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  1. And it all starts with that useless telegraphed back pass to the trailing guy who then gets stopped at the blueline by the 4 guys sitting there waiting for him. Rinse and repeat.
  2. H_T_L

    Your Rant.

    Can i get the key to your canoe? I hate paddling
  3. Going to need a huge 3rd to salvage this road trip.
  4. Real average at best. Don't see him stealing many games for us.
  5. We have 4 more B2B's from now until Christmas so if Price isn't back,,,, that means potentially 4 more starts for Monty. I kind of wish they would give Primeau a game or two just for the experience. GOALLLLLLLLLLLL
  6. Good foot of net above him on every shot for anybody who can get it up there.
  7. Another softy by Monty. It's going to be a long night me thinks.
  8. PP stands for Perimeter Play. Wideman made about 5 passes to Armia and not a single one timer.
  9. Could be. Habs fans can't cross the border yet to fill the place.
  10. Arena looks more then half empty. I'm guessing they're still in Covid restrictions.
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