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  1. I was all for trading Gally a couple years ago. His style of play is not the style that leads to long prosperous NHL careers. We're really seeing the long term effect of being beaten down on a regular basis. Love the guy, but that extension was just another example of what's wrong with this GM. At least he didn't bite on the Dano extension.
  2. Another night passes and nobody fired yet???
  3. I don't think there are any saviours out there ready to step in and save this season, but for the sake of my personal sanity there needs to be heads rolling tonight. What is the holdup? This team has quit on the coach ( and he probably deserves it) and there isn't a red suit out there (including Santa's) that should save MB from the same fate.
  4. Anybody get canned yet???? I'll pay the cab fare.
  5. Beating the traffic no doubt.
  6. If i had paid money to watch this game i would be screaming to fire somebody,,,, anybody.
  7. The only thing to look forward to is,,,, will this be the game that gets somebody canned?
  8. That's enough of my time. I'll check in later.
  9. Fans are being super patient not booing yet. Or are they all drunk already??
  10. Can't wait for the adjustments DD will make at intermission.
  11. Playing like timbits out there tonight. Can't stomach much more.
  12. Prime example of exposing the D
  13. I get the guy is proud of his heritage, but to tie that into a professional sports team is a bit of a stretch to me. Where was this guy when the Expos were in town? Is he just as vocal about the Alouettes of the CFL? If a French player can make this team on talent, then all the power to him, but it shouldn't be a pre requisite, nor should the Habs look to fill lineup holes solely on the merit of language, BPA,,, best player available.
  14. Can't see them recalling CC just to sit on the bench. I have no doubt he'll play.
  15. . Somewhat surprised it wasn't Romanov. Maybe they're starting to get it over there,,, lost season, play the kids.
  16. He's still out with a knee injury. Last update i believe was out until late this month.
  17. Calgary Buffalo Flames Rangers Toronto NYR Pittsburgh Montreal Habs New Jersey Florida Florida Tampa Philadelphia Tampa Columbus Arizona Columbus Detroit Vegas Vegas Carolina Anaheim Carolina
  18. Crosby is. Played almost 19 minutes last game.
  19. Norlinder will debut but no idea who sits in his place. Probably Romanov. Can't have too many kids in the lineup after all.
  20. Forward Mathieu Perreault had a second surgery on his eye and his recovery time has been pushed back another two weeks, according to TSN's John Lu.
  21. Defenceman Mattias Norlinder is expected to make his NHL debut on Thursday against the Pittsburgh Penguins, according to head coach Dominique Ducharme
  22. Can you waive an injured player??
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