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  1. Not sure if he qualifies. Does he have the right numbers?
  2. I would think they would want a 2 year deal so they can expose him in the entry draft,,,, unless the plan is to expose Charlie.
  3. I could get on the Aho wagon easy enough. Drouin plus a 1st and 2nd. Is that enough?
  4. Lee rumoured to be looking for a deal worth 9+ mill/year
  5. THE BIG QUESTION. Which UFA out there makes us a contender over a pretender? Other then Panarin,,,, I don't see one. Which RFA makes us that contender? Who, by addition, improves our PP? How many points did our lack of a PP cost us last year? My solution,,,Marner. If MB is serious about the current window we're in with this core, he needs to open the vault and take his best shot. Can't afford to burn another year and just spin our tires again as Price Weber Petry get another year older. Worst case scenario is that the Leafs match,,,,, but is that really that bad? They need to dump another roster guy ( Kadri) to fit in Marner and it still leaves them with holes on D. Best case is they pass and we get Marner and they get Gardiner. Will Hab fans be that upset not having a first rounder in next years draft at the Bell knowing the consolation prize is Marner? I know I won't be.
  6. My pick for the backup role rumoured to be going to Tampa.
  7. Yeah. Canes will probably match in this case I suspect. They're just playing hardball. They have the room..
  8. So he wants 5 at 9.5. Gardiner be damned,,,, I want Aho.
  9. That's been pretty much my argument too. First rounders aren't impossible to get. Hell,,,, we just got a 4th for DLO.
  10. If Gardiner is the alternative at 7 years and over 6 mill,,,,,,,, YES.
  11. It's a lot tighter then it looks. A 7 year 12 mill offer sheet would be tough to match. Kadri would need to be moved to open up some room
  12. Ben Hutton from the Nucks as an option for the LD spot??? More goals then Gardiner last year ( less overall points though). Could be a less risky (shorter term) cheaper alternative.
  13. According to CapFriendly, the Maple Leafs now have $11.42 million in cap space, with Nathan Horton's $5.3 million still available to shelve on LTIR. Ceci and Mitch Marner are the team's only remaining restricted free agents. You have to figure at least 5 for Ceci and now another mill for Spezza leaving them just about 11 mill for Marner with big holes still on D
  14. If i'm a Leaf fan ( sudden bad taste in my mouth) i'd be really upset knowing the Tavares signing cost me Marner.
  15. I think Marner is holding out for Mathews type money and the Leafs are hoping to keep it under 10. Really don't see him considering an offer sheet for anything less then 11+. At this point it seems we'll be looking at table scraps this afternoon. IMO that MB needs to save face after clearing that Cap room. He's almost painted himself into a corner now whereas any signing other then a Duchene will be criticized. At least if he attempts an offer sheet he can argue he did his best but it didn't work out
  16. A lot of players would need to match or exceed last year's stats, however,,,, adding a capable backup in itself could get the job done. Shaw is very replaceable in house IMO. His fragility made him expendable.
  17. Might as well tick off the Jets too while we're at it.
  18. I agree. The only UFA that interest's me is Panarin but that's not happening. That's why i'm advocating an overpayment on a RFA. It has to be a serious attempt though. A guy like Marner or Laine boosts our chances at a Cup with the current core we have. If we can't make it work I don't see a serious run again until our next batch of kids are ready.
  19. Big day tomorrow. Some of us will be happy and some of us will be pissed. Stay tuned.
  20. I honestly think he's a mistake in the making. Not as big as Alzner but not far off for the amount of money he's rumoured to be asking for. He doesn't really improve our team that much and just hampers our ability to resign our true prospects down the road. He's already cost us a guy like Shaw ( not so bad IMO) but what if it costs us a pass on Domi or KK down the road? If we're going to jump into the UFA pool it better be for someone who really increases our chances for a cup in the next couple years. Does Gardiner do that ? Don't see it.
  21. Yeah,,,, that part kills me. What exactly are they suppose to inquire about? How's the wife??
  22. I'd be disappointed if we made room simply to sign 2 overpaid middling UFA's rather then one overpaid big fish. Gardiner and Lee don't cut the mustard in my book. I consider them consolation prizes and we don't need to go that route.
  23. I think offering 10.5 is an easy match for their current teams. They could likely get much better return in a trade. Go big or go home if you want to get serious. Anything else would be a waste of time IMO. If you go 5 at 11.5 to 12.5 I can't see a team like the Leafs matching. They recently made some room but not enough to match that kind of offer without doing more gutting ( not to mention it pisses off guys like Mathews and Tavares) The Jets probably fall in the same boat.
  24. I would call that our window. If it doesn't pan out and we go another rebuild, then the guy himself should get you back one or two of those first rounders and some of those other's you mention could potentially do the same. There's also no guarantee the guys you draft are no brainer NHL'ers. You know Marner and Laine will not fall off the charts production wise barring injuries. Sure it's a risk, but if we're shooting for the Cup with Price,,, now is the time to go all in IMO.