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  1. I need to correct my self a bit :), few to many beers last night....Dumba was drafted in 2012. Here are the top 5 goal scoring defenseman drafted in 2012 or later He is in elite category. My data is about 15 games behind. Other then Werenski...Dumba has played fewer games.. I know people dont put much stock in plus minus but he is a plus player, he hits like a truck. If Minny would unload him for Domi, i would be all over it, then I would try to make a move with vegas to get Shea Theodore, how about Petry and a pick or Petry/Mete, Petry/Poeling or just Petry.. I dee of Dumba/Theodore, Weber/Chariot/Mete, Romanov/Brooks/Fleury/Julsen, instant credibiliy on the back end for many years.. Player Draft Year Games Played Goals Age as of today Aaron Ekblad 2014 438 71 24 Seth Jones 2013 519 59 25 Matt Dumba 2012 392 59 25 Morgan Rielly 2012 516 54 25 Zach Werenski 2015 281 53 22
  2. 1. He is only 25 and there is only 3 other defenseman in all of the NHL who have scored more goals per game under 30 then him. And only one of them is younger. Since 2015
  3. I would certainly do Domi for Dumba, you could possibly be getting the best defenseman in the league. I know he has not reached that level yet, but could very well become that.. If you were able to do that I would hold onto Weber. Why? because he can then be a number two on the right would likely extend his career for another 3 or 4 years..... That would allow the growth of Brooks, Fleury and hopefully a renewed hope for Jullsen..... Package Petry and Tatar for a number one left deeman and sign Taylor Hall and Kreider. No but seriously, i would give up almost anything for dumba....
  4. Sometimes thinking outside the box is what can change the whole dynamic of an organization. Has he ever coached?. Has he ever been involved in a GM role? He is certainly someone the media can grab onto probably the best player we had in the last 25 years and may have been one of the best in the league if not for all the injuries....
  5. You are right they are maybe, However I think we are ranked 5 by the hockey writers with our prospect pool. That's not bad. Bergevin has just gotten that over the last 3 or 4 years. I think when he arrived he felt he had a team that could win and was not focused on the draft. Over the last 3 years we have had the the 3rd most picks in the first two rounds The 3 years prior to that we were second last in the entire league... We have the most draft picks in 2020 and second most in the first 3 rounds... So ya you can hate Bergervin and his staff but I do think they are getting it, I think it shows in our prospect pool, however now it takes time to develop kids as well. I would like to see a move in the off season, preferably one of Tatar, Droiun, Dnault for a top pairing left deeman.
  6. He may have had those players, but the defence was brutal and your lucky if they had two NHL lines. So even to get them to the playoffs once was a miracle. The west had power house teams then ..Colorado only turned the corner with the emergence of MacKinnon and Rantanen and the Jewels they found on dee with Makar and Girard add to those two Nikita Zadorov and a pair of good vets like Johnson and Cole. Well they may just have one of the top 1, 2 or 3 defensive groups in the whole league,, Even when Mackinnon and Rantanen had carreer years in 2016-2017 Colorado still ended up last place in the league because of there dee, goal tending and depth. Don't read into this either, i dont want Roy, but there are worse choices..... I still think our best option right now would be Ducharme
  7. This would be the only guy i would look at if they were hiring a new coach. I think as soon as the team is officially out. CJ gets the axe, and give Ducharme the rest of the season. It must be hard to work with a coach that has been around as long as Julien you probably dont get much say in the decisions. He has been a really good coach with younger kids. And if we start turning over this roster. I think he could be a perfect Fit..
  8. I think trading Danualt is perfectly fine for this team. Our strength now and for the next ten years is down the middle. We will be fine with Domi, Suzuzki, KK and Poehling.... With the way Suzuki has been growing this season, I see no reason he cannot take over Danualt spot right now with Tatar and Gallagher. Yes Danualt is more sesaoned but Suzuki is certainly a quick learner. I liken him to Bergeron in many similiar qualties. I even think Suzuki may have more vision. We need to get some scoring wingers and some top end deeman or top end dee prospects. I like Danault but his value is at an all time high, and if we keep him, after next season he will be looking for 6 million and if this team is going to become a top 5 or top 10 team in the league, Danualt can not be your first line center if he is your not a top 10 team, and I dont want to be paying a third line center 6 million dollars.
  9. My Point is? We dont need setup men we have them in players like Susuki and Domi, we need guys who can put the puck in the net My Point is? You would hope your top line center would be able to score one goal through a 9 game stretch. He just play a whole year and a half at the NHL level, and now he is playing in a lesser league. My Point is? If a defenceman can get more goals then your centerman, that is a problem... Hey i love KK and assists are relevant but at some point he has to start putting the puck in the net net, if he has trouble doing that at the AHL then it will be a bigger problem at the NHL level. I just hope its because Bouchard is working with him to play a better 200 foot game. But if he cannot find the back of the net 15 to 25 times per year...My Point is? That would become a major problem.
  10. At this point in the season and where we are at your exactly right. Let them develop, let them learn to be the best players who you rely to win games, why bring Fleury up so he can play bottom two minutes when he can play top two minutes in the AHL. Same with KK, let them play out the season in the AHL... I doubt its anything specific they are working on, its the overall game in order to play at the NHL level.
  11. And 0 goals in 9 games, sheesh fleury has 2 and he is a defenceman
  12. Or maybe he is there to see Martin Kaut who is making his NHL debut tonight for Colorado... 16 overall in the 2018 draft, I would take him and Bowman for Petry or Tatar
  13. Why, Price has played like both of them for most of the season Add to the fact his salary cap is 10.5 mil.
  14. This makes no sense at all, your trading away older players to build for the future, why would you bring in Subban at 31 years old............. Sure lets do the Petry trade that makes sense....but subban he has fallen off the cliff as a hockey player and turning 31 in May also when you weigh in on his perceived huge personailty certainly not worth it. I think this delay on making any moves though is also hurting. We have lost out on two good young dee prospect already in foote from tampa and Addison from first round picks, i am sure Tatar could have fetched us one of those deals. Imagine your Petry deal and if we traded tatar for Foote and that first..... You would have 3 first round picks this year, And you starting dee next year could be Weber, Foote and one of Fleury/Brooks/Jullsen....On the Left maybe Romanov, Mete and Byram Chariot...Plus 3 first round picks... Physically imposing on teh right side and 3 young skilled players on the left...would love to see Combos in 2 or 3 years of Foote and Byram Fleury and Romanov Julsen/Brooks and Mete.
  15. Players you mentioned like Galchenyuk who you have to get over! he was a failure. he was the only one responsible for not becoming regular NHL player getting top 6 minutes. Its not Julien or Therrien, its not Bergevin, its not the Coyotes its not the Penguins it is Galchenyk. Ditto with Dagostino, DItto with Adrighetto until Patches found his game teh AHL he got what he deserved as well. Its the same everywhere... KK first season, third line minutes around 13:44, 1.56 minute per game PP Look at Kirdy Dach with chicago, third line minutes around 13:54, 1.24 minutes per game PP first season Robert Thomas St Louis, 13.04 minutes per game, 1:06 minute per game PP first season Its not unusual for kids coming out of Junior making the step to the NHL to get bottom 6 minutes. Less PP, teams usually have a top 6 group already and you have to earn that place. We complained about Suzuki playing on the 4th line early this season, but he played his way up the lineup, same way Patches did after his stint in the AHL ..... KK was better last year then this, he has played his way to the AHL which i think will be really good for him, I still think he is going to be a top 6 forward on this team for a long time...he is still only 19, pretty much a full year younger then Suzuki... Maybe the answer is to leave them in Junior, or AHL or overseas leagues until they are 20, it didnt hurt Suzuki, or maybe and most likely its just the player you picked, players that are ready to make the jump and move up the lineup will, players that are not ready won't......