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  1. I'm not going to begrudge the kid an amazing start to his career. The fallout around here is just nauseating though. They did lose that game,,, right?? They'll likely have a statue of the poor guy erected before week one is over.
  2. Decision now final so time to lock this thread.
  3. Yeah, i would agree. I'd say average at worst.
  4. Add all those salaries together and that is about what we're paying him.
  5. We don't have Price and it looks like they lost Eichel. Lindgren called up to backup Montoya.
  6. After doing it wrong for the last 4 decades it would have been near impossible not to draft an Austin Mathews. I'm not ready to concede the Leafs are now doing it right based on a certain outcome.
  7. Thinking it and picking it are two different things. Listen to the little voice,
  8. Check out habs1952's signature. He's last years champion. That's what we're playing for. Anybody can join in any time. The more often you play the better chance of climbing up the standings and getting an advantage for the playoffs. Nobody picked a tie tonight so no points awarded and everybody is still on equal standings BTW.
  9. We like to keep you on your toes. Keeps the mind sharp.
  10. Yup. It's an exclusive forum game. The Stanley Cup is already spoken for, so we play for our own championship,,,,the Stonely.
  11. The very last button in the toolbar on the top far right.
  12. Thursday, October 13th Montreal @ Buffalo NY Islanders @ NY Rangers Boston @ Columbus Detroit @ Tampa Bay New Jersey @ Florida Carolina @ Winnipeg Washington @ Pittsburgh
  13. I hope his lower body injury heals quickly from the flu. At least quicker then last year We all know how this management likes to downplay any injuries/sickness.
  14. There you go. I'll look for the number thingy when i get a chance. Maybe Coach has a better idea where it may be hidden.
  15. Depends who's doing the diagnosis. We all know management failed miserably at that last year.
  16. Anybody catch round 2 of the Jerry Springer show??
  17. Who will score the first goal of the season - Gallagher Which player will get the first penalty - Shaw The first Hab to get a major penalty - Shaw What will be the first penalty call against us - Delay of game Who will get the first hat trick - Chucky How many wins will we get this year - 45 How many games will go to the shoot out - 6 Which Hab will score the first shoot out goal - Chucky Which Hab will be the first to miss a shoot out attempt - Gally How many shutouts for Price this year - 9 How many starts for Price this year - 59 How many games will the backup goaltender(s) start - 20 Who will be the first call up from the farm - Mac The first demotion to the farm team will be - Mac Our longest win streak will be how many games long - 7 Our longest losing streak will be how many games long - 4 How many PP goals will we score this year - 60 How many goals will we allow on the PK - 50 Our leading goal scorer for the year will be - Chucky Our leading point scorer for the year will be - Max How many points will the team finish with this season - 104
  18. How long before he gets called back up?
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