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  1. I think this is just over valuing players because they wear the CH, every team has players like the Hudons, Sherbacks, Galchenyks, ...Its not because there is a vandetta for them by the coaches, or because they dont have the skill set, its because they cost their teams wins on a regular basis. When you are on the ice consistently when the other team scores, and it doesnt matter who you play with, there is a problem. right now he is as bad defensively as droiun, but not half the skillset. If this is the type of player we want in our top six, Middle 6???...Then we are in big big big trouble. We complained about Sherback not getting a chance.. Where is he? Galchenyk a top 3 pick, we complained about him not getting a chance so he was traded started as a centre in Arizona, and quickly found his way on the wing and then reduced minutes because he cannot play 5 on 5 hockey and then traded in less then a year. When do we stop blaming the coaches, that was Galchenyks, third set of coaches. Lars Eller I liked, but we obtained Danualt and I think they felt Danualt was going to take over Ellers role. Danualt was 4 years younger. Eller only ended up being a third line center and that is where Danualt should slot in in the next year or two. It was pretty much a swap of Eller and Shaw at the time, plus the emergence of Danult. There is no way Hudon would be an asset in a middle six role not on this team or any other team, we have players like Gallagher, Tatar, Domi, Danualt, Lekonen, Drouin, KK, Armia, Byron....then young players like Suzuki, Poeling, Caufiled, quite frankly at 25 years old he would not be ahead of any of those players. Not because of the coach or GM but because he just has not been good enough. If your not putting up 60 plus points you better be good young prospect or be able to play both ends of the ice really well.
  2. Calgary would probably certainly look at it, they have 3 UFA on defence at the end of this season, they get back a shorter term with Alsner and they free up just over 1 million in cap space. However Neal could always score and I think he will have a bounce back year for Calgary. At 31 i dont think he is done yet. He was averaging almost 3.5 shots per game his last 8 seasons and a shooting percent between 11 and 12 % This past season only 2.2 shots per game and a measly 5%. Those numbers are not typical, and at 31 your not exactly over the hill
  3. I agree with this, it does appear times are changing and he is moving forward with the youth. Even the dee, Schlemko is gone, Alzner is in the AHL, Benn is gone. Forwards DLO out shaw out. The signings are only to beef up the AHL team. I like what Bergervin did, he took a chance albeit small chance to add a really good young player to the young core we already have. We did not need to get an UFA just for the sake of getting an UFA, we have 12 picks next season. We do have a really nice pool of young players already and will be adding to this. We have the cap space now so no worry about locking Domi next season or even working on a more reasonable long term contract during the season. Would i like to have a really good young dee like Zach Werenski or a really good young forward like AHO, you bet i would. But a 28 old UFA for the next 7 years for 8 9 or 10 million ... Hell no IF we are making a run for the playoffs we have the cap to add some rentals later in the season thats fine but not at the cost of any of our tier 1 propects This team is on track for the first time in a long while...
  4. Actually Brook is 6.1 around 195, there other forwards and dee I did not mention as well like a player Cale Fleury, 6.1, 200 pounds and plays a punishing game, had 9 goals in the AHL league this season, that was sixth among all rookie deeman,, the 5 ahead all played more games then Cale... all I am saying is we seem to have a younger pool of top end talent as opposed to and older pool of top end talent. I dont think we should be chasing the big free agent now, but maybe in a couple of years ... Owe, and Gallagher just turned 27 so in 2 years he is only 29. 3 yrs 30, 4 yrs 31, he will be that veteran in that young core we have in KK, Suzuki, Domi, Droiun, Mete, Julsen, Brooks, Poeling, Caufield... The backbone of the team right now is Price, 31, 32 in August, not Weber or Petry, Hopefully he plays at an Elite Level for at least the next 5 or 6 yrs which is highly likely, and then the last 2 or 3 at high level like Luongo did. Petry and Weber right now while being really good hockey players, are expendable if I am GM. If they can bring in younger parts to be added to our young core, I am all for that, I still think even with or without them we challenge for a playoff spot right now. The only thing i would be after is a top LHD and someone that fits in to our young core. no older then 25. I would be willing to move one of Petry or Weber in the process.
