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  1. So nice to see the refs in full regular season form. Going to be another fun year with the best of the best.
  2. Canadiens’ Bergevin has strong case for lucrative contract extension (msn.com)
  3. You mean you actually looked for a change? That should actually be the name of this thread because everybody knows who did it.
  4. Who gets axed after this one? Canadiens look for answers at blue line, centre ahead of final pre-season week (msn.com)
  5. Not sure the Habs would be willing to part with their 1st this year with the draft being in Montreal
  6. Montreal Canadiens Marc Bergevin Geoff Molson - TSN.ca
  7. KK with a goal and an assist after 1 period tonight.
  8. If and when this lineup gets healthy, it's really tough to envision where a guy like Byron will slot in.
  9. Yeah, i have to agree. As much as i hate watching pre season hockey,, i made a point of watching last nights game just to see how the 2 kids on D would make out,, and i was left impressed by Guhle. Realizing it's only one meaningless game i'm not going so far as to say he should be in the lineup, but it was a pleasure to see how close he may be.
  10. I think the guy working the shot clock went out for a hot dog.
  11. Two minutes for pushing. I see the refs are already in regular season form.
  12. I actually like what i've seen of that Guhle kid.so far.
  13. I saw it right away,,,, i'm just surprised they bothered to challenge.
  14. Not a big fan of useless fights in a pre season game. Chiarot broke a hand last year fighting so no need to take a risk like that.
  15. Maybe a hockey game? Don't count on it. As i said before,,, pre season games are boring as hell.
  16. You know we have a GDT tonight,,,, right?
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