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  1. We're all die harder's in here. Frustrating season to say the least. Canning MB would at least give us hope that things MIGHT change.
  2. Beer o'clock?? Use extra lime.
  3. I wouldn't say it's not fatal. Killing me slowly.
  4. The only virus HRF knows is in a bottle. Called Corona.
  5. That your sister??
  6. Yeah,,, he's probably ground zero.
  7. Where's your mask??
  8. A little too much MB
  9. I was waiting on kinot to step up. Guess I slipped one past him.
  10. As soon as the gardiner gets there and trims his bush he'll see clearly.
  11. Half past Crown Royal?
  12. Well there's another wasted hour of our lives.
  13. What time you got there?
  14. You don't change there,,, right??
  15. Both teams look to be going through the motions.
  16. I think your the only place on the planet that doesn't. Talk again about doing away with it but who knows
  17. Go change your clocks for a little excitement.
  18. Love it. Weal winner.
  19. That works but like I said,,,,won't lose any sleep if we don't win this one.
  20. To what end? New T-shirts for MB?? "Just get in"
  21. Really sloppy period. Passing has been brutal.
  22. I would never cheer for the Habs to lose any game but somehow I wouldn't be too upset to see Florida gain ground on the Leafs.