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  1. That's a pretty telling stat for a center of any line on any team IMO.
  2. Almost a quarter of the season gone. Does this guy have a single hit this year?
  3. Go to your profile and try writing one from there archey. For some reason that box doesn't always load for me either.
  4. Friday Pittsburgh @ NY Islanders Detroit @ Washington NY Rangers @ Columbus Montreal @ Carolina
  5. But will he play? If he does,, then who sits?
  6. Lines and D pairings at practice today: Byron - Galchenyuk - Gallagher Pacioretty - Danault - Shaw Desharnais - Plekanec - Terry Carr - Mitchell - Andrighetto Emelin - Weber Markov - Petry Beaulieu - Pateryn
  7. Before practice got underway, Artturi Lehkonen hit the ice with athletic therapist Vincent Roof-Racine to continue rehabbing from an upper-body injury that has forced him to miss the last five games. In his post-practice press conference, head coach Michel Therrien said that the Canadiens are hoping to have the Finnish forward back in the lineup next week.
  8. Looks like Rad has what Price had earlier. Will miss Friday's game vs the Canes. Monty to get the start with Price getting the Leafs Saturday at home.
  9. Tuesday Ottawa @ Philadelphia San Jose @ Carolina Washington @ Columbus Nashville @ Toronto Florida @ Montreal Tampa Bay @ Detroit Buffalo @ St. Louis New Jersey @ Dallas NY Rangers @ Vancouver
  10. Not sure why, Another small player.
  11. Called up. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/chris-terry-recalled-from-st-johns/c-283729650
  12. I don't have a problem with them using Soupy this way. Who knows,,,,coaching just might be his thing. You never know until you get a shot at it. We are committed as an organization to promote French content from within. We may as well try to develop personnel in this fashion. The only problem i see is that he may not be the best available talent available out there, but we've already sailed that ship.
  13. Does this mean i have to reinstate the guy??? I thought i was done with him.
  14. It seems to make a difference to the French media who have been in his camp despite his questionable use in the past. The likely support comes solely on the fact he represents one of the only French players on the team. The pressure coming from them to use him despite his shortcomings has eased now that they seem to have that token replacement whom just happens to be younger, bigger and cheaper as you allude to. I bring it up because they harp on the subject over and over again. They obviously realize that he's no longer the great French hope they they all crave, now that they have a suitable replacement in Danault. Tell me they wouldn't be crying if it was McCarron that stole his roster spot? Politics. Before you come back and question my qualifications or prejudices to comment on the whole French debate, please note that i am bilingual with a heavy French background and solid roots in the province of Quebec. I still have a big family presence there.
  15. Not one for excuses but,,,,, B2B and on the road to the best from the West. Played our backup, and 3rd game in 4 nights. The negative is that my pizza was crappy.
  16. Probably his best game for us. Maybe he should put in that kind of effort more often. Might make his contract tolerable.
  17. Nice bounce back game. Pity we couldn't get a point from it.
  18. I'd like to believe they wouldn't, but we've seen frustrated teams do just that in the past a la Krieder. If it means winning a Cup, i don't put it past any team to target the best player on a team. We see it every year, with the difference being that you can sometimes work around losing an all star forward. That's much more difficult when you lose your all world goaltender. Too many of those dirty players out there who's only goal seems to be taking out star players. There's just no honour/respect in the game anymore. Win at any cost.
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