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  1. I thought he left the game the night before with the injury. He did play well but one good game doesnt mean anything. When your coach makes a comment like this .Joel Bouchard when asked about Nikita Scherbak: "I don't like his investment in the game at all.... mind you that was back on teh second of Nov i think ..Someone else mentioned, We can talk about the defensive miscues all the time, but his engagement is something that was in question even back at training camp The next player we may see from the Rocket could be Jake Evans finally getting his game back at the shot he took in preseason. I think he now has 6 points in his last six games. Maybe we can package something with Sherback for Jesse Puljujarvi he was sent back down to the AHL also
  2. What we need Armia, Byron, Weber, Qulett and Julsen, What we dont need is Benn, Schelmko, Alzner, Delaurier, Shaw
  3. lots of players have higher ceiling does not mean a hill of beans. who ever gets the job done that is what you want. he has been in the bottom ten in goaltending last season and this season something has to give. if he is going to give up 5 and 6 goals a game why play him. i dont care what you pay him or what his ceilig is. he has not step up once this season. time to sit a bit and figure things out.
  4. our dee has been brutal lately. we have looked absolutely horrible in the third period last two games. we were lucky to get a point. price need to sit a few games. we miss armia the last game in the third and this game. his board play, skating and size got us out of trouble many times.
  5. this here at some point they have to stop mking excuses for him at 10 plus million its time to step up. i would play niemi for sure next game. i would sooner loose with a one million dollar goalie than a 10 million.
  6. I am not sure you would get a top Pairing Dee for Drouin at this point unless Tampa would give us back Sergachev :)..... I still think we need to look at some young talent that has not hit there stride yet. Most teams are generally capped out at this time of the year. I was looking at Edmonton something like Lucic and Puljujarvi for Drouin. Now the center piece for us us certainly Puljujarvi. Lucic because of the cap. I think a player like Puljujarvi could really gel with Kotk or Domi going forward. Another Finn to play with Kotk, Lekonen, Armia,, Just a thought. I know what we really need is a left deeman. I really believe this kid will break out in the next year or two. And i think we just may have the core to help him.
  7. I would be shopping him now. Last season he had an excuse because he played center. This season he is back on the wing. Same weak player. Like Galchenyk 2.0, looks like a million and plays like 50 Bucks. Writing was on the wall before we even traded for him. He could not crack the Tampa lineup no matter how much he complained. We have found a nice core with Gallagher, Domi, Tatar, Lekonen, Kotk, Armia, Byron, Danualt, all willing to play in all 3 zones...
  8. He hasnt earned a call up. 0 points and a -2 in 3 games.
  9. I hope he is, he is better then anything we have on the 4th line now.
  10. Hudon and Droiun hurt this team almost every shift they are out there on the defensive side of the puck. I feel bad for Domi. He gives effort all over the ice but he cannot defend for both these forwards. Lekonen needs to go back to that line. They may be forced to bring a player or two up. Did not look good for Amia. That will be a huge loss for this team.
  11. You forgot to mention our 10 million dollar goalie. Did he even make one save tonight? Can freeze the puck, cannot find a wrist shot from the blue line.
  12. Delauriers took a stupid penalty for sure but if your going to blame one player and not the team, then should be pointing the finger at Hudon for making a dumb cross ice pass, And coming back ever so lazy on the third goal. Two of his actions resulted two goals. And no i didn't see Hudon scoring to make up for his mistakes in the game either. Actually from what I seen it was one of Delaurier best efforts this season, even having said that I dont think there is any place in the lineup for Deslaurier when Byron returns. As for Hudon it was his worst and not at a good time when you may only have a few games to prove you belong on the top two lines. Its was hard enough for Domi and Lekonen to cover the defensive side for Droiun, now Domi stuck with the task of covering for both Drouin and Hudon on the defensive side of the puck. Maybe move Domi up with Gallagher and Tatar and drop Danualt back with Hudon and Drouin, I would say Danualt is a better defensive center than Domi.
  13. Actually Galchenyk's start has not been as good. Domi has played in 12 games this season and Galchenyk only 5, Domi is still a point per game player, Galchenyk is not. Domi CF at 47.6 compared to 44%, you cannot filter out games to pad his numbers. Domi is 3.6 points better. One could also easily argue Domi is playing with our worst defensive forward on our team. It was a toss up between Droiun and Galchenyk last season. And we dont have to insulate Domi like Glachenyk. 52.3% offensive zone starts compared to Galchenyk at 62.5 % offensive zone starts. And everyone complaining about Domi not shooting enough he averages 4 shots per game Galchenyk, 3.4 shots. Expected +/- where shots a are taken from for and against when player is on the ice Domi +0.8 Galchenyk - 2.4. Apples to apples Domi has still out played Galchenyk. And one other notes Domi plays for the hab's, Galchenyk doesn't
  14. Lets see how he is doing after 11 or 12 games. - 1 last night 0 shots on net. Where are the reports he is playing well defensively. Oh and by the way CF % is at 44% second worst on the team next to Josh Archibald.
  15. I have to disagree with the keeping up part. Armia is a really good skater and very strong along the boards and I get he is no Laine. In no way is he hurting Kotks development or slowing it down, the kid has been fine and still needs a player like Armia on the wing. One thing that Kotk needs to work on his his first two or 3 steps to break free through the neutral zone. And he needs more time on the PP. Part of the reason he hasn't looked out of place in the defensive zone is because he has played with some really solid defensive players and has been getting top end offensive zone starts. It didnt stop him from getting his first two goals of the season and one was the result of a nice feed from Armia. Yes I agree Kotk should be on the PP before Armia from what I have seen. But I like Armia, I like how he plays the game and is perfectly fine on that line now. Down the road we will see.....