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  1. Ottawa Boston Boston LA Montreal Montreal Carolina Tampa Tampa Florida New Jersey Florida Edmonton Detroit Oilers PIttsburgh Chicago Pittsburgh
  2. Will tomorrow night be the pink slip game for somebody??? Anybody holding their breath???
  3. Well,,,, the Kings are currently leading the Leafs 3-1 and they will be on a B2B road game vs us tomorrow,, so,,,,, should be a loss.
  4. Move him???? If MB is still GM he'll extend him 5 years. Shocked he hasn't done it yet.
  5. Go from pleasantly surprised to totally pissed in one period. Sounds about right with this team.
  6. No call on Evans but no problem finding a red jersey to call.
  7. Thanks. Just went and checked. Nick with 2 more points. He's heating up. Sweet.
  8. Just getting home and pleasantly surprised to see a lead. Who scored for us??
  9. He has been fired. Question for us is will MB get axed at the same time as DD?
  10. Saturday, Nov 6 Tampa Bay @ Ottawa TB Carolina @ Florida Florida NY Islanders @ Winnipeg NYI Detroit @ Buffalo Buffalo Boston @ Toronto Boston Vegas @ Montréal Habs Minnesota @ Pittsburgh Pens Philadelphia @ Washington Caps Colorado @ Columbus Avs NY Rangers @ Calgary Flames New Jersey @ San Jose Jose
  11. The answer to our problems is a simple one IMO,,,,,,EMPTY SEATS. Seems to be the only language an owner like Molson will understand.
  12. This^^^ I thought for sure the recent road trip was the final straw. I expected at least an attempt at a shakeup with a coach change. Instead we get MB holding a dressing room chat, while DD is in a presser. What the hell was he hoping to accomplish with that?? A new slogan for his next T shirt??
  13. They're waiting on the saviour (Price) Isn't that the way this team operates since naming MB the GM??
  14. Well,,,, at least we didn't get shutout. NS with another point.
  15. Well,,,, the Leafs are losing, so there's always that.
  16. Might as well play Monty in the 3rd cause there's not much chance we score 3 or more.
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