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  1. Can't see them recalling CC just to sit on the bench. I have no doubt he'll play.
  2. . Somewhat surprised it wasn't Romanov. Maybe they're starting to get it over there,,, lost season, play the kids.
  3. He's still out with a knee injury. Last update i believe was out until late this month.
  4. Calgary Buffalo Flames Rangers Toronto NYR Pittsburgh Montreal Habs New Jersey Florida Florida Tampa Philadelphia Tampa Columbus Arizona Columbus Detroit Vegas Vegas Carolina Anaheim Carolina
  5. Crosby is. Played almost 19 minutes last game.
  6. Norlinder will debut but no idea who sits in his place. Probably Romanov. Can't have too many kids in the lineup after all.
  7. Forward Mathieu Perreault had a second surgery on his eye and his recovery time has been pushed back another two weeks, according to TSN's John Lu.
  8. Defenceman Mattias Norlinder is expected to make his NHL debut on Thursday against the Pittsburgh Penguins, according to head coach Dominique Ducharme
  9. Can you waive an injured player??
  10. Gally getting a fine for roughing is the ultimate joke from this League. I can't think of another player who takes as much abuse as Gally does,,, with over 90% of it going uncalled. This League is the laughing stock of the sports world.
  11. Kid looked like an NHL goalie to me. Made a lot of nice saves.
  12. He most definitely has pictures on Molson. No other way to explain still being the GM. You would think he would have at least tried to salvage his job by replacing DD after that last disaster on the road. Neither of these guys deserve to still be here and Molson turning a blind eye to this whole mess needs to be run out of town too.
  13. Just mind boggling how he still has a job. What does this guy have to do to get fired?? Sleep with MB or Molson's wife?? This has gone beyond any type of reasoning whatsoever.
  14. You have to feel for Gally's frustration. Took an earlier elbow to the back of the head and followed by a punch with no calls.
  15. Another game another loss. Who's next???
  16. All that's left now is the empty netter.
  17. Gotta get that penalty count up. Only 3 so far.
  18. Gally gets elbowed to the back of the head and then punched with no call as usual.
  19. Anderson took a vicious crosscheck on that last scrum.
  20. Permission granted. Somebody steal his passport.
  21. Seems to be the only benefit we get
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