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  1. So,,,, do they pick themselves up off the mat, or do they take another shot to the family jewels? Stay tuned.
  2. NY Rangers @ Ottawa Calgary @ Washington Detroit @ Montréal Colorado @ Tampa Bay Buffalo @ New Jersey Florida @ Philadelphia Toronto @ Pittsburgh Carolina @ Columbus NY Islanders @ Arizona
  3. Well,,,, in my case i was limited to spectators being able to watch their kids in our observation room because not only did they have to be fully vaccinated ,,,they also needed to social distance, which heavily restricted how many i could have in there. It just pissed me off to no end to see full houses in Toronto and Ottawa with no such restrictions and a ton of them unmasked to boot. I'm sure restaurant owners felt the same way. Two sets of rules with the little guy getting screwed. I'm all for following the guidelines to put this virus behind us but don't have double standards.
  4. Well,,,, the little guy in Ontario is finally on the same footing as the big boys, as far as social distancing and capacity limits are concerned. Sure took them long enough.
  5. So we have a shot at the record all to ourselves.
  6. Only team in the League without a point. we're number 32.
  7. Can we vaccinate this team for missnetitus??
  8. My money says Waddell is smiling ear to ear somewhere.
  9. Maybe we'll get one more to give KK the winner.
  10. Canes with two many men. Looks like they've been playing with an extra guy all game.
  11. Not sure i can stomach much more of this. Only 7 shots on goal so far. Butt ugly effort.
  12. 23 seconds to kill with a faceoff at center and couldn't get the job done.
  13. I think DD should just throw names in a hat and draw some lines together that way,,, because no combinations he's put together have worked so far.
  14. Really poor 1st periods for us. Four shots on goal at home is pretty pathetic,,,, slumping or not.
  15. It was a pretty weak interference call and i thought they may have allowed it, seeing as it was originally called good. No breaks for this team. They're going to have to make their own luck it seems.
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