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  1. One of the biggest issues i have seen over the last month in dee zone exit, our dee look way to slow getting to the puck, early in the year Riley, Julsen Petry were early on the puck, and our forwards supported a lot better with 2 or 3, 6 foot passes and then we were gone. I think the way the game has tightened up after the all star break we get to see our short comings as a team. We look older and slower. The team cannot make a first pass. Weber came back like a young kid but now plays like he is 60 years old.... We looked like a young team that was developing early in the year, now we have young kids like Rielly in the press box, KK getting less icetime, and being a healthy scratch. Should the coach and the manager be of the same playing field, bergevin would not trade any youth to make us better now, so julien should be playing our youth to making us better in the future.. IF we are not going to make the playoffs lets not make it with our kids, not 4th line player slike Weal, Thompson, or deeman like Folin or Benn...lets get Riley back in and give KK 19 minutes of icetime....
  2. There was a reason Tampa was doing what they were doing with this Kid. I would like to move on from him just like Galchenyk. I am not sure he would have much value though. As we would be the second team to give up on him. Maybe some picks and or a prospect.
  3. Thomas Harley
  4. And two healthy scratches recently, this alone should get Julien fired, where is Lou Lamerello when you need him...
  5. Start the forward lineup they had early in the year.. Tatar Danualt and Gallagher Droiun Domi and Lekonen Byron KK and Armia Hudon Peca and Shaw
  6. JOrdan Weal 19 minutes 46 points in 158 NHL games????? KK 3rd overall pick, only 18, one of the reasons this teams is even in a playoff hunt, 32 points in 69 games gets just over 7 minutes of ice time. Healthy Scratch two games... This reason alone Julien shoudl be fired. Plus i would prefer a 4th line of Chaput Agostino and DLO, they at least played a fast pace in your face game, even though they could not score if their life depended on it...
  7. For the first half of the season I kept expecting the wheels to fall off this team every game I watched and each game they suprised me more and more. So time for another suprise, a run of wins in the next 6 games.......Go Habs
  8. Lots of players have great shots but again it does not make then a great sniper. If your not putting the puck in the back of the net you will never be considered a sniper no matter how good your shot. Snipers know where to find those scoring areas of the ice. They also can score from all areas of the ice Patches generates over 3.25 shots per game - Galchenyk only 2.1 shots per game. And shooting % does not mean your a sniper, some players over 400 games, Adam Enrique 16.1% , Valtteri Filppula 14.9 %, Bryan Little 14.3 %, Artem Anisimov 14.4% -- these are in the top ten since 2013 certainly not snipers ... Tyler Sequin 11.4%, Phil Kessel 10.9%,Nathan MCkinnon 9.9% These are snipers even though they have a lower percentage.
  9. I am not sure how you classify Galchenyk as a sniper. This is his 7th season in the NHL and he is likely not going to get 20 goals. The odds are certainly against him. Only ONCE in seven seasons has he recorded more then 20 goals. 1 in 7, Sorry but that is not a sniper. Patches is a sniper, this is his 11 season, 5 seasons of 30 or more, this season over 20 goals, so 6 seasons MORE than 20 goals. Surpassed 20 goals 55% of the time... Galchenyk surpassed 20 goals once in 7 seasons thats 14% on the time. Patches sniper YES Glachenyk sniper NO Unfortunely no matter how much you think Galchenyk is a sniper or how much you like him, the numbers do not support it.
  10. NOT TRUE...They got rid of their best sniper in Patches. There second best sniper was and is Gallagher it was NOT Galcheynk....Check there goal totals..
  11. Suzuki: Man on fire Habs prospect CENTERING the most dangerous line in the OHL right now
  12. I would like Duchene also I wanted to trade Galchenyk and a couple of years ago. I knew then he was 10 times the player Galchenyk was. BUT to put the best centerman we have had in what seems like a 100 years on the wing is just crazy. Domi has solidified a spot as our top centerman and in NO way should he be moved to the wing, NO way. What makes Domi so good is his vision and speed, and you would limit this on the wing. KOtK will likely be in another couple of years. Danault can slide down to 3rd in a year or two. We have kids coming up through the system. If you can sign Duchene, no sure Bergevin will want to anyway. I think Danualt slides down to number 4 and may even be used as part of a trade for a defender.