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  1. Got the Sabre feed tonight. That announcer is going to put me to sleep.
  2. I've seen worse. Raincoat from Boston comes to mind.
  3. I imagine the boys had to fly into Buffalo to bypass the land crossing.
  4. Making the announcement next week but getting pressure to hold off on the date for 3 weeks to see if there are spikes from the full house experiment with sports teams. Once again the little guy suffers.
  5. Gonna trust kinot got the right games. Habs @ Buffs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Habs Laffs @ Sens,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sens Pitts @ Flo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Flo Stars @ Rags,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Stars Isles @ Canes,,,,,,,,,,,,,Isles Yotes @ CBJ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CBJ TB @ Det,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,TB
  6. Can't say i didn't see that happening. Brutal.
  7. Leafs seemed shocked that tripping is a penalty for them.
  8. Well you know the Leafs are getting any more penalties. Crosschecking is legal again.
  9. I think the canned fans the Leafs used last year were louder then this bunch.
  10. That was the colour blind ref. I'm sure he'll get reprimanded if we pop one here.
  11. I think that was on one shift where he couldn't get off. He actually played 5:52
  12. Better chance of him getting called for embelishment if i know these refs.
  13. Looks like the expected parade to the box for us is in full swing.
  14. So,,, the #2 line gets the first goal. Sweet.
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