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  1. Colorado vs. Montreal: HabsSt Louis vs. Tampa Bay: Tampa BayBuffalo vs. Florida: FloridaChicago vs. Washington: WashingtonOttawa vs. Carolina: CarolinaSan Jose vs. NY Islanders: NYIBoston vs. Nashville: BruinsNew Jersey vs. Minnesota: JerseyColumbus vs. Dallas: Dallas
  2. I could see possible conflicts as a coach for the Habs and the current roster, but that doesn't preclude him for the job down the road. Why not working with our younger guys in Laval? That would be the place that makes the most sense to me to break him in and see what he has to offer as a coach.
  3. Ohhh,,,, so guaranteed loss. No need to watch this one.
  4. I would hope a new GM wouldn't have the same priority's as MB.
  5. Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers: NYRColorado vs. Toronto: ColoradoVancouver vs. Ottawa: NucksSeattle vs. Detroit: WingsPittsburgh vs. Edmonton: Edmonton
  6. Rumoured 12 teams have inquired about him and apparently the Habs are one of them.
  7. Another good reason for replacing them all is simply that we need to actually see what this team can do with a different staff. It's fine to say trade the whole bunch but we'd be selling low on just about everybody.
  8. I understand that Richardson hasn't had a ton to work with, but i'm also in agreement about how questionable his pairings are this year. This team is giving up around 40 shots a game. You would think somebody on this team would get in front of some of those. Every game this season has seen guys out of position over and over again. Isn't that the D coach's job to make sure everybody knows their assignments? I haven't been impressed at all with any of this coaching staff. The D sucks, the forwards are a mess and our special teams are the joke of the League. I'm all for replacing the whole bunch.
  9. Detroit Boston Boston Washington Florida Florida San Jose New Jersey NJ Tampa St. Louis Tampa Columbus Nashville Preds Carolina Dallas Carolina
  10. Wonder if Paquette would have been scratched tonight if MB still had a job??
  11. Two game winning streak not looking good so far. Need a big 3rd.
  12. Out shot 21-11 this period. Nucks have 33 shots after 2 periods and very few of them have been chintzy.
  13. I'd rather save my bathroom breaks for our PP's. Gives me a good 2 minutes to kill.
  14. We could use a PP about now. I need to go to the bathroom
  15. Must have been one hell of a pep talk by DD at intermission.
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