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  1. Nothing like being too obvious. LOL
  2. Would suck if it's true but it could also just be more trolling from the Canes organization. Maybe just another dig.
  3. Monday Tampa @ Buffalo Caps @ Sens Yotes @ Florida Flames @ NYR Leafs @ Canes Dallas @ CBJ
  4. Another likely NO deal scenario. Straight trade (almost Cap neutral,,,Leafs gain 200K in room) Marner and Campbell For Price and Kulak We get an elite wing and a backup for Allen and they get the coveted starter and a little depth on D.
  5. Yeah,,, i'd take Marner in a heartbeat. He's the only guy that really would be of interest to me. Mathews no doubt is untouchable, so no sense even going there. I'd go Gally plus Byron for the Cap room, along with any one prospect in the farm system and maybe a 1st in 2023 (lottery protected). Probably nowhere near what they would ask for the guy.
  6. Yeah it's always fun to compare, but let's also remember both LA and Carolina are doing better then us in the standings and played less games (Canes by a lot). Still way too early to judge IMO.
  7. I hope his dad is doing OK and has a chance to beat his cancer.
  8. So,,,, Jose is playing Jose today??? I thought pre season was over.
  9. Sunday San Jose @ Boston Detroit @ Chicago NY Islanders @ Vegas
  10. Another goal less night for the next coming of Christ in T.O.
  11. He got a goal tonight. Now he thinks he's Orr.
  12. Would be sweeter if the game was in T.O.
  13. Can't happen to a more deserving team.
  14. Can't really say i've missed Wideman out there tonight.
  15. Need to keep the pedal on the gas. Can't finish the game on a low before the road trip out West.
  16. Lehky hauled down on the PK and no call.
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