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  1. Maybe a hockey game? Don't count on it. As i said before,,, pre season games are boring as hell.
  2. You know we have a GDT tonight,,,, right?
  3. Montreal will ice a roster featuring its top scoring line from the playoffs — Tyler Toffoli, Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield — while other regulars including Artturi Lehkonen, Jeff Petry and Alexander Romanov will dress too. Some notable Canadiens fighting for roster spots playing Saturday include Ryan Poehling, Laurent Dauphin, Alex Belzile and Xavier Ouellet. The Canadiens will start Cayden Primeau in net while Michael McNiven will serve as backup.
  4. The one i signed up for is usually about 10 seconds behind (more if i use the RDS feed). I'd rather get the TV broadcast but it's better then nothing
  5. Should be good for a couple more weeks of shorts i'm hoping.
  6. Not sure i'm going to watch this whole game unless it gets interesting. Pre season is usually pretty boring games. I'm sure Leaf fans will be screaming "Stanley here we come" if they win this one.
  7. Your assuming the Leafs don't black it out like they've done countless times in the pass. I'm covered either way as i've just subscribed for the full season.
  8. Yeah, i have to admit i was one of those anti seatbelt guys because back then the shoulder straps were very uncomfortable and bothered my neck (which i have issues with). Thank God they've changed over the years because those tickets were expensive. Your brother in law should have fought that ticket because cars that didn't come from the factory with belts we're exempt.
  9. I stopped taking him serious when he chased Lucic around the ice inviting him to drop the gloves.
  10. Took 3 tickets for me to get the message.
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/ontario-capacity-limits-toronto-blue-jays-maple-leafs-1.1697676 So,,,, the government of Ontario changes the rules for pro sports while the average business is held to different standards. Fifty percent of capacity for spectators does not allow for social distancing requirements that the rest of us running a business are being held to. Unbelievable.
  12. But that's not what the current rules dictate in Ontario. You need to be fully vaccinated indoors AND socially distanced as spectators. That's the rules my business is working under and i would expect that also applies to NHL teams in Ontario.
  13. Michael Flynn claims salad dressing is being infused with COVID vaccine (msn.com)
  14. Well,,, restrictions in my business indoors is that fully vaccinated spectators are now allowed as long as they can social distance with masks. If the Leafs get an exemption that allows them 100% attendance i'll be pissed.
  15. I would think people are really tiring of his Barnum and Bailey road show. I correctly predicted his first run but i think a lot don't want to go through the same circus again. I'm not even convinced he'll run again. It wouldn't surprise me to see one of his family members take a shot at it with his endorsement. Sets him up for pardons down the road.
  16. I have to admit that when he was president i did follow the US politics a lot more,, especially during the height of Covid when there was little to do other then watch TV. It was a form of entertainment for me. Just like his old show "The Apprentice",,, it's gotten really stale. Media has kept him relevant but ENOUGH ALREADY. This has gotten as bad as the coverage of the Leafs in Ontario.
  17. Good for him. His logic for not getting it was likely flawed and i would assume the Habs educated him and put his mind at ease.
  18. I didn't see any direct posts from members quoting you, that would lead me to believe someone was calling you out as being ignorant or unintelligent. They were generalizations of anti vaxers as far as i can see. Please PM me otherwise, as i would like this discussion to come to an end before it escalates.
  19. Can we please refrain from the Hitler and Nazi analogies when referring to members? I'm sure it wasn't your intention but those are offensive comparisons.
  20. If it's just a political stand then i agree. If it's fear, then go do the research. If it was a medical reason, then you would think the Club would have stipulated that.
  21. I guess i should have been clearer. My definition of an anti vaxer is somebody who is refusing for no other reason then political (your infringing on my rights) or somebody who believes in the conspiracy theory's floating around, such as your being injected with tracers or it makes you magnetic somehow. Then there's the ones who fear the ingredients used to manufacture the drug, yet have no problem ingesting something like a Big Mac for example, despite all the crap and chemical preservatives they use that keeps them looking the same after months/years. At some point they need to do the research and make an educated decision rather then have a knee jerk reaction. I have a couple of relatives like that who just leave me shaking my head at some of the idiotic reasoning they throw at me. I also sympathize with pregnant women, as this hasn't been approved for children under 12 yet. I think they should also be medically exempt at this time if they chose to hold off.
  22. WOW. I am CERTAINLY not talking about people with legit medical reasons for not getting vaccinated. The alcohol reference was intended as an example of people breaking the rules in place, just like wearing seatbelts or smoking indoors in public places to point out a few. My message is strictly directed at those choosing not to get vaccinated for political reasons.
  23. Are there any unvaccinated holdouts on the Habs?
  24. I would like for MB to make an announcement that he has complete faith in DD to make all his own decisions. It will put to rest the speculation that he's nothing but MB's yes man when it comes to controversial lineup choices. Merrill over Romanov had MB written all over it in the playoffs, among other questionable lineup choices.
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