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  1. This could easily merge with the jokes thread but here goes. Trumps latest brainstorm,,,, let's arm the teachers. Just what a frustrated teacher needs,,, a gun. Does he stay up all night thinking of stupid things to do?? Unfortunately I don't ever see Americans giving up their guns. As long as the NRA is writing those checks, politicians will never let it happen.
  2. Heard a good one (within forum rules),,, please share here.
  3. Other major or minor sports discussion.
  4. Yup,,,, he's still on the job. What would you do different this season?
  5. Utterly ridiculous. Unless the Bruins had some kind of unbreakable commitment in arena leases this is an idiotic decision by the NHL . Talk about stretching things out. I won't watch a minute of this final.
  6. It will take more then 11 mill to be taken seriously. He should be making Mathews type money and i'm sure the Leafs are thinking the same thing. It will take McDavid + type money ( something along the lines of 5 years at 13 mill, with most of it up front ) for the Leafs to balk and take the picks and for Marner to seriously consider us IMO. Can't see MB going there. At the same time,,,, we have the picks and resources to make that happen. If MB were contemplating this kind of strategy he wouldn't have gone out and committed money to those lower tier guys like Thompson and Weal. Those type of signings are clear indicators which way he intends to proceed. The bargain route as usual. It's all about quantity with Bergevin
  7. Some as in one,,,,, and we all know who that is.
  8. You would be hard pressed to find any of those so called skilled French players that had any major impact on us winning a Cup. If you research it, you would see how much of a farce that supposed advantage actually was. Here's one of many articles debunking that myth,,,, https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2008/12/2/678036/debunking-the-canadiens-fr
  9. Refs are turning these playoffs into the most controversial ever. This Cup win will be tainted.
  10. IMO they'll be a handful for all 3 of those teams. I saw a bit of that win vs Slovakia and they beat a team that easily handled USA and took Canada to the limit.
  11. I really don't think the French theory is that big a deal. We haven't gone out of our way to draft one of them in recent drafts, in the higher rounds, unless he was highly ranked. KK last year, Chucky recently,,, those are examples of not going too far off the board. I can see them taking some slightly higher risks in the lower rounds, 4th to 6th, but those guys are already projected to be projects. That guy that TSN has ranked 15th for us to target is about that ranking with the other media outlets, and to be honest,,,, he sounds intriguing to me. Who wouldn't want a guy like that (size and offensive ability)? It just happens he's French. If he's available, that doesn't mean MB will jump at him in the 1st round. He might be targeting that D man if one is available that they like.
  12. I don't think the drafting of french players is the issue. We've made some good and some bad ( anybody remember Wickenheiser over Denis Savard?) choices. I think where the disconnect is,,,, is the policy of hiring the best french candidate to coach or manage the team. That's the area we should be concerned with. I understand the reasoning to some extent but it shouldn't be the only consideration when hiring. There is such a thing as translators for the media and most if not all the coaching in the NHL is done in English. Likewise if our GM was unable to do business if he only spoke French. Who would he make trades with?
  13. Did some checking and see no difference in the compensation packages. The different numbers are adjusted based on salary increases. I still don't see teams lining up to offer sheet players. Status quo IMO.
  14. I don't know what the old numbers were but it seems like all they've done is adjust the salary numbers to reflect the increases in the Cap. Is the compensation different?
  15. You say NEW. What is different from last year? I thought changes had to be negotiated in the CBA.
  16. Doubt i'm going to watch the 3rd unless I put it on mute. I'll check in once in awhile
  17. Take that you bunch of dog whistlers.
  18. I've only watched a bit of this game and it's getting on my nerves. Feel a headache coming on.
  19. That whistling is really aggravating.
  20. Tuna trying to win this one on his own.
  21. Are the Slovaks that good or is our D that bad?
  22. No kidding. Thought it was pretty obvious from the 1st replay. These guys are worse then Toronto.
  23. Gonna be waived off.
  25. Here here,,,,, and welcome to the forum. Let's hope we both live long enough to see a few more.