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  1. 15 minutes ago, Regis22 said:

    Equally  mind boggling is how a GM whose team missed the playoffs 3 yrs in a row, would have missed a 4 th if it weren't for the extra bye in round - surprisingly made it to the finals  last year  and this year will miss the PO's still has a job 

    He most definitely has pictures on Molson. No other way to explain still being the GM. You would think he would have at least tried to salvage his job by replacing DD after that last disaster on the road. Neither of these guys deserve to still be here and Molson turning a blind eye to this whole mess needs to be run out of town too.

  2. 4 minutes ago, maas_art said:

    Randy Cunneyworth: 18-23-9  (.439 %)

    Dominique Ducharme:  19-28-9 (.404%)  - this year only: 4-12-2 (.250%)

    Just putting this here... 

    Just mind boggling how he still has a job. What does this guy have to do to get fired?? Sleep with MB or Molson's wife?? This has gone beyond any type of reasoning whatsoever. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, BigTed3 said:

    Goodrow also diving afterwards. You could see him covering his face but looking up through his gloves at the ref and then getting up once he saw the penalty was being called.

    You have to feel for Gally's frustration. Took an earlier elbow to the back of the head and followed by a punch with no calls.

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