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  1. 2 minutes ago, ramcharger440 said:

    I hope so! we pay Byron too much but at least he plays his heart out and does not hurt the team on the ice!

    It's no guarantee especially seeing as he's French, but he'd be at the top of my list for players to dump. Even the AHL call ups have outplayed him IMO.

  2. 1 hour ago, Regis22 said:


    On a 91.9 Sports radio show, host Martin Lemay said all signs point to the Canadiens being on the market.


    1 hour ago, habsisme said:

    Ah there you go! Thanks!

    Those rumours have been floating around for quite awhile now. I remember reading something last year about another brewery ( Budweiser) being in the hunt. Molson as an owner has done very little with this franchise since taking over. He's been more concerned about offending the French media and politicians rather then getting down to the issue of building  a contender. It's a tightrope he's chosen to walk and IMO a policy that's failed him miserably. If it materializes, i would hope new owners take a different approach. Willing to bet that the biggest majority of Hab fans in Quebec would chose winning over language any day of the week.

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