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  1. Man mountain looking more like Man pothole since the break. Is he hurt or what??? Time to shut him down for the year IMO. Hurting the team right now. Can't count how many times Mete has had to skate like a madman to cover for him. At this point Reilly has to be a better option.
  2. Other major or minor sports discussion.
  3. Finally hitting the big thaw around here. Looking forward to the white stuff going away
  4. Sure looks that way. Julien playing Weal all over the place last night was the biggest tell. You bench a kid who has a lot more offensive potential for a guy with a history of low production,,,, moving him up and down the lineup. Try moving the kid around to more talented wingers instead of the guys struggling to get their game going ( Drouin) and other linemates with almost no production. I realize the kid has looked a little spent of late but he needs to experience the grind as part of his development.
  5. St. Patrick's Day NJD @ COL (3pm Eastern) STL @ BUF (5pm) NYI @ MIN (6pm) PHI @ PIT FLO @ ANA
  6. Yup. Flat tire.
  7. Lines are now set. Weal on the 2nd Weal on the 3rd Weal on the 4th. If that doesn't work i'm sure he'll get bumped to the 1st.
  8. Pretty much see the same thing. He can't wait to pass that thing off. Unfortunately everybody in the League has caught on and capatalize on it.
  9. For somebody who only cares about offense he sure makes a lot of passes towards our zone. Two out of three he passes back and every team expects it and jumps on the trailer.
  10. Deep hole pretty much describes them
  11. I'd rather see Reilly in there in his place,,, he's been that bad.
  12. Three stars all go to Crawford. The opposite of that i'll call 3 craters #1 crater JD #2 crater Weber #3 crater Habs PP
  13. Weber really looking bad since Christmas.
  14. Somebody has to sit so you can double shift Weal.
  15. Yup. Outshooting them almost 2 to 1 and can't break through the wall.
  16. We have the odd guy who will go stand in front of the net on the rare occasion and everytime I see a red jersey there,,,, they have their stick up in the air. How the hell do you score that way??
  17. CJ's idea of shaking up the lines,,,, move up Weal.
  18. Most teams 4th lines would look better on the PP then this sad sack group we keep sending out with no strategy in place. Wash rinse repeat is the battle cry for out PP.
  19. If no heads roll this summer because of this PP they'll riot in the streets in Montreal. MMW