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  1. I'm not ready to throw Max under the bus. The fact of the matter is that he's always been a streaky player and nobody can argue he's not great value for his contract. I for one will be patient.
  2. NHL upgrade Cenner. I was locked out myself for 3 to 4 days and had to register with a new name. What problems are you having??
  3. Saturday New Jersey @ Tampa Bay NY Islanders @ Washington Boston @ Toronto Montreal @ Ottawa Detroit @ Florida TIE Anaheim @ Pittsburgh San Jose @ Columbus NY Rangers @ St. Louis Philadelphia @ Arizona
  4. Just a quick comment on the highlighted portion. Not sure i would agree with that philosophy. Fans are in effect share holders in the business. No fans no company it's as simple as that. Just like the manufacturer's of a product. If you don't take your customers concerns seriously, you won't survive long.
  5. After the season we had last year i think the boys sat back expecting the goaltending to fail us without Price in goal. Credit Monty for closing the door. You could tell they got more confident as the game progressed. Having that lead likely contributed to us playing back on our heals and the Sabres we're playing desperate catchup hockey. Also factor in it was their home opener. It's really early to come to any solid conclusions as to how we'll do long term. A 10 game stretch should give us a better sense of direction.
  6. I'll highlight correct answers in purple .As for the question asking who will be the 1st callup from the farm,,,please note that Lindgren will not count as it was before the season began. He will count as the first guy demoted when he's sent back however,, so that question is now void. Nobody picked it and it wouldn't be fair for somebody coming in late to pick him.
  7. I'm not going to begrudge the kid an amazing start to his career. The fallout around here is just nauseating though. They did lose that game,,, right?? They'll likely have a statue of the poor guy erected before week one is over.
  8. Yeah, i would agree. I'd say average at worst.
  9. Add all those salaries together and that is about what we're paying him.
  10. After doing it wrong for the last 4 decades it would have been near impossible not to draft an Austin Mathews. I'm not ready to concede the Leafs are now doing it right based on a certain outcome.
  11. Thinking it and picking it are two different things. Listen to the little voice,
  12. Check out habs1952's signature. He's last years champion. That's what we're playing for. Anybody can join in any time. The more often you play the better chance of climbing up the standings and getting an advantage for the playoffs. Nobody picked a tie tonight so no points awarded and everybody is still on equal standings BTW.
  13. We like to keep you on your toes. Keeps the mind sharp.
  14. Yup. It's an exclusive forum game. The Stanley Cup is already spoken for, so we play for our own championship,,,,the Stonely.
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