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  1. I suspect Price will get the start but i wouldn't be shocked in the least to see Allen out there. On the one hand you want to give Price the chance to try and impress the new boss, but on the other hand DD might want to send an early message of put up or sit down. The lineup is what i'm waiting to see, especially the D pairings. Will there be any immediate changes?
  2. From his presser i got the impression he's going to lean that way once again.
  3. If i suspected him of doing that i'd park his butt permanently until he agreed to waive his NMC. No excuse for a guy making 10 million, especially when the coach keeps coming back to you despite your play.
  4. No, and that's why i think they should have considered Waite in the cleansing. Maybe the message has become stale there too.
  5. I don't know. That's why i said wild card. Can he be much worse then what Muller has been able to do for what seems forever?
  6. Exactly, or they just hold on to the puck for what seems like ages only to be stripped from behind. One, two, three quick short passes and your out of there.
  7. Burrows could be the wild card in all this. If he can come up with even an average plan that at least makes us a threat, that's a game changer IMO. Team discipline will help solve our PK problems. Too many consecutive calls against us makes it tough to defend,,, not to mention the 5 on 3's we've given up.
  8. And that's a problem with a slow D that has issues moving the puck when the forwards don't all commit to helping out. The last few games we were pinned into our zone numerous times and not able to clear. Too many plays along the boards that other teams were able to intercept without being challenged. Hopefully that's addressed.
  9. Agree that we are a top team 5 on 5. What needs to be addressed immediately are the special teams play, and overall team discipline. You can't keep averaging over 10 minutes every game in the box.
  10. Who's playing where? Or,,,, am i playing tomorrow?
  11. MB has to be one of the worst at pressers. I can almost recite word for word what he'll have to say.
  12. Gally actually was knocked down twice to Murray's once and he had time to get up, get knocked down a second time, stand up, track the puck and deflect it into the net. How much time we're they going to give Murray? That was a stomach turning call and once again a big fail
  13. Looks like we get to test the theory about animosity between the refs and CJ. Do we start to get some breaks now? I'm not holding my breath. Another disgusting call last night on Gally's goal resulting once again in lost points. This is really getting old.
  14. IMO the only surprising thing about this firing is that MB finally found some substance in his pants. I didn't expect it for at least another week of losing.
  15. Yeah. Maybe Waite should have been part of the cleansing. Price might need a new perspective.
  16. Yes Price has been a problem, but isn't it the coach who decides who gets the net? Price struggling and Allen playing lights out should be an easy call. This team had a whole week of practice to get their act together on special teams and this is what we got out of it? That alone should be reason to get canned but it goes beyond that. Chiarot on the ice in OT? Really? Questionable choices in the shoot out? I think CJ is a good guy but he just seems to have lost the room. It was time IMO.
  17. Another thing i would expect from the new coach is to not hesitate to throw the kids out there in a shoot out. Suzuki and KK should always get the nod over Perry. I almost fell asleep watching Perry lumber down the ice at the speed of frozen molasses. JD has the skills to be in the SO but he's been so hesitant to actually shoot at the net lately that i'd think twice about sending him out there with his current frame of mind. He was probably shaking in his boots realizing he had nobody to pass off to. As for OT,,,,,,, common sense deployment would be nice for a change. You don't use a cent
  18. I only see that happening if we make the playoffs and advance out of the North division. Anything less and he has to be done. He's spent to the Cap and if we go down in the 1st couple rounds i think the fan and media pressure will be too strong to ignore. Can you say boycott?
  19. New younger coach so maybe we see more modern methods employed. I think it's high time we see Romanov next to Weber, and throw Chiarot and Kulak or Mete together. The only pairing i leave together is Petry's. Dano is moved down the lineup until or if he breaks out of his funk. Evans moved up and Lehky back in the lineup. Let's do this.
  20. He has to be getting pretty close to all 9 by now,,, right??
  21. Nobody can say they're surprised. MB is running out of lives. It's do or die for him this season.
  22. Carolina vs Tampa Bay: TAMPA BAY Dallas vs Florida: FLORIDA NY Rangers vs Philadelphia: RANGERS Calgary vs Toronto:FLAMES
  23. Looks like MB read our poll last night and got the message.
  24. Ironic that Dano was finally able to hit the net tonight but only after Gally had already scored. Almost makes you want to cry.
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