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  1. Let's see,,,,,, vs a team who has a great record??? Sounds like a Hab win to me. Can't beat crap teams so when you expect to be blown away by a team like the Flames,,, sounds like an upset.
  2. Edmonton Boston Boston Calgary Montreal Montreal LA Ottawa LA Islanders New Jersey NYI Florida Pittsburgh TIE Washington Detroit Washington
  3. Loser point tonight. Maybe next week.
  4. That point should guarantee DD and MB another week.
  5. We may actually have a shot at our first loser point tonight.
  6. Meant to comment on that last PP,,,,, WTH is with using Gally to take draws in the O zone??
  7. That's OK,,,, this PP should put them back to sleep.
  8. Lemieux is really a pretty pathetic diver. So obvious
  9. I just called the cab myself. Take your pick who you put in it.
  10. This team is so fragile it's hard as a fan to see them pull this one out. I think we'll see more of the same in the 3rd that we saw in the 2nd.
  11. Allen was down a good few seconds before that shot.
  12. We don't need any help from the refs to lose this game. This team is more then capable of blowing leads all by themselves.
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