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  1. 2 hours ago, jennifer_rocket said:

    Has DD confirmed a relevant coaching strategy to help us win the game?


    2 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

    DD's strategy: no adjustments needed because he hasn't changed anything from the strategy that got us to the Cup finals. The boys just need to try harder.

    Also, DD's "strategy" that got us to the Cup finals: ra, ra, go boys. Let Carey stand on his head until we score an overtime goal.

    Simple change,,, new T-shirt slogan

  2. Boston  Buffalo                   Bruins

    Philadelphia  Florida           Florida

    Minnesota  New Jersey      Jersey

    Vancouver  Pittsburgh        Pittsburgh

    Montreal  Washington        Habs

    Winnipeg  Columbus          Winnipeg 

    St. Louis  Detroit                St. Louis

    Rangers  Islanders             NYI

    Toronto LA                          LA

    Carolina Seattle                 Carolina

    Ottawa  San Jose              San Jose

  3. 2 minutes ago, claremont said:

    I lean toward the wait and see camp especially if we are able to sign Jordan Harris who also compliments Norlinder / Struble / Romi, in the depth competition. Struble has not been lighting it up at Northeastern but I still believe he has upside ceiling to the pro game. I get that Girard is only 23 and provides immediate help, but $5m for 4 more years after this, is hefty and we still have Edmundson for 2 more years after this. 

    My biggest wish is to trade Chiarot for a first rounder or even some form of a centre prospect to teams that need a tough LD man. Edmonton only has Lavoie as a potential centre prospect and he's not good enough of a return. Rangers don't have a centre prospect of interest to me.  Minny Wild - doubt they part with Rossi. Devils - I doubt they make a run and I doubt they part with Dawson Mercer.  St. Louis Blues - not sure Zachary Bolduc has enough potential. I expect we get a first round pick.   

    At this point i'd almost consider trying to dump Savard and keep Chiarot.. Keeping both is not an option going forward IMO. Dumping both wouldn't bother me either.

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