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  1. I would have rather given Dano the extra million that was the reported difference between both parties rather then the 3 extra mill it will now cost to hold on to KK. Poor asset management by MB IMO. You make sure you have one under contract before closing the door on the other.
  2. Yes it was a fair deal if the player actually belonged to us. It was a weak attempt if you were serious about stealing him. I doubt any team in the League would have walked away from Aho for that deal.
  3. If that's the case then they better prepare the pink slip because i think he's going to match. When the decision was made to let Dano walk and no other quality center was acquired with the cap room he had available this summer to replace him,,, then the writing was on the wall that KK was in the plans going forward. Losing 2 of your top 3 centers without a back up plan is suicide IMO.
  4. MB thought that by front loading that offer sheet that the Canes would pass. Huge miscalculation. There's no doubt about this move being retaliation. MB, or whomever might be the next GM, better lock up NS and Romanov before somebody else kicks him in the teeth. When you go out of your way to attempt to hurt another teams bottom line like MB did, it's hard not to blame the other GM for pulling the same crap. As i mentioned earlier,,, the Aho offer fell well short of being serious, just as this one is by the Canes. If a team wants to steal another team's talent in this fashion then they better be aggressive about it, It has to be something like the Flyers attempt to get Weber from Nashville if it's to be taken serious, or don't bother. That's why this offer sheet crap has failed miserably in the past and will continue to do so going forward.
  5. Sending the message no doubt. Look after your own house and stop letting your dog crap on my lawn. If MB really wanted Aho that badly then he should have gone all in on him and paid the full compensation it involved. You don't half ass an offer. If you can't handcuff the team then why bother? Just a pathetic bush league attempt by MB and Waddell just spit in his face.
  6. The offer sheet on Aho was a joke in itself. Everybody knew the Canes would match that weak attempt by MB. All he accomplished was pissing off a fellow GM and placing a big target on his head for retribution. Karma as far as i'm concerned and another reason why this guy should not be the GM of the Habs.
  7. Payback is a female dog. That's why teams don't submit offer sheets. MB stepped right into this one. Another reason he should be canned IMO.
  8. Yeah,,,let's hope this rout in the making doesn't go to their heads.
  9. I rate them all below Maggie the monkey and her spinning wheel.
  10. It's amazing to me that our border is open to vaccinated Americans yet they just extended the closure to Canadians on their end for another month.
  11. Probably the same as crossing the border by land,,,, within 72 hours.
  12. That they will probably award themselves raises and better pensions (if that's possible) with it.
  13. Yeah,,,, the slim to none description is pretty much right on. I don't see any roster spot for Chucky on this team as is.
  14. Probably about the same time they fix the error message we keep getting.
  15. Both are scumbags with their sexual assault records. I know they're just allegations, and your innocent until proven guilty, but where there's smoke there's fire IMO. Too many people stepping forward to make it seem otherwise.
  16. Took him way too long IMO, but Cuomo finally did the right thing and resigned.
  17. The Centerman of MB's dreams.
  18. That Canadian goalie has swagger to spare. Loved it.
  19. I would be the last person on this planet to call myself a soccer fan and watching a full game is painful for me,,, but OMG that shootout (penalty kicks) was exciting. WTG Team Canada.
  20. 23 man roster,,, Forwards Can't break up one of the best lines in history so,, Lafleur Lamaire and Shutt Beliveau Rocket Cournoyer My shut down line of Gainey Keane and Carboneau 4th line Koivu S.Richer and a little protection with Knucles Nilan 13th forward would be H Richard (only 11 Cups) Defense,,, Robinson and Savard Markov and Lapointe Chelios Laperierre 7th D Langway Goalies Dryden Price and Roy Coaches Bowman, Burns
  21. I'm fully confident we will be a playoff team next season barring a rash of serious long term injuries. It's easy to say we squeaked in this year, but if you take into consideration the grueling schedule we endured, and the loss of key players with injuries, i have no doubt we would have contended for top spot in the division. I realize we will be in tougher next season, but i don't see any team in there that we can't beat on any given night ( maybe Ottawa ).
  22. Looks like the men finally got off the bus. Bronze today.
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