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  1. I don't follow the Juniors at all so it's tough for me to comment on today's picks. Our #1 looks good from the little i've seen of him, and our 2nd rounder looks intriguing. The kid scored highly in the combine ( #1 in some portions) and from what i've read, seems to be a probable NHL'er. The others i know zip about.


  2. 16 minutes ago, caperns61 said:

    You forgot to mention Mattias as well.

    They have 3 top end deeman who could be top pairing on any team in Jossi, Ellis and Ekholm. They needed depth and they got that.  They added depth with Santini , and a hobey baker finalist in Jeremy Davies. Plus 2 more second rounders. Subban was a second rounder Weber was a second rounder ???

    I am sure they shopped Subban for more around the league, maybe a perceived red flag player because of his outgoing personality? Injuries, coming of a bad season, 30, 9 million dollar cap. There are a lot of factors to take into account  when trading a player. 


    Also a question of finding a team with the Cap room without having to take back salary.