  5. I dont think our window is with price, weber, petry. we may luck out in the next year or two, but adding an overpriced free agnet now does nothing for this team, our window begins 2, 3 or 4 years from now and with Julsen, BrooKs, Mete, Romonov, Primuea. Lekonen, Gallagher, Domi, KK, Susuki, Poeling, Caufield, Drouin, and maybe another player or two from this draft or next years....
  6. Did they play like big men before they were given a chance to play in the NHL? If they did why was Fleury drafted in the 8th round? Why was St Louis not even drafted? They were both overlooked simply because of their size the same reason Caufield dropped in the draft luckily to us. What is even more impressive then his 72 this past season is his 54, the year before Mathews and Kane turned 17 in Sept and Nov respectively the season they scored over 50 The season Caufield scored 54 he started the season as a 16 years old and did not turn 17 until January of that season, almost half way through the season Anyway, there are no guarantees for any kids to become really goods players in the nhl, even if your 6ft.5. I like Caufields chances though he has met every test to date. And he was always small
  7. yep
  8. Did you ever hear of a couple of GUY's by the name of Theo Fleury 5.6 or Martin St Louis 5.8, not the biggest of players but certainly a couple of the best of players. Size only matters with equal skill set.
  9. You forgot to mention Mattias as well. They have 3 top end deeman who could be top pairing on any team in Jossi, Ellis and Ekholm. They needed depth and they got that. They added depth with Santini , and a hobey baker finalist in Jeremy Davies. Plus 2 more second rounders. Subban was a second rounder Weber was a second rounder ??? I am sure they shopped Subban for more around the league, maybe a perceived red flag player because of his outgoing personality? Injuries, coming of a bad season, 30, 9 million dollar cap. There are a lot of factors to take into account when trading a player.
  10. Klefbom. Only 26, good size, good skater, reasonable cap hit at 4 million and could easily be moved if it does not work out. Drouin/Hudon for Klefbom/Puljujavi Edmonton needs skilled wingers to play with their skilled centers and both Drouin and Hudon have the skill they are not in the mold of Lucic Kassian etc. the latter players are not skilled enough to play with MCdavid, Draistal and Nuge, Droiun and Hudon would fit in really well with that group. We need LHD deeman and Puljujavi would be a nice risk possible reward. It just looks like a good solid trade for both teams.
  11. I agree the problem wasn't he fact they signed Tavares, it was what they did after they signed Tavares. They had options to move Kadri, They had options to move Nylander. With Tavares and Mathews, They probably have one of the best one two punch in the NHL. And then next to that top wave you have Marner and Oreilly. Its like going into the draft you take the best player available and work from there. One of the best players in the game fell into their lap, it would have been an even bigger mistake not to take him.
  12. Did you ever hear of a guy called Bob Gainey? He only hit 20 goals 4 times in his NHL carreer during a 16 year carreer. He only hit 40 points 3 times in a 16 year carreer. Yet there were people out there who thought he was the best player in the world during a period when scoring was up in the NHL and you had some players consistenty scoring over a 100 points a season. Why because paid attention to every detail of his game. Lekonen is of a similiar mode. He does everything really well. Byron is 30, Shaw is 28 in July, Lekonen is 24 in July. I would not trade Lekonen for Shaw and Byron. Byron, Shaw or Drouin are trade pieces up front, they each have some value on the Market Lekonen fits in perfectly with the young core of KK, Susuki, Poeling, Domi. Julsen, Mete, Brooks.
  13. So let me get this straight, Shaw for Krug.???? BUt for Ghost its Shaw a Second and Fleury??? Well give me Krug he is already a much better player then Ghost ever will be and we only have to give up shaw to get him. Sign me up for that deal..
  14. The kid played over 90 games of hockey this past season, there is not one GM out there who would worry about him not showing up at the combine. He will be number 1 over all he is the best player available.
  15. Come on now Camp, I get Marners a good hockey player, but to say he is in the category as a McDavid 1.3 points per game, to .93 , not even close. Crosby has averaged 1.29 points per game througout his carreer, Marner .93, Heck Crosby even at 31 averaged 1.27 points per game this season compared to Marner 1.15. Crosbys first 3 years in the league he was averaging 1.38 points per game Marner .93.. Not even close. So while Marner is a really good NHL players he is not in the category of generational players.