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  1. I think Molson needs to weigh paying an interim 4th head coach or playing to an empty arena. As far as i'm concerned DD is toxic to the development of the kids on this team at this point. It's like sending your kids to school with a terrible teacher. Hell,,,, bring back Julien for the balance of the year if it's just a question of money. He's still on the payroll.

    I'm all for finishing with a lottery pick this year and dumping some vets at or before the TD, but i'm really concerned with the message our kids are getting from any lack of direction coming from the coach. This is not healthy for the future IMO.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Vladimer-Kholokov said:

    I Think he wants to let the new GM  hire the next coach,  Gorton may have a say as to who he thinks should be the next coach, but I believe it lands on new GM to decide.  Isn't it better to hire a coach in the off season than in season? 

    I can understand that reasoning if the intention is not to hire a new GM until the off season. Gordon has indicated that DD's job is secure until the end of the season. What if he appoints a new GM early next year? Does that change the plan?? I personally hate the fact that DD is in charge of dictating ice time in the development of our kids. We need somebody in charge that recognizes this season is toast and the plan going forward should be giving the young guys all the experience possible and providing guidance on how to react in certain situations. Can't do that in bottom 6 roles with limited minutes.

  3. 2 hours ago, arpem-can said:

      It's a rebuild ...I have no problem with that ...I don't care if Ducharme finishes the season or not at the moment because I'm more interested in how Gorton will deal players  and who he brings in to replace Bergevin as well as  a head scout to replace Timmins ....I'm sure he's got people in mind  ...it's not he just fell off the turnip truck  ....play the kids 

    I have a problem with DD at the helm with absolutely no clue how to help these kids develop into NHL players. He's a lame duck coach that's getting canned. Why wait??

  4. 46 minutes ago, Regis22 said:

    Well they have  – Evans –– Poehling – Caufield
    Pezzetta –  Dauphin/Ylönen ( 6 young guys ) up front but why bury CC on the 3rd line . There is no chance ( zero )  of making the playoffs this year - just throw CC out there in all situations and let him learn .

    I was laughing because he was on the 3rd line. This coach still showing he has no clue what to do on a lost season. Yet another reason i wouldn't wait until the end of the year to dump him. Get somebody in there with a system that at least develops these kids rather then planting them in the bottom 6 with limited minutes.

  5. 11 minutes ago, AH64 said:

    i just dont see the price family wanting to go to Edmonton. Angela has a huge say in what they do. We shall see at the deadline!

    I can understand Edmonton not being a choice location for many players, but Price may be open to an excellent shot at one or more Cups,, and with the Oilers current core,, he could be the missing piece to make that happen. Sure his wife would have a say, but would she actually deny him that chance? 

  6. 14 minutes ago, richard464 said:

    Hailey Wickenheiser is mentioned!

    With the recent hirings there have been some great choices and I just hope that panic does not set in here and we make a huge error. I have no problem with a female Mgr as longs she is qualified to do the job. This would be a first and that alone would bring yet another element to an already highly respnsible position.


    IMO Hailey would be one of the leading female candidates but once again we are faced with the language handicap. Not sure if she meets that requirement. If we're going to be the first organization to go this route i would hope we'd seek out the best available, regardless of language, but we all know that won't happen.

  7. Las Vegas vs. Boston            Vegas
    Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay
    Ottawa vs. Florida:                 Florida
    New Jersey vs. Philadelphia: Jersey
    Montreal vs. Pittsburgh:         Habs
    NY Islanders vs. Detroit         Detroit
    Carolina vs. Minnesota:         Carolina
    Buffalo vs. Winnipeg:             Winnipeg
    NY Rangers vs. Colorado:     Colorado
    Toronto vs. Edmonton:           Edmonton
    Columbus vs. Vancouver:      Columbus

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