. Can Weal play that long??
  22. Bring on that 28th place powerplay.
  23. I thought it was a cherry.