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  1. Send him in there with his couch too.
  2. Looks like Allen is done.
  3. If Allen doesn't come back, he's our only option tonight. Is Ayers in the building??
  4. I think Allen is off for protocol.
  5. How does Pez get a roughing call for that???
  6. What a sloppy effort out there.
  7. Score a goal and go to sleep.
  8. Almost gave it back in record time.
  9. Poehling with his 1st. Sweet.
  10. Acoustics are horrible in there.
  11. If he loses tonight he may not have a choice but to play him B2B. From what i've seen of Monty so far i have little confidence in the guy.
  12. It's a gamble on DD's part to start Allen IMO. If we lose tonight, we have Boston to look forward to tomorrow, with Monty in net. Makings of a brutal weekend.
  13. Saturday, Nov 13Boston @ New Jersey NJToronto @ Buffalo BuffaloPittsburgh @ Ottawa PittsburghMontréal @ Detroit MontréalFlorida @ Tampa Bay FloridaNY Rangers @ Columbus ColumbusSt. Louis @ Carolina CarolinaPhiladelphia @ Dallas Philadelphia
  14. The first of B2B road games. If you were coach, would you go with Allen vs the Wings, or save him for Boston on Sunday?
  15. Now 14 pts in 15 games. Safe to say his game is back.
  16. Edmonton Buffalo Buffalo Calgary Toronto Flames Philadelphia Carolina Canes Washington Columbus Caps
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