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  1. Must be watching the Olympics.
  2. Apparently he's had multiple run ins with team mates and was on thin ice before that incident.
  3. Don't forget Merrill and Gus.
  4. Here,,,i'll help you get started. New York Rangers buyout Tony DeAngelo - TSN.ca
  5. Will MB be an active participant?
  6. I can see pressure building to rescind the draft choice all together. This is not going away tomorrow as MB would hope.
  7. After our controversial 1st round pick, i am going to go on record to say there's no way MB shows any interest in Tony DeAngelo.
  8. Let's keep the discussion about the subject and avoid getting personal with other members. I've removed several posts already and don't want to resort to warnings.
  9. Yup. I don't understand why MB would have placed the organization in this position in the first place but it's done now. The pressure of playing in Montreal (if he ever does) is already a tough obstacle to overcome. This added pressure pretty much makes it improbable for him. Time will tell.
  10. Won't disagree for sure. As far as punishment goes,,, i don't think being drafted very late in the 1st, or in later rounds really has a bearing on that. He's going to have to live with this for a very long time and every action he takes from now on will be heavily scrutinized. I doubt the Montreal media will just give this kid a pass whenever he steps out of line going forward.
  11. Yeah. As i've mentioned above,,, some of those fans should be checking their own team's history. Leaf fans should be the last ones to be casting stones. This kid made a mistake as do a lot of kids posting content on social media. It by no way excuses it, but at the same time, somebody was going to give him a second chance. I just wish it wasn't my team. We could have done without the controversy.
  12. I can certainly understand the hate being directed at the Habs right now. At the same time there are a few teams who's fans really should be looking at their own team history before throwing judgement. We all know how the Leafs and Hawks would like to forget their sickening past, and just sweep it under the rug. This one pales in comparison, and i'm not in any way trying to downplay it.
  13. Was it a smart move by an organization that supposedly prides itself on it's players being the best on and off the ice??? Not by a long shot. Does the kid deserve a chance to atone for it all? Everybody deserves that chance,,,, i just wish it was somebody else giving him the opportunity.
  14. Good thing your not GM then, if you get rid of staff that work for free.
  15. You have to put me on the payroll first.
  16. I did end up watching some of the draft on TV last night out of curiosity how they were going to handle it,,, with pretty much all the picks leaked beforehand. Needless to say, it was a pretty pathetic production. The content looked lacking everywhere and the hosts looked lost at times. Bush league.
  17. Shot in the dark draft for the most part where we are picking. I'm getting the feeling we'll be focusing on restocking the French content in the organization rather then BPA,,, seeing as it's such a crapshoot this year.. Who's really to say if a guy is as highly rated as his paper assessment? After the obvious are chosen we may as well flip a coin.
  18. I was under the impression only the Kraken have negotiating rights with UFA's until tomorrow?
  19. I would agree if the plan is to still contend for the Cup. We got along fine without JD and a banged up Weber, Petry and Gally,, not to mention a benched Tatar,, and for the most part Romanov. Shouldn't be much of a stretch to make us competitive again next season,,,, especially if we don't get the brutal schedule we endured in the last month or so. If we're planning on a mini rebuild for a year or 2,,, then by all means use that space to pick up assets and not sit on it like we did a couple years ago. As one of the richer teams in this League we need to take advantage of using our FULL CAP.
  20. If Price was just turning 30 as opposed to 34 then i can see justification to not expose him, as the following years would be close to what he's worth on the open market . When he got this deal they probably assumed the contract would be fair value (percentage of cap) through the later years. With the flat cap that's no longer the case. I sure don't want to lose him for nothing, but at this point in his career we could say we might be better off with the Cap savings as a team rather then hoping for the all world goaltender he has been in the past.
  21. I highly doubt MB would offer them something to NOT pick Price. If that were the case, then why not expose Allen and offer them something NOT to pick him? I imagine it would have been a cheaper ask. I can maybe see the conversation going more like,,, what would you give us to select the player you want us to pick?
  22. The Seattle Kraken continue to take a "deep dive" on the possibility of selecting Montreal Canadiens All-Star goalie Carey Price in Wednesday's expansion draft, according to TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun. LeBrun also notes that he suspects the Kraken may approach the Habs in regards to what it would take to not select Price.
  23. I am totally in the dark as to whom they pick. If they don't want to commit to the big bucks, they pass on Price. If they don't want to commit to a question mark about playing status next year,,, they pass on JD. Nobody in the League wanted Byron for free last year because of his contract so that's likely another pass by Seattle. There are a lot of better options then Kulak available so i can see them pass there too. Maybe they go with a prospect like Fleury???
  24. The door won't be open for long knowing MB. He's just as likely to sign a replacement within days.
  25. I think he easily makes up that half mill/year and more in endorsements from the Montreal/Quebec area being pretty much the only French player in the market without having to pick from other teams. He has to take that into consideration IMO.
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