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  1. For me the give would have to be KK and salary going the other way Byron? and a pick. No way Suzuki, NO way Romanov or any other young dee with the exception of maybe Mete. No problem at all giving up KK for PLD, Not sure why I hear KK has a better upside or will be better than PLD in 2 or 3 years. PLD put up 20 goals and almsot 50 points as a 19 year old and 27 at 20. KK was sent back to the AHL at 19. Having said that I do really like KK and if the trade never happens I am fine with having KK for then next 10 years. But if the cost is say KK, Byron and a pick. I would make that trade.
  2. One of the reasons i wanted them to move Danualt over Domi was last nights game. Danualt led all forwards in icetime, yet clearly Suzuski and Anderson were our top two players and KK garners the better offensive wingers in Gallagher and Tatar over Danault Our second unit should be KK, Gallagher and Tatar. Danualt should be with Byron and Toffoli or Lekonen and Toffoli. Both left wingers who are smart defensively Armia/Evans-Poeling/Leks or Byron