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  1. The Canes had that big run last year and I didn't see an empty building after they were christened the Jerks by Cherry. I don't know where RDS gets their info about doom and gloom in Carolina
  2. I've heard the owner is a well off multy millionaire. I haven't seen anything to indicate otherwise, He may have got that way by being cheap but I don't think the money will scare him off. Again,,,, really hope i'm wrong.
  3. I pray your right but I honestly can't see them passing on Aho for that return. The Canes will punish us by tying our hands for the next 7 days.
  4. They can't trade him for a year after which a big chunk will already have been paid.
  5. I wanted a serious one if we were going that route. Not sure this qualifies as serious. I think it's an easy match personally. We had the room the picks and the money to beef that offer up. Let's hope there's still meat on the bone in seven days to chew on.
  6. We already have a UFA thread. Post there please.
  7. They can trade him in a year but by then they will have paid him 21 mill in bonus money if they chose to match. Still not sure that's a big enough deterrent to take the picks.
  8. It does tie our hands because you can't use the same picks to offer sheet somebody else.
  9. Wasn't a knock them dead offer,,,, so they're likely pretty tiny.
  10. Not sure. I think it's a take it or leave it situation. Everything is in limbo until the Jerks make a call. Likely another reason we don't see a lot of offer sheets. Seven days is an eternity.
  11. I'm not really confident this goes through
  12. Bergevin looked down into his pants today and realized he actually has a pair.
  13. I hope the Leafs are sweating.
  14. 21 million within the 1st year
  15. They have a whole week to match WTF. That ties our hands
  16. Huge signing bonuses
  17. 1st 2nd and 3rd.
  18. Yeah. Now he can at the very least say he made an honest effort.
  19. Hope it works. I think they have 24 hours to match
  20. Can he possibly be worse then what Niemi gave us last year? Don't know the guy, but if he's better then kinot, he's an upgrade on Niemi.
  21. Hard to comment on a guy I haven't seen much of but I differ to management that he's what we need.
  22. Check your PM's
  23. Sens struggling to get to the Cap floor. Alzner anyone?
  24. Rumours to facts. On with the show in 5 minutes
  25. Panarin seems to be heading to the Rangers.