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  1. He is actively hurting us though, he cannot get to the puck, period. Its like a penalty kill everytime he is out on the ice. He is a minus 8 after 8 games with the habs, worst on the team.
  2. I thought we needed a coach change, but I would prefer to have Julien. at least we had a system even though i didn't like his player choices., Right now this team looks really lost. Dee look really bad, zero support from the forwards certainly does not help, Price is average at best. Our team looks really slow. And no line seems to work together, mind you it doesn't help they are changed every other shift.
  3. Because we don't have Jordan Weal on the big club...LOL
  4. So which is it a decent deal or waste of picks and energy? Jake Evans fits the 4th line better then Staal by a mile, Evans can play with tempo and pace and did not cost us any picks. Do you still think Stall can fill Danault spot? Yes the odds are not great in the 3rd and 5th round. But if you dont have those picks then you have no chance at all How about a pairing of Kris Letang and Chara, Adam Fox and Colton Parakyo or Brad Marchand or Brayden Point or Jake Guentzel, Brendan Gallagher, Jamie Benn, Kirill Kaprisov. Zubov, Klingberg
  5. Because they won a draft lottery and we didnt.
  6. I agree with this, Kulak any kind of pressure he really is not sure what to do with the puck. I am more then suprised with Edmundson this season. He always seems calm, he plays physical and rarely out of position. If looking at this year alone he is miles ahead on Kulak.
  7. I would actually say that would be a bad evaluation of Mete. He is a really good skater and acutally not as bad a defender as people think. When he does get beat usually because of his size - I agree. However the things he does do well help him more then others in the defensive zone. He gets to the puck quicker then any defender on our team. He has a good outlet pass and see the ice actually quite well. He was never given an oppurtunity on the PP even though we have struggled for ever. And just to put things into perspective. Since 2017. He has the best plus minus of any habs def
  8. The fact is he could skate and he was able to make a really good first pass, also only 22 years old. Keep him in the fold he he is to young to just give up on, especially for nothing.
  9. I agree, why leave a 22 deeman unprotected, I think he will do really well in Ottawa, What have we given up now for nothing, 4 draft picks and a 22 year old deeman who already has NHL experience. For players that will not help now and will likely be gone after this year and will certainly not be helping in a couple of years.
  10. I like the Mete idea, never considered it, he is certainly a great skater. He could certainly compensate for Perry and Staal. Third line right now should be Danault, Lekonen and Byron, Byron can go back to the fourth when Armia returns Second should be Toffoli, JK and Tatar. First Suzuki, Droun and Anderson. If you cannot win with that for now. Welll sucks, but there our best options. I love CC but i would leave him in the AHL for at least ten games..
  11. I get the need to continue about how weak our dee is but come one have a look at the forwards as well. Top left winger has 2 goals. 5.5 million Our so called top centerman was offerred 30 million has 4 goals... Our third line centerman who has taken JK spot, cannot skate from one end of the rink to the other. Its like watchin a novice kid playing hockey for the first time, skating to where the puck is, the only problem is when he finally gets there the puck is somewhere else. . Suszuki and JK get some slack both young kids still learning the game. JK was being groomed to b
  12. Lines should be Droiun, Suzuki and Anderson, Tatar, JK and Toffoli. Byron, Lekonen and Danualt 4th line ???. Staall should not even being playing, let alone taking JK's sopt. The play is going one way and he is going the other trying tho catch up. He is playing only because of his name, the game is way to fast for him.
  13. Just throwing this out there. If they have little to no impact because they are not scoring 15 to 20 goals a year. What about Droun 2 goals in 37 games, on pace for 4 or 5 goals, Danualt 4 goals 37 games, on pace for 8 or 9 goals. And just to let you know Armia is on pace for 17 to 18 goals and plays 2 minutes less per game than Danault and Drouin, Byron is on pace for 9 to 10 goals and plays 4 minutes less per game than Danualt and Drouin. Lekonen is on pace for 8 to 9 goals and plays 3 minutes less per game then Danualt and Drouin. So measuring a plays value just by goal...well Leks
  14. I agree only one game and it is a big jump. But it was a big jump to his Junior team from midget, it was a big from his Junior team to NCAA, it was a big jump from NCAA to AHL. He has done it at every level, he may not do it at the NHL level, he may go his next ten games in the AHL and struggle. But it someone was to take a bet, at this point they should bet on Caufield.. Bouchard tipped his hat to University of Wisconsin head coach Tony Granato and his staff for how they helped develop Caufield over the past two seasons, noting the 5-foot-7, 170-pound right-winger has put on some muscle
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