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  1. 1 hour ago, maas_art said:

    With Marner signing, the leafs are now paying their top 4 players (roughly) $40m for Matthews, Tavares, Marner and Nylander. Add in Anderson, Rielly, Ceci and Muzzin and they are up to $59m  (or, 73% of the cap) on 8 players.   Yikes. The remaining 13 or so players have to split the 27% (just over 20m) between them.   

    In fact, the leafs are, right now, $13m over the cap, but have major cap relief with LTIR for the hits on Clarkson ($5.25m), Horton ($5.3m) coming off the books - but that still leaves them about $2.5m over the cap.    It looks like Hyman ($2.25m) and Dermott (860k) are also scheduled to be on LTIR to start the year so that saves them... for now... once those guys come off the LTIR it could get very interesting in TO.




    Yeah,,,,, I have the feeling they're not going to play a 23 man roster this year. Not a big issue with the farm team being in the same city but their flexibility is down to zero. They'll need to be cautious when they or their farm team is on the road.


  2. 14 minutes ago, kinot-2 said:

    Engels: "Pursuant to @MikeHeika report that Julius Honka has requested a trade from DAL, I'm told #Habs are among a couple of teams interested. Belief is that they'd be willing to make a player-for-player swap rather than give up a pick. Believe another East team in the mix." 

    23 Years old, 5' 11", 180#,  Right D, 

    87 GP, 2 G, 11 A, 28 PIM.

    Maybe the new plan is to load up on right D and develop a game plan that pushes all opposing players to that side of the ice.:ph34r:


  3. 2 hours ago, campabee82 said:

     Also noted is Alzner did not skate with the group according to the Habs site.

    That's because everybody on the planet knows he's not an NHL quality defenseman on any pairing. Waste of a roster spot when they could be having a better look at one of the kids.


  4. I understand what your saying kinot. My point is that we'll likely see just as long a list over the next 4 years with whoever gets in. They're all the same. These guys are there simply for the money (pension). The weed heads are happy about this guy though, so he'll likely get another 4 years, just like the gun totters in the States will give their buffoon another four years.


  5. 34 minutes ago, kinot-2 said:

    At least if he's elected, there won't be any taxpayer dollars going to Aga Khan, or some comedian in the U.S. Trudeau was in front of his plane as well. I see that the PMO shut down the RCMP investigation and when asked about it, Trudeau said that he didn't do it, but the PMO is directly under him. 

    Do you have that in writing somewhere??? These guys are all corrupt, so don't hold your breath.


  6. So,,,,, Mr. middle class, for the people, conservative leader Scheer, kicks off his campaign with a picture,,,, waving in front of his private jet. This is the guy who's going to rid us of Trudeau?:rolleyes:

    He keeps running adds about this plan he has. When do we get the details,,,,, after the election??:ph34r:

    These guys are all the same.


  7. 2 hours ago, CANADIENS27 said:

    And why would they want to tie up a player for that length of time?  



    You wouldn't want a guy like Marner tied up for 7 or 8 years? I know I would. He's only in his early twenties. The Leafs want to because they don't want 2 of their best forwards with expiring contracts at the same time


  8. 50 minutes ago, habs1952 said:

    Turdeau or the Liar in Chief? I'll predict they both lose BIGLY!!!!

    Trump for sure. As for Trudeau,,,, his opponents aren't really offering much of an alternative so who knows. We could conceivably see both Laurel and Hardy back in power.


  9. 6 hours ago, kinot-2 said:

    Adam Walsh tweet: 

    "Proud to announce that defenseman Andrei Markov is now a client. He’s been intensively training in Florida this summer and is determined to play in the NHL this season."

    That should pretty much kill the chances of the Habs signing him. Pretty sure MB can't stand Walsh and his dealing through the media for his clients.


  10. 17 hours ago, CANADIENS27 said:

    Illinois named Brandon Peters starting quarterback.  




    17 hours ago, CANADIENS27 said:

    Detroit 2 Houston 1.  Pitching and defense.  Houston had runners thrown out at third base in the eighth and ninth innings.  One runner tried to advance to third on an infield out and the other tried to stretch a double into a triple.  Detroit got only two hits - misplaced fastballs that were sent over the wall.  They were also Detroit's only baserunners.  



    We get your compulsion to report every sport fact world wide, but let's make an effort to find the correct threads.


  11. I've watched this sport long enough to know that there's no such thing as untouchable in the NHL. The right asking price for any player is out there. Asking me who i would prefer not to trade is a different situation. 

    Taking that into consideration,,,,, on the business side,,,,nobody. On the emotional side, i'd hate to see KK moved. Everybody else for the right price i'm OK with.


  12. We can expect this type of entertainment well after this guy leaves office. I suspect his twittering will make news in the states until somebody somehow takes his toy away or his dementia gets so bad he forgets how to type.


  13. 4 minutes ago, CaptWelly said:

    I would say a PTO couldn't hurt. Markov actually was a good skater and what really matters has a great hockey IQ. His passes were always excellent. A crisp headman pass to a moving forward is always faster than any defenseman skating a puck out of the zone. His passing is also what made Subban and others great goal scores on the PP. His passes were usually well placed and flat. He also always had great vision. With our group of speedy forwards he actually "might" make a difference.

    I definitely would want to see him on a PTO before any consideration of a contract. If he refuses then so be it.


  14. 11 minutes ago, habs1952 said:

    And then she had to search through her purse for her wallet! 

    Used a debit card and it looked like it was her first time.:rolleyes:


  15. 1 hour ago, jeff33 said:

    My memory may be wrong but I seem to remember that signing coming out of nowhere and everyone going OH GOD NO. I dont see them being similar, gardiner can actually put up points. alzner was a defensive dman who was already going off a cliff in washington. that said anything more than a 2 year deal im not interested


    It did come out of nowhere because we didn't expect to be in the running for him as I recall. There were quite a few members excited in here that MB had finally been able to land a UFA supposed stud D-man.

    Your right that he has put up points. Hard not to with that forward group IMO. You don't think a guy like Petry would have had inflated totals playing over there? I stand by my earlier statement that this guy is at best a second pairing D-man, and with his questionable back issues,,,, even that is a stretch. I respect everybody's opinion about him in here but I've seen too much of this guy and talked to too many Leaf fans to think otherwise. They won't miss him in T.O.


  16. 14 minutes ago, Habs_Hockey_Nutz said:

    Hey HTL... would you choose Markov at 40 before Gardiner? Just wondering...

    Love Marky but NO. Haven't seen Marky play for 2 years and at 40 that would be concerning. I'd offer him a PTO though to see whats still there. He claims to be in great shape.


  17. Another frustrating day at the grocery store. I go to the express lane (12 items or less) and only one lady ahead of me. Of course she can't count as she had 23 items. The place price matches and of course she had a damn coupon for every single item,,,, or a flyer from other stores. Do you think she had them all organized? Of course not. Took close to 10 minutes as she searched through her friggin phone and flipped through the damn flyers. Express my ass.:5155: