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  1. Heard a good one (within forum rules),,, please share here.
  2. Other major or minor sports discussion.
  3. This could easily merge with the jokes thread but here goes. Trumps latest brainstorm,,,, let's arm the teachers. Just what a frustrated teacher needs,,, a gun. Does he stay up all night thinking of stupid things to do?? Unfortunately I don't ever see Americans giving up their guns. As long as the NRA is writing those checks, politicians will never let it happen.
  4. Finally hitting the big thaw around here. Looking forward to the white stuff going away
  5. I don't understand how T.O. hits that list. The center of the virus cases in Ontario are currently in Toronto. Makes no sense to me. If they want it in Canada they should be considering Provinces with few cases like N.B. How about a place like Halifax?
  6. I have a hard time visualizing fans at these games in any number. You have people screaming at the top of their lungs just spraying contaminants everywhere, no matter what the distancing. What about the bathroom use and concessions if they're offered?? Too many scenarios to deal with IMO.
  7. San Jose declaring a ban on any events of 1000 people or more for the balance of March and it includes the Sharks. We (the Habs) are their next scheduled home game. Looks like we could be playing in an empty building
  8. I can't see any games being played in Canada with the current 14 day mandatory isolation rule in place for those entering Canada. I imagine all games will be played in the States,, which really puts players at risk with the situation as it currently sits down there. I'm not in favour, but i'll certainly watch. Let's hope a decision like this doesn't kill anyone if it goes ahead.
  9. He may have signed simply to get out of Russia and their Covid situation.
  10. Well kinot,,,,,, $300.00 extra dollars to spend. Have fun.
  11. Also possible he ends up in Laval.
  12. And the idiots wearing masks that seem to think it gives them permission to invade other's space. They come right at you like they're invincible.
  13. Had to grocery shop today and lined up outside waiting my turn. HUGE sign on the front door asking that only one family member enter to shop. Counted at least 4 couples in front of me and a half dozen behind me before my turn. Some of them with their kids tagging along. Do people not know how to read anymore? Shopping is not a family social outing people. MORONS.
  14. He's top of the heap at running a nut house though. What are we going to do in 4 and a half years for entertainment? These all day news stations are going to go bankrupt.
  15. Stupidity is not an exclusive club unfortunately.
  16. Arenas are germ holes no doubt. You get 20,000+ people screaming at the top of their lungs for good portions of the game. Pity the fans down below you getting all that spay. As big a fan as i am, there's no way i go to a game until they have a vaccine.
  17. Look them in the eye????? He's been hanging around Trump way too much.
  18. Read an article today that U of Oxford has had excellent results on their vaccine search and are quite away ahead of everybody else. They're talking possibly September of this year. Fingers crossed.
  19. Senility and dementia are not something to laugh at, but at some point people need to be questioning this guy's state of mind. .Even statements like this is beyond his normal banter.
  20. Lysol anyone??
  21. Don't see why not. The player gets paid his salary and the team gets the Cap relief. The player then gets the chance to sign a new deal somewhere else while still making the money from his original contract.
  22. If that happens then I can see the NHL allowing teams to dump one or more bad deals off the books to get everybody in compliance. Alzner anybody